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Ricky Martin (1991) by Ricky Martin [album editions]

Ricky Martin (1991) (Ricky Martin)

Track listing

1Fuego Contra Fuego
2Dime Que Me Quieres
4Conmigo Nadie Puede
5Te Voy A Conquistar
6Juego De Ajedrez
7Corazon Entre Nubes
8Ser Feliz
9El Amor De Mi Vida

Ricky Martin albums

1A Medio Vivir[ 1995 ]
2Almas Del Silensio[ 2003 ]
3La Historia[ 2001 ]
4Life[ 2005 ]
5Me Amarás[ 1993 ]
6Ricky Martin (1991)[   ]
7Ricky Martin (1999)[ 1999 ]
8She's All I Ever Had (Single)[ 1999 ]
9Sound Loaded[ 2000 ]
10Vuelve[ 1998 ]
1A Medio Vivir (Ricky Martin)
2Almas Del Silensio (Ricky Martin)
3La Historia (Ricky Martin)
4Life (Ricky Martin)
5Me Amarás (Ricky Martin)
6Ricky Martin (1991) (Ricky Martin)
7Ricky Martin (1999) (Ricky Martin)
8She's All I Ever Had (Single) (Ricky Martin)
9Sound Loaded (Ricky Martin)
10Vuelve (Ricky Martin)

Ricky Martin songs

1A Medio Vivir [from the "A Medio Vivir"]04:40
2A Medio Vivir [from the "La Historia"]04:40
3Amor [from the "Sound Loaded"]03:26
4Are You In It For Love [from the "Sound Loaded"]04:06
5Asi es La Vida [from the "Vuelve"]03:58
6Asignatura Pendiente [from the "Almas Del Silensio"]03:48
7Ayudame [from the "Me Amarás"]04:07
8BEella (She's All Ever Hand) [from the "La Historia"]04:54
9Bella (She's All I Ever Had)(Pablo Flores Club Mix) [from the "She's All I Ever Had (Single)"]06:58
10Besos De Fuego [from the "Almas Del Silensio"]04:19
11Bombon De Azucar [from the "A Medio Vivir"]04:57
12Bombon De Azugar [from the "La Historia"]04:57
13Cambia La Piel [from the "Sound Loaded"]05:13
14Casi Um Bolero [from the "Almas Del Silensio"]04:34
15Casi Un Bolero [from the "Vuelve"]04:38
16Casi Un Bolero (Instrumental) [from the "Vuelve"] 
17Come To Me [from the "Sound Loaded"]04:33
18Como Decirte Adios [from the "A Medio Vivir"]02:56
19Conmigo Nadie Puede [from the "Ricky Martin (1991)"]03:13
20Corazon [from the "A Medio Vivir"]04:17
21Corazon Entre Nubes [from the "Ricky Martin (1991)"]03:45
22Corazonado [from the "Vuelve"]04:57
23Cuidado Con Mi Corazon - (with Madonna) [from the "Ricky Martin (1999)"] 
24Cup Of Life, The - (Spanglish version) [from the "Ricky Martin (1999)"] 
25Dame Mas (Loaded) [from the "Sound Loaded"]03:53
26Dejate Llevar (Its Alright) [from the "Life"]03:34
27Dime Que Me Quieres [from the "Ricky Martin (1991)"]03:13
28Donde Estaras [from the "A Medio Vivir"]03:47
29Drop It On Me (ft. Daddy Yankee) [from the "Life"]03:54
30El Amor De Mi Vida [from the "Ricky Martin (1991)"]04:53
31El Amor De Mi Vida [from the "La Historia"]03:57
32Ella Es [from the "Me Amarás"]04:39
33Entre El Amor Y Los Halagos [from the "Me Amarás"]04:15
34Eres Como El Aire [from the "Me Amarás"]04:03
35Es Mejor Decrise Adios [from the "Me Amarás"]03:21
36Fuego Contra Fuego [from the "Ricky Martin (1991)"]04:12
37Fuego Contra Fuego [from the "La Historia"]04:25
38Fuego De Noche, Nieve De Dia [from the "A Medio Vivir"]05:32
39Fuego De Noche, Nieve De Dia [from the "La Historia"]05:33
40Gracias Por Pensar En Mi [from the "Vuelve"]05:46
41Hagamos l Amor [from the "Vuelve"]03:09
42Hooray! Hooray! (It's A Holi-Holiday) [from the "Me Amarás"]03:07
43I Am (ft. Voltio) [from the "Life"]03:31
44I Am Made Of You [from the "Ricky Martin (1999)"]04:38
45I Count The Minutes [from the "Ricky Martin (1999)"]04:17
46I Dont Care (ft. Fat Joe And Amerie) [from the "Life"]03:48
47I Won't Desert You [from the "Life"]03:49
48If You Ever Saw Her [from the "Sound Loaded"]03:49
49Its Alright [from the "Life"]03:31
50Jaleo [from the "Almas Del Silensio"]03:40
51Jaleo (spanish version) [from the "Almas Del Silensio"]03:39
52Jamas [from the "Almas Del Silensio"]03:04
53Jezabel [from the "Sound Loaded"]03:47
54Juego De Ajedrez [from the "Ricky Martin (1991)"]03:04
55Juramento [from the "Almas Del Silensio"]03:30
56La Bomba [from the "Vuelve"]04:34
57La Bomba [from the "La Historia"]04:33
58La copa de La Vida [from the "Vuelve"]04:27
59La Copa De La Vida [from the "La Historia"]04:27
60Las Almas Del Silencio [from the "Almas Del Silensio"]03:27

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin is a successful Latin American pop singer who rose to fame, first as a member of the Latin boy band Menudo, then as a solo artist since 1990.

He is considered a major star in the world of Latin pop, and is considered to have opened the doors for some of his fellow Latin American singers like Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Juanes.


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