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Easy Come, Easy Go by Elvis Presley [1967] [album editions]

Easy Come, Easy Go (Elvis Presley)

Track listing

1Easy Come, Easy Go
2The Love Machine
3Yoga Is As Yoga Does
4You Gotta Stop
5Sing You Children
6I'll Take Love
7She's A Machine
8The Love Machine (alternate take 11)
9Sing You Children (alternate take 1)
10She's A Machine (alternate take 13)

Elvis Presley albums

150,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong, Vol. 2[ 1997 ]
2A Touch of Platinum[ 1998 ]
3Aloha From Hawaii - Via Satellite[ 1998 ]
4Back In Memphis[ 1992 ]
5Blue Hawaii (Soundtrack)[ 1997 ]
6Bruce Almighty (Soundtrack)[ 2003 ]
7California Holyday (Soundtrack)[ 1966 ]
8Change Of Habit[ 1970 ]
9Christmas Album[ 1990 ]
10Clambake[ 1967 ]
11Double Trouble[ 1967 ]
12Easy Come, Easy Go[ 1967 ]
13Elvis[ 1999 ]
14Elvis - The Fool Album[ 1994 ]
15Elvis 56[ 1996 ]
16Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden[ 1992 ]
17Elvis' Christmas Album[ 1992 ]
18Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old)[ 1993 ]
19Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 3[ 1962 ]
20Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 4[ 1997 ]
21Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 5[ 1997 ]
22Elvis' Golden Records[ 1997 ]
23Elvis' Greatest Jukebox Hits[ 1997 ]
24Elvis Is Back![ 1999 ]
25Elvis Now[ 1993 ]
26Elvis Presley[ 2005 ]
27Elvis Sings - The Wonderful World of Christmas[ 1971 ]
28Flaming Star[ 1961 ]
29Follow That Dream[ 2005 ]
30Frankie & Johnny[ 1966 ]
31From Elvis In Memphis[ 1998 ]
32From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee[ 1990 ]
33From Memphis To Vegas / Elvis In Person At The International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada[ 1970 ]
34Fun In Acapulco (Soundtrack)[ 1963 ]
35G.i. Blues Collector's Edition[ 1997 ]
36Girl Happy (Soundtrack)[ 1965 ]
37Girls! Girls! Girls! (Soundtrack)[ 1963 ]
38Good Times[ 1973 ]
39Great Country Songs[ 2003 ]
40Great Performances[ 2002 ]
150,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong, Vol. 2 (Elvis Presley)
2A Touch of Platinum (Elvis Presley)
3Aloha From Hawaii - Via Satellite (Elvis Presley)
4Back In Memphis (Elvis Presley)
5Blue Hawaii (Soundtrack) (Elvis Presley)
6Bruce Almighty (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
7California Holyday (Soundtrack) (Elvis Presley)
8Change Of Habit (Elvis Presley)
9Christmas Album (Elvis Presley)
10Clambake (Elvis Presley)
11Double Trouble (Elvis Presley)
12Easy Come, Easy Go (Elvis Presley)
13Elvis (Elvis Presley)
14Elvis - The Fool Album (Elvis Presley)
15Elvis 56 (Elvis Presley)
16Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden (Elvis Presley)
17Elvis' Christmas Album (Elvis Presley)
18Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old) (Elvis Presley)
19Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 3 (Elvis Presley)
20Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 4 (Elvis Presley)
21Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 5 (Elvis Presley)
22Elvis' Golden Records (Elvis Presley)
23Elvis' Greatest Jukebox Hits (Elvis Presley)
24Elvis Is Back! (Elvis Presley)
25Elvis Now (Elvis Presley)
26Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley)
27Elvis Sings - The Wonderful World of Christmas (Elvis Presley)
28Flaming Star (Elvis Presley)
29Follow That Dream (Elvis Presley)
30Frankie & Johnny (Elvis Presley)
31From Elvis In Memphis (Elvis Presley)
32From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee (Elvis Presley)
33From Memphis To Vegas / Elvis In Person At The International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada (Elvis Presley)
34Fun In Acapulco (Soundtrack) (Elvis Presley)
35G.i. Blues Collector's Edition (Elvis Presley)
36Girl Happy (Soundtrack) (Elvis Presley)
37Girls! Girls! Girls! (Soundtrack) (Elvis Presley)
38Good Times (Elvis Presley)
39Great Country Songs (Elvis Presley)
40Great Performances (Elvis Presley)

Elvis Presley songs

181Do The Vega [from the "Love In Las Vegas"]02:23
182Do You Know Who I Am? [from the "Back In Memphis"]02:46
183Doin' The Best I Can [from the "G.i. Blues Collector's Edition"]03:11
184Doin' The Best I Can (Alternate Take 9) [from the "G.i. Blues Collector's Edition"]03:17
185Dominic [from the "Stay Away, Joe"]01:44
186Don T Be Cruel [from the "Elvis' Golden Records"]02:01
187Doncha' Think It's Time [from the "50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong, Vol. 2"]01:56
188Don't [from the "50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong, Vol. 2"]02:47
189Don't Ask Me Why [from the "King Creole (Soundtrack)"]02:06
190Dont Be Cruel [from the "Great Performances"]02:03
191Don't Be Cruel [from the "A Touch of Platinum"]02:03
192Don't Be Cruel [from the "Elvis 56"]02:01
193Don't Be Cruel [from the "The Great Performances"]02:02
194Don't Be Cruel [from the "Elvis' Greatest Jukebox Hits"]02:01
195Don't Be Cruel [from the "Elvis"]02:04
196Don't Cry Daddy [from the "On Stage"]02:59
197Don't Leave Me Now [from the "Jailhouse Rock (Soundtrack)"]02:04
198Don't Leave Me Now [from the "Loving You"]01:59
199Don't Leave Me Now (2) [from the "Jailhouse Rock (Soundtrack)"]01:44
200Don't Think Twice It's Alright [from the "Elvis - The Fool Album"]02:42
201Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Jam Edit) - Elvis Presley [from the "Walk A Mile In My Shoes, The Essential 70's Masters"] 
202Double Trouble [from the "Double Trouble"]01:39
203Down By The Riverside And When The Saints Go Marching In [from the "Frankie & Johnny"]01:56
204Down In The Alley [from the "California Holyday (Soundtrack)"]02:51
205Drums Of The Islands [from the "Paradise, Hawaiian Style (Soundtrack)"]02:34
206Early Morning Rain [from the "Elvis Now"]02:57
207Early Morning Rain [from the "Aloha From Hawaii - Via Satellite"]02:53
208Earth Boy [from the "Girls! Girls! Girls! (Soundtrack)"]02:21
209Easy Come, Easy Go [from the "Easy Come, Easy Go"]02:20
210Echoes Of Love [from the "Kissin' Cousins (Soundtrack)"]02:22
211Edge Of Reality [from the "Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 5"]03:37
212Edge Of Reality [from the "Live A Little, Love A Little"]03:40
213Edge of Reality [from the "Live a Little, Love a Little/Charro!/The Trouble With Girls/Change of Habit"] 
214El Toro (The Bull) [from the "Fun In Acapulco (Soundtrack)"]02:42
215End Theme [from the "Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden"]00:57
216Everybody Come Aboard [from the "Frankie & Johnny"]01:51
217Faded Love [from the "Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old)"]03:19
218Fairytale [from the "Today"]02:43
219Fairytale (Alt. Take 2) [from the "Great Country Songs"]03:00
220Fame & Fortune [from the "A Touch of Platinum"]02:26
221Fame & Fortune [from the "Great Performances"]02:29
222Fame And Fortune [from the "Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 3"]02:29
223Fame And Fortune [from the "The Great Performances"]02:31
224Fame And Fortune [from the "Elvis Is Back!"]02:31
225Farther Along [from the "How Great Thou Art"]04:03
226Fever [from the "Elvis Is Back!"]03:33
227Fever [from the "Aloha From Hawaii - Via Satellite"]02:41
228Find Out What's Happening [from the "Raised On Rock"]02:33
229First In Line [from the "Elvis"]03:25
230Five Sleepyheads [from the "Speedway"]01:30
231Flaming Star [from the "Flaming Star"]02:27
232Flaming Star (end title version) [from the "Flaming Star"]00:40
233Follow That Dream [from the "Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 3"]01:37
234Follow That Dream (Mono) [from the "Follow That Dream"]01:39
235Fool [from the "Elvis - The Fool Album"]02:43
236Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) [from the "Elvis Now"]02:41
237For Ol' Times Sake [from the "Raised On Rock"] 
238For The Good Times [from the "Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden"]03:10
239For the Good Times (Master)] - Elvis Presley, J.D. Sumner & the Stamps [from the "Walk A Mile In My Shoes, The Essential 70's Masters"] 
240For The Heart [from the "Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 5"]03:20

Elvis Presley - top artists list [#46]

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was an American singer and actor. Presley started as a singer of rockabilly, borrowing many songs from rhythm and blues numbers and country standards.

Presley successfully fused rhythm and blue to create rockabilly which morphed into rock & roll.

He was the most commercially successful singer of rock and roll, but he also sang ballads, country music as well as gospel.


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