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Love In Las Vegas by Elvis Presley [1964] [album editions]

Love In Las Vegas (Elvis Presley)

Track listing

1Viva Las Vegas
2If You Think I Don't Need You
3I Need Somebody To Lean On
4You're The Boss (With Ann Margaret)
5What'd I Say
6Do The Vega
7C'mon Everybody
8The Lady Loves Me (With Ann Margaret)
9Night Life
10Today, Tomorrow And Forever
11Medley: The Yellow Rose Of Texas, The Eyes Of Texas
12Santa Lucia

Elvis Presley albums

41Harem Holiday (Soundtrack)[ 1966 ]
42He Touched Me[ 1990 ]
43His Hand In Mine[ 1960 ]
44How Great Thou Art[ 1990 ]
45It Happened At The World's Fair (Soundtrack)[ 1963 ]
46Jailhouse Rock (Soundtrack)[ 1997 ]
47Kid Galahad (Soundtrack)[ 2005 ]
48King Creole (Soundtrack)[ 1997 ]
49Kissin' Cousins (Soundtrack)[ 1964 ]
50Live A Little, Love A Little[ 1968 ]
51Live a Little, Love a Little/Charro!/The Trouble With Girls/Change of Habit[ 1995 ]
52Love In Las Vegas[ 1964 ]
53Love Letters From Elvis[ 1992 ]
54Loving You[ 2005 ]
55On Stage[ 1999 ]
56Paradise, Hawaiian Style (Soundtrack)[ 1966 ]
57Pot Luck With Elvis[ 1962 ]
58Promised Land[ 1990 ]
59Raised On Rock[ 1994 ]
60Roustabout (Soundtrack)[ 1965 ]
61Something For Everybody[ 1990 ]
62Speedway[ 1968 ]
63Stay Away, Joe[ 1968 ]
64That's the Way It Is (Live)[ 1993 ]
65The Great Performances[ 1990 ]
66The Sun Sessions[ 2005 ]
67Today[ 1992 ]
68Walk A Mile In My Shoes, The Essential 70's Masters[   ]
41Harem Holiday (Soundtrack) (Elvis Presley)
42He Touched Me (Elvis Presley)
43His Hand In Mine (Elvis Presley)
44How Great Thou Art (Elvis Presley)
45It Happened At The World's Fair (Soundtrack) (Elvis Presley)
46Jailhouse Rock  (Soundtrack) (Elvis Presley)
47Kid Galahad (Soundtrack) (Elvis Presley)
48King Creole (Soundtrack) (Elvis Presley)
49Kissin' Cousins (Soundtrack) (Elvis Presley)
50Live A Little, Love A Little (Elvis Presley)
51Live a Little, Love a Little/Charro!/The Trouble With Girls/Change of Habit (Elvis Presley)
52Love In Las Vegas (Elvis Presley)
53Love Letters From Elvis (Elvis Presley)
54Loving You (Elvis Presley)
55On Stage (Elvis Presley)
56Paradise, Hawaiian Style (Soundtrack) (Elvis Presley)
57Pot Luck With Elvis (Elvis Presley)
58Promised Land (Elvis Presley)
59Raised On Rock (Elvis Presley)
60Roustabout (Soundtrack) (Elvis Presley)
61Something For Everybody (Elvis Presley)
62Speedway (Elvis Presley)
63Stay Away, Joe (Elvis Presley)
64That's the Way It Is (Live) (Elvis Presley)
65The Great Performances (Elvis Presley)
66The Sun Sessions (Elvis Presley)
67Today (Elvis Presley)
68Walk A Mile In My Shoes, The Essential 70's Masters (Elvis Presley)

Elvis Presley songs

901Violet [from the "Live a Little, Love a Little/Charro!/The Trouble With Girls/Change of Habit"]00:52
902Viva Las Vegas [from the "Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 4"]02:19
903Viva Las Vegas [from the "Elvis' Greatest Jukebox Hits"]02:19
904Viva Las Vegas [from the "Love In Las Vegas"]02:22
905Walk A Mile In My Shoes [from the "On Stage"]02:49
906Way Down [from the "Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 5"]02:36
907Way Down [from the "Elvis' Greatest Jukebox Hits"] 
908We Can Make The Morning [from the "Elvis Now"]03:56
909Wear My Ring Around Your Neck [from the "50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong, Vol. 2"]02:13
910Wearin That Loved On Look [from the "From Elvis In Memphis"]02:46
911Welcome To My World [from the "Aloha From Hawaii - Via Satellite"]02:00
912We'll Be Together [from the "Girls! Girls! Girls! (Soundtrack)"]02:16
913We're Coming In Loaded [from the "Girls! Girls! Girls! (Soundtrack)"]01:31
914We're Gonna Move [from the "Jailhouse Rock (Soundtrack)"]02:37
915We're Gonna Move (1) [from the "Jailhouse Rock (Soundtrack)"]02:29
916Western Union [from the "Speedway"]02:11
917What A Wonderful Life (Mono) [from the "Follow That Dream"]02:27
918What Every Woman Lives For [from the "Frankie & Johnny"]02:27
919What Now My Love [from the "Aloha From Hawaii - Via Satellite"]03:12
920What Now, What Next, Where To? [from the "Double Trouble"]01:58
921What'd I Say [from the "Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 4"]03:01
922What'd I Say [from the "Love In Las Vegas"]03:03
923What's She Really Like [from the "G.i. Blues Collector's Edition"]02:18
924What's She Really Like (Alternate Take 7) [from the "G.i. Blues Collector's Edition"]02:24
925Wheels On My Heels [from the "Roustabout (Soundtrack)"]01:19
926When I'm Over You [from the "Love Letters From Elvis"]02:29
927When It Rains, It Really Pours [from the "Loving You"]01:49
928When My Blue Moon Turns To Gol [from the "Elvis"]02:24
929When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again [from the "Great Country Songs"]02:20
930When The Saints Go Marching In [from the "A Touch of Platinum"]01:22
931Where Could I Go But To The Lord [from the "How Great Thou Art"]03:35
932Where Did They Go, Lord [from the "Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old)"]02:28
933Where Do I Go From Here? [from the "Elvis - The Fool Album"]02:40
934Where Do You Come From [from the "Girls! Girls! Girls! (Soundtrack)"]02:06
935Where No One Stands Alone [from the "How Great Thou Art"]02:42
936Whiffenpoof Song [#] [from the "Live a Little, Love a Little/Charro!/The Trouble With Girls/Change of Habit"] 
937White Christmas [from the "Elvis' Christmas Album"]02:44
938White Christmas [from the "Christmas Album"]02:43
939Who Am I [from the "His Hand In Mine"]03:19
940Who Are You (Who Am I?) [from the "Speedway"]02:34
941Who Needs Money? [from the "Clambake"]03:16
942Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On [from the "Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old)"]03:09
943Wild In The Country [from the "Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 3"]01:51
944Winter Wonderland [from the "Elvis Sings - The Wonderful World of Christmas"]02:20
945Wisdom Of The Ages [from the "Harem Holiday (Soundtrack)"]02:01
946Witchcraft [from the "Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 4"]02:18
947Without Him [from the "How Great Thou Art"]02:27
948Without Love (There Is Nothing) [from the "Back In Memphis"]02:52
949Wolf Call [from the "Girl Happy (Soundtrack)"]01:28
950Woman Without Love [from the "Today"]03:34
951Wonderful World [from the "Live A Little, Love A Little"]02:24
952Wonderful World [from the "Live a Little, Love a Little/Charro!/The Trouble With Girls/Change of Habit"] 
953Wonderful World Of Christmas [from the "Elvis Sings - The Wonderful World of Christmas"]01:59
954Wooden Heart [from the "G.i. Blues Collector's Edition"]02:02
955Wooden Heart (Muss I Denn) [from the "Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 3"]02:02
956Words [from the "From Memphis To Vegas / Elvis In Person At The International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada"]02:57
957Working On The Building [from the "His Hand In Mine"]01:55
958Yesterday / Hey Jude [from the "On Stage"]04:41
959Yoga Is As Yoga Does [from the "Easy Come, Easy Go"]02:10
960You Are A Heartbreaker [from the "The Sun Sessions"]02:13

Elvis Presley - top artists list [#46]

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was an American singer and actor. Presley started as a singer of rockabilly, borrowing many songs from rhythm and blues numbers and country standards.

Presley successfully fused rhythm and blue to create rockabilly which morphed into rock & roll.

He was the most commercially successful singer of rock and roll, but he also sang ballads, country music as well as gospel.


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