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House Of God by King Diamond [2000] [album editions]

House Of God (King Diamond)

Track listing

1Upon the Cross
2The Trees Have Eyes
3Follow The Wolf
4House of God
5Black Devil
6The Pact
8Just A Shadow
10Passage To Hell
12This Place Is Terrible
13Peace Of Mind

King Diamond albums

1Abigail[ 1987 ]
2Conspiracy[ 1989 ]
3House Of God[ 2000 ]
4The Eye[ 1990 ]
5The Spider's Lullabye[ 1995 ]
6Them[ 1988 ]
7Voodoo[ 1998 ]
1Abigail (King Diamond)
2Conspiracy (King Diamond)
3House Of God (King Diamond)
4The Eye (King Diamond)
5The Spider's Lullabye (King Diamond)
6Them (King Diamond)
7Voodoo (King Diamond)

King Diamond songs

11642 Imprisoment [from the "The Eye"] 
2A Broken Spell [from the "Them"]04:05
3A Mansion In Darkness [from the "Abigail"]04:33
4A Secret [from the "Voodoo"]04:04
5A Visit From The Dead [from the "Conspiracy"]06:13
6Abigail [from the "Abigail"]04:50
7Aftermath [from the "Voodoo"]03:20
8'Amon' Belongs To 'Them' [from the "Conspiracy"] 
9Arrival [from the "Abigail"] 
10At the Graves [from the "Conspiracy"]05:29
11Behind These Walls [from the "The Eye"]03:44
12Black Devil [from the "House Of God"]04:28
13Black Horsemen [from the "Abigail"] 
14Burn [from the "The Eye"]03:42
15Bye, Bye Missy [from the "Them"]05:06
16Bye, Bye Missy (2) [from the "Them"] 
17Catacomb [from the "House Of God"]05:01
18Coming home [from the "Them"]01:11
19Cremation [from the "Conspiracy"]04:12
20Cross of Baron Samedi [from the "Voodoo"]04:29
21Dreams [from the "The Spider's Lullabye"]04:36
22Eastman's cure [from the "The Spider's Lullabye"]04:32
23Eye of the Witch [from the "The Eye"] 
24Father Picard [from the "The Eye"]03:17
25Follow The Wolf [from the "House Of God"]04:23
26From The Other Side [from the "The Spider's Lullabye"]03:47
27Funeral [from the "Abigail"]01:30
28Goodbye [from the "House Of God"]01:59
29Help!!! [from the "House Of God"]04:21
30House of God [from the "House Of God"]05:36
31If They Only New [from the "Voodoo"]00:31
32Insanity [from the "The Eye"]02:59
33Into the Convent [from the "The Eye"]04:46
34Just A Shadow [from the "House Of God"]04:36
35Killer [from the "The Spider's Lullabye"]04:13
36Let It Be Done [from the "Conspiracy"]01:12
37Lies [from the "Conspiracy"]04:22
38Life After Death [from the "Voodoo"]05:40
39'Loa' House [from the "Voodoo"]05:33
40Louisiana Darkness [from the "Voodoo"]01:43
41Moonlight [from the "The Spider's Lullabye"]04:32
42Mother's Getting Weaker [from the "Them"]04:02
43Omens [from the "Abigail"]03:56
44One Down Two To Go [from the "Voodoo"]03:45
45Out From the Asylum [from the "Them"]01:45
46Passage To Hell [from the "House Of God"]01:59
47Peace Of Mind [from the "House Of God"]02:21
48Phone Call [from the "Them"]01:36
49Room 17 [from the "The Spider's Lullabye"]07:37
50Salem [from the "Voodoo"]05:13
51Sarah's Night [from the "Voodoo"]03:19
52Sending of Dead [from the "Voodoo"]05:40
53Six Feet Under [from the "The Spider's Lullabye"]03:57
54Sleepless Nights [from the "Conspiracy"]04:56
55Something Weird [from the "Conspiracy"] 
56Tea [from the "Them"]05:15
57The 7th Day Of July 1777 [from the "Abigail"] 
58The Accusation Chair [from the "Them"]04:21
59The Exorcist [from the "Voodoo"] 
60The Family Ghost [from the "Abigail"] 

King Diamond

King Diamond

King Diamond (born Kim Bendix Petersen, Copenhagen, Denmark, on June 14, 1956) is a Grammy Award nominated heavy metal musician.


  • Heavy metal,
  • Speed metal,
  • Black metal,
  • Thrash metal
  • House of God by King Diamond

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