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Classics By Moonlight by James Last [1990] [album editions]

Classics By Moonlight (James Last)

Track listing

1Bolero (Ravel)
2Romeo And Juliet (Tchaikovsky)
3Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky)
4Nabucco (Verdi)
5Rhapsody In Blue (Gershwin)
6Air On The G String (Bach)
7Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni)
8Morning (Grieg)
9The Blue Danube (Strauss)
10New World Symphony (Dvorak)
11Mozart 40 (Mozart)
12Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini (Rachmaninoff)
13Spring From ''The Four Seasons''
14Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod)

James Last albums

1Abendglocken[ 1988 ]
2Beach Party '95[ 1995 ]
3Classics By Moonlight[ 1990 ]
4Classics Up To Date[ 1966 ]
5Classics Up To Date Vol. 2[ 1998 ]
6Die Grossten Songs Von The Beatles[ 1983 ]
7Evergreens Non Stop Dancing[ 1969 ]
8Flute Fiesta (James Last & Berdien Stenberg)[ 1988 ]
9Il Y A Toujours Du Soleil (James Last & Richard Clayderman)[ 1990 ]
10In Harmony (James Last & Richard Clayderman)[ 1994 ]
11James Last & Friends[ 1998 ]
12Kapt'n James Bittet Zum Tanz[ 1973 ]
13My Soul[ 1995 ]
14Paradiesvogel[ 1982 ]
15Rolling Home[ 1986 ]
16Romantic Dreams[ 1980 ]
17Russland Zwischen Tag Und Nacht[ 1972 ]
18Serenaden (James Last & Richard Clayderman)[ 1991 ]
19Still Wie Die Nacht[ 1985 ]
20Viva Espana[ 1992 ]
1Abendglocken (James Last)
2Beach Party '95 (James Last)
3Classics By Moonlight (James Last)
4Classics Up To Date (James Last)
5Classics Up To Date Vol. 2 (James Last)
6Die Grossten Songs Von The Beatles (James Last)
7Evergreens Non Stop Dancing (James Last)
8Flute Fiesta (James Last & Berdien Stenberg) (James Last)
9Il Y A Toujours Du Soleil (James Last & Richard Clayderman) (James Last)
10In Harmony (James Last & Richard Clayderman) (James Last)
11James Last & Friends (James Last)
12Kapt'n James Bittet Zum Tanz (James Last)
13My Soul (James Last)
14Paradiesvogel (James Last)
15Rolling Home (James Last)
16Romantic Dreams (James Last)
17Russland Zwischen Tag Und Nacht (James Last)
18Serenaden (James Last & Richard Clayderman) (James Last)
19Still Wie Die Nacht (James Last)
20Viva Espana (James Last)

James Last songs

181Rhapsody In Blue (Gershwin) [from the "Classics By Moonlight"]05:29
182Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini (Rachmaninoff) [from the "Classics By Moonlight"]02:58
183Right Beside You [from the "Beach Party '95"]03:54
184Rodrigos Concerto [from the "Still Wie Die Nacht"]04:00
185Rolling Home / Winde Weh'n [from the "Rolling Home"]03:34
186Rolling Home, Winde Weh'n [from the "Kapt'n James Bittet Zum Tanz"]03:35
187Romanc e for Violin and Orchestra in F Major [from the "Classics Up To Date Vol. 2"]04:29
188Romance - Theme From Elvira Madigan [from the "James Last & Friends"]05:26
189Romeo And Juliet [from the "Classics Up To Date"]02:26
190Romeo And Juliet (Tchaikovsky) [from the "Classics By Moonlight"]03:55
191Roter Milan [from the "Paradiesvogel"]04:03
192Rum and Coca Cola [from the "Evergreens Non Stop Dancing"]04:29
193Russischer Volkstanz [from the "Russland Zwischen Tag Und Nacht"]03:10
194Sacrifice [from the "Serenaden (James Last & Richard Clayderman)"]04:58
195Saebeltanz [from the "Russland Zwischen Tag Und Nacht"]03:10
196Save The Best For Last [from the "In Harmony (James Last & Richard Clayderman)"]02:39
197Scarborough Fair [from the "Romantic Dreams"]03:22
198Schiwago Melodie [from the "Abendglocken"]03:23
199Schiwago Melodie [from the "Russland Zwischen Tag Und Nacht"]03:23
200Seid Nicht Traurig [from the "Abendglocken"]04:34
201She Loves You [from the "Die Grossten Songs Von The Beatles"]02:25
202Si Amanece [from the "Viva Espana"]05:51
203Siamois (Siamese) [from the "Il Y A Toujours Du Soleil (James Last & Richard Clayderman)"]03:36
204Sie Hieb Mary Ann [from the "Rolling Home"]02:26
205Slavonic Dabce No. 10 [from the "Classics Up To Date Vol. 2"]02:19
206Slawischer Tanz Nr. 10 [from the "Still Wie Die Nacht"]02:16
207Spring From ''The Four Seasons'' [from the "Classics By Moonlight"]03:05
208Stauss Swingt [from the "James Last & Friends"]03:27
209Stenka Rasin [from the "Abendglocken"]02:47
210Stenka Rasin [from the "Russland Zwischen Tag Und Nacht"]02:49
211Still Wie Die Nacht [from the "Still Wie Die Nacht"]04:24
212Stop! In The Name Of Love [from the "My Soul"]05:17
213Strangers In Paradise [from the "In Harmony (James Last & Richard Clayderman)"]03:12
214Streets Of Philadelphia [from the "In Harmony (James Last & Richard Clayderman)"]03:48
215Summer Rain [from the "James Last & Friends"]03:42
216Summer Serenade [from the "Serenaden (James Last & Richard Clayderman)"]04:05
217Sunrise [from the "Il Y A Toujours Du Soleil (James Last & Richard Clayderman)"]04:29
218Sunshine Above the Clouds [from the "Il Y A Toujours Du Soleil (James Last & Richard Clayderman)"]02:46
219Sunshine Reggae [from the "Beach Party '95"]03:44
220Super Dreaming Day [from the "Serenaden (James Last & Richard Clayderman)"]03:22
221Surrender [from the "My Soul"]03:45
222Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky) [from the "Classics By Moonlight"]07:01
223Sweat (A La La La La Long) [from the "Beach Party '95"]03:59
224Szamara, Du Schone Stadt [from the "Abendglocken"]03:52
225Tea for Two [from the "Evergreens Non Stop Dancing"]04:24
226The Banks Of Sacramento, What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor, Madagaskar [from the "Kapt'n James Bittet Zum Tanz"]03:49
227The Blacksmith-Blues [from the "Evergreens Non Stop Dancing"]04:14
228The Blue Danube (Strauss) [from the "Classics By Moonlight"]11:25
229The Carousel of Love [from the "Il Y A Toujours Du Soleil (James Last & Richard Clayderman)"]04:09
230The Child In The Silent Mornings (Poetic Sonatina) [from the "James Last & Friends"]03:04
231The Londonderry Air [from the "Romantic Dreams"]01:52
232The River Of Dreams [from the "Beach Party '95"]03:56
233The Rose Of Tralee [from the "Romantic Dreams"]01:24
234The sandpiper [from the "Paradiesvogel"]03:28
235The Wreck Of The - John B - , The Yellow Rose Of Texas [from the "Kapt'n James Bittet Zum Tanz"]02:59
236Theme From Elvira Madigan [from the "Classics Up To Date Vol. 2"]03:17
237TITANIC 'Love Theme 'My Heart Will Go On'' [from the "James Last & Friends"]04:07
238Torna a Surriento [from the "Flute Fiesta (James Last & Berdien Stenberg)"] 
239Touch Me In The Morning [from the "My Soul"]05:09
240Traumerei [from the "Still Wie Die Nacht"]04:13

James Last

James Last

James Last (born Hans Last on 17 April 1929 in Bremen) is a German composer and big band leader. []


  • Big band arrangements of pop music
  • The Blue Danube (Strauss) by James Last

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