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In Harmony (James Last & Richard Clayderman) by James Last [1994] [album editions]

In Harmony (James Last & Richard Clayderman) (James Last)

Track listing

1I Will Always Love You
2Streets Of Philadelphia
3Pastorale From Symphony No. 6 In F Major Op. 68
4Save The Best For Last
5Capriccio Romantico (Theme From The South Bank Show)
6Have I Told You Lately
7Everytime You Go Away
8Strangers In Paradise
9Goodnight Girl
10A Legend Of Greensleeves
11When A Man Loves A Woman
12True Love
13Nocturho (And This Is My Beloved)
14Another Day In Paradise
15Andantino Somplice
16When You Tell Me That You Love Me
17Love Is All Around

James Last albums

1Abendglocken[ 1988 ]
2Beach Party '95[ 1995 ]
3Classics By Moonlight[ 1990 ]
4Classics Up To Date[ 1966 ]
5Classics Up To Date Vol. 2[ 1998 ]
6Die Grossten Songs Von The Beatles[ 1983 ]
7Evergreens Non Stop Dancing[ 1969 ]
8Flute Fiesta (James Last & Berdien Stenberg)[ 1988 ]
9Il Y A Toujours Du Soleil (James Last & Richard Clayderman)[ 1990 ]
10In Harmony (James Last & Richard Clayderman)[ 1994 ]
11James Last & Friends[ 1998 ]
12Kapt'n James Bittet Zum Tanz[ 1973 ]
13My Soul[ 1995 ]
14Paradiesvogel[ 1982 ]
15Rolling Home[ 1986 ]
16Romantic Dreams[ 1980 ]
17Russland Zwischen Tag Und Nacht[ 1972 ]
18Serenaden (James Last & Richard Clayderman)[ 1991 ]
19Still Wie Die Nacht[ 1985 ]
20Viva Espana[ 1992 ]
1Abendglocken (James Last)
2Beach Party '95 (James Last)
3Classics By Moonlight (James Last)
4Classics Up To Date (James Last)
5Classics Up To Date Vol. 2 (James Last)
6Die Grossten Songs Von The Beatles (James Last)
7Evergreens Non Stop Dancing (James Last)
8Flute Fiesta (James Last & Berdien Stenberg) (James Last)
9Il Y A Toujours Du Soleil (James Last & Richard Clayderman) (James Last)
10In Harmony (James Last & Richard Clayderman) (James Last)
11James Last & Friends (James Last)
12Kapt'n James Bittet Zum Tanz (James Last)
13My Soul (James Last)
14Paradiesvogel (James Last)
15Rolling Home (James Last)
16Romantic Dreams (James Last)
17Russland Zwischen Tag Und Nacht (James Last)
18Serenaden (James Last & Richard Clayderman) (James Last)
19Still Wie Die Nacht (James Last)
20Viva Espana (James Last)

James Last songs

61Die Moldau [from the "Still Wie Die Nacht"]04:46
62Distant Love [from the "Il Y A Toujours Du Soleil (James Last & Richard Clayderman)"]04:16
63Don't Cry For Me Argentina [from the "James Last & Friends"]05:50
64Drina March 9mars Na Drini) [from the "Flute Fiesta (James Last & Berdien Stenberg)"] 
65Duo Solo [from the "Il Y A Toujours Du Soleil (James Last & Richard Clayderman)"]03:18
66Eine Kleine Nachtmusik [from the "Still Wie Die Nacht"]05:42
67Eine Seefahrt Die Ist Lusting, Heut' Geht's An Bord, Das Ist Die Liebe Der Matrosen [from the "Kapt'n James Bittet Zum Tanz"]03:22
68Eine Seefahrt, Die Ist Lustig [from the "Rolling Home"]02:25
69Einmal Noch Nach Bombay [from the "Rolling Home"]02:20
70Eisvogel [from the "Paradiesvogel"]04:58
71Eleanor Rigby [from the "Die Grossten Songs Von The Beatles"]03:44
72Entre Dos Aguas [from the "Viva Espana"]04:24
73Es waren zwei Koningskinder [from the "Romantic Dreams"]02:42
74Everytime You Go Away [from the "In Harmony (James Last & Richard Clayderman)"]03:52
75Exodus [from the "Evergreens Non Stop Dancing"]03:53
76Father Figure [from the "Beach Party '95"]05:32
77Feuertanz [from the "Still Wie Die Nacht"]03:51
78Fields Of Gold [from the "Beach Party '95"]03:48
79Freedom [from the "Beach Party '95"]06:25
80From A Distance [from the "Serenaden (James Last & Richard Clayderman)"]03:56
81Gefangenen Chor [from the "Still Wie Die Nacht"]02:41
82Girl from Ipanema [from the "Flute Fiesta (James Last & Berdien Stenberg)"] 
83Going Home [from the "Romantic Dreams"]03:15
84Going Home (Adagio ''From The New World'') [from the "Classics Up To Date"]03:09
85Golf Von Catania [from the "Rolling Home"]04:56
86Good Night Spain [from the "Viva Espana"]03:36
87Good Night, Ladies / In Der Heimat / Muss I Denn [from the "Rolling Home"]03:29
88Good Night, Ladies, In Der Heimat, Mus I Denn [from the "Kapt'n James Bittet Zum Tanz"]03:29
89Goodnight Girl [from the "In Harmony (James Last & Richard Clayderman)"]03:54
90Goody-Goody [from the "Evergreens Non Stop Dancing"]03:22
91Granada [from the "Viva Espana"]04:11
92Granada Lady Of Spain [from the "James Last & Friends"]05:40
93Guantanamera [from the "Viva Espana"]03:51
94Habanera [from the "Still Wie Die Nacht"]03:23
95Habanera From ''Carmen'' [from the "Classics Up To Date"]03:24
96Happy Days are here again [from the "Evergreens Non Stop Dancing"]03:41
97Have I Told You Lately [from the "In Harmony (James Last & Richard Clayderman)"]03:24
98Heart Like A River [from the "Beach Party '95"]03:33
99Helgoland [from the "Rolling Home"]03:44
100Heut' Geht's An Bord [from the "Rolling Home"]02:26
101Hey [from the "Viva Espana"]04:39
102Hey Jude [from the "Die Grossten Songs Von The Beatles"]04:42
103His Light Will Shine [from the "Beach Party '95"]04:19
104Hungarian Dance No. 5 [from the "Classics Up To Date"]02:39
105I Heard It Through The Grapevine [from the "My Soul"]04:09
106I left my Heart in San Francisco [from the "Evergreens Non Stop Dancing"]03:13
107I Will Always Love You [from the "In Harmony (James Last & Richard Clayderman)"]04:08
108I'll Be There [from the "My Soul"]04:41
109I'll Stand By You [from the "Beach Party '95"]03:51
110Impromtu No. 2 in A Flat Major Op142 [from the "Classics Up To Date Vol. 2"]03:28
111Impromtu No. 3 in G Flat Major Op.90 [from the "Classics Up To Date Vol. 2"]03:46
112In Der Halle Des Bergkonigs [from the "Still Wie Die Nacht"]02:41
113Indicativo [from the "Flute Fiesta (James Last & Berdien Stenberg)"] 
114Indigo Bay [from the "Serenaden (James Last & Richard Clayderman)"]03:59
115Jerusalem, Jerusalem (Yerushala 'Im Shelzahav) /Dona, Dona (Dos Kelbl) [from the "Flute Fiesta (James Last & Berdien Stenberg)"]05:01
116Kalinka [from the "Abendglocken"]03:40
117Kalinka [from the "Russland Zwischen Tag Und Nacht"]03:40
118Kamarinskaja [from the "Abendglocken"]04:53
119Kleine Mowe, Flieg Nach Helgoland [from the "Rolling Home"]03:21
120Kosaken - Patrouille [from the "Abendglocken"]03:31

James Last

James Last

James Last (born Hans Last on 17 April 1929 in Bremen) is a German composer and big band leader. []


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