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Tonight I'm Yours by Rod Stewart [2000] [album editions]

Tonight I'm Yours (Rod Stewart)

Track listing

1Tonight I'm Yours
2How Long
3Tora, Tora, Tora (Out With The Boys)
4Tear It Up
5Only A Boy
6Just Like A Woman
9Young Turks
10Never Give Up On A Dream

Rod Stewart albums

1A Night On The Town[ 2000 ]
2A Spanner In The Works[ 1995 ]
3An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down[ 1969 ]
4Atlantic Crossing[ 2000 ]
5Blondes Have More Fun[ 1990 ]
6Body Wishes[ 1995 ]
7Camouflage[ 1990 ]
8Every Beat Of My Heart[ 1998 ]
9Every Picture Tells A Story[ 1998 ]
10Foolish Behaviour[ 2005 ]
11Foot Loose & Fancy Free[ 1990 ]
12Gasoline Alley[ 1998 ]
13If We Fall In Love Tonight[ 1996 ]
14Lead Vocalist[ 1993 ]
15Never A Dull Moment[ 1972 ]
16Out Of Order[ 1990 ]
17Smiller[ 2004 ]
18Soulbook[ 2009 ]
19Stardust...The Great American Songbook Vol.III[ 2004 ]
20The Album[ 1998 ]
21Three Musketeers (Soundtrack)[ 1993 ]
22Tonight I'm Yours[ 2000 ]
23Unplugged...and Seated[ 1993 ]
24Vagabond Heart[ 1991 ]
25When We Were The New Boys[ 1998 ]
26You Wear It Well[ 1992 ]
1A Night On The Town (Rod Stewart)
2A Spanner In The Works (Rod Stewart)
3An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down (Rod Stewart)
4Atlantic Crossing (Rod Stewart)
5Blondes Have More Fun (Rod Stewart)
6Body Wishes (Rod Stewart)
7Camouflage (Rod Stewart)
8Every Beat Of My Heart (Rod Stewart)
9Every Picture Tells A Story (Rod Stewart)
10Foolish Behaviour (Rod Stewart)
11Foot Loose & Fancy Free (Rod Stewart)
12Gasoline Alley (Rod Stewart)
13If We Fall In Love Tonight (Rod Stewart)
14Lead Vocalist (Rod Stewart)
15Never A Dull Moment (Rod Stewart)
16Out Of Order (Rod Stewart)
17Smiller (Rod Stewart)
18Soulbook (Rod Stewart)
19Stardust...The Great American Songbook Vol.III (Rod Stewart)
20The Album (Rod Stewart)
21Three Musketeers (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
22Tonight I'm Yours (Rod Stewart)
23Unplugged...and Seated (Rod Stewart)
24Vagabond Heart (Rod Stewart)
25When We Were The New Boys (Rod Stewart)
26You Wear It Well (Rod Stewart)

Rod Stewart songs

181Red Hot In Black [from the "Every Beat Of My Heart"]03:18
182Rhythm Of My Heart [from the "Vagabond Heart"]04:08
183Rocks [from the "When We Were The New Boys"]04:45
184Ruby Tuesday [from the "Lead Vocalist"]04:04
185Sailing [from the "Atlantic Crossing"]04:39
186Sailor [from the "Smiller"]03:33
187Satisfied [from the "Body Wishes"]04:06
188Say It Ain't True [from the "Foolish Behaviour"]03:54
189Scarred And Scared [from the "Blondes Have More Fun"]04:53
190Secret Heart [from the "When We Were The New Boys"]04:07
191Seems Like A Long Time [from the "Every Picture Tells A Story"]04:02
192She Won't Dance With Me [from the "Foolish Behaviour"]02:24
193Shelly My Love [from the "When We Were The New Boys"]03:38
194Shotgun Wedding [from the "Lead Vocalist"]03:20
195So Far Away [from the "If We Fall In Love Tonight"] 
196So Soon We Change [from the "Foolish Behaviour"]03:36
197Some Guys Have All The Luck [from the "Camouflage"]04:24
198Somebody Special [from the "Foolish Behaviour"]04:21
199Sometimes When We Touch [from the "If We Fall In Love Tonight"]04:25
200Sonny [from the "Tonight I'm Yours"]04:04
201Soothe Me [from the "A Spanner In The Works"]03:23
202Stand Back [from the "Lead Vocalist"]05:37
203Standin' In The Shadows Of Love [from the "Blondes Have More Fun"]04:29
204Stardust [from the "Stardust...The Great American Songbook Vol.III"]04:02
205Stay With Me [from the "Unplugged...and Seated"]05:17
206Stay With Me [from the "Lead Vocalist"]04:37
207Still Love You [from the "Atlantic Crossing"]05:11
208Stone Cold Sober [from the "Atlantic Crossing"]04:12
209Strangers Again [from the "Body Wishes"]04:10
210Street Fighting Man [from the "The Album"]05:09
211Street Fighting Man [from the "An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down"]05:08
212Superstar [from the "When We Were The New Boys"]04:20
213Sweet Lady Mary [from the "Lead Vocalist"]05:48
214Sweet Little Rock 'N' Roller [from the "Smiller"]03:42
215Sweet Surrender [from the "Body Wishes"]03:56
216Sweetheart Like You [from the "A Spanner In The Works"]04:49
217S'Wonderful (feat Dave Grusin) [from the "Stardust...The Great American Songbook Vol.III"]03:24
218Sword Fight (Bransle) [from the "Three Musketeers (Soundtrack)"] 
219Tear It Up [from the "Tonight I'm Yours"]02:28
220Ten Days Of Rain [from the "Every Beat Of My Heart"]05:23
221That's All Right [from the "Every Picture Tells A Story"]03:59
222The Balltrap [from the "A Night On The Town"]04:27
223The Best Days Of My Life [from the "Blondes Have More Fun"]04:21
224The Cardinal's Coach (Estampie) [from the "Three Musketeers (Soundtrack)"] 
225The Cavern Of Cardinal Richelien (Overture Passacaille) [from the "Three Musketeers (Soundtrack)"] 
226The Downtown Lights [from the "A Spanner In The Works"]06:30
227The First Cut Is The Deepest [from the "Unplugged...and Seated"]04:12
228The First Cut Is The Deepest [from the "A Night On The Town"]04:13
229The Fourth Musketeer (Concert Royaux) [from the "Three Musketeers (Soundtrack)"] 
230The Killing Of Georgie (Part I & II) [from the "A Night On The Town"]06:14
231The Motown Song [from the "Vagabond Heart"]03:58
232The Wild Horse [from the "Out Of Order"]05:01
233The Wild Side Of Life [from the "A Night On The Town"]04:59
234This [from the "A Spanner In The Works"]05:10
235This Old Heart Of Mine [from the "Atlantic Crossing"]04:05
236Three Time Loser [from the "Atlantic Crossing"]04:05
237Tom Traubert's Blues [from the "Lead Vocalist"]06:10
238Tom Traubert's Blues (Waltzing Matilda) [from the "Unplugged...and Seated"]04:40
239Tomorrow Is Such A Long Time [from the "Every Picture Tells A Story"]03:45
240Tonight I'm Yours [from the "Tonight I'm Yours"]03:59

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart

Roderick David 'Rod' Stewart (born 10 January 1945) is a British singer-songwriter born and raised in London, England and currently residing in Epping. []


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