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Lead Vocalist by Rod Stewart [1993] [album editions]

Lead Vocalist (Rod Stewart)

Track listing

1I Ain't Superstitious
2Handbags And Gladrags
3Cindy Incidentally
4Stay With Me
5True Blue
6Sweet Lady Mary
7Hot Legs
8Stand Back
9Ruby Tuesday
10Shotgun Wedding
11First I Look At The Purse
12Tom Traubert's Blues

Rod Stewart albums

1A Night On The Town[ 2000 ]
2A Spanner In The Works[ 1995 ]
3An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down[ 1969 ]
4Atlantic Crossing[ 2000 ]
5Blondes Have More Fun[ 1990 ]
6Body Wishes[ 1995 ]
7Camouflage[ 1990 ]
8Every Beat Of My Heart[ 1998 ]
9Every Picture Tells A Story[ 1998 ]
10Foolish Behaviour[ 2005 ]
11Foot Loose & Fancy Free[ 1990 ]
12Gasoline Alley[ 1998 ]
13If We Fall In Love Tonight[ 1996 ]
14Lead Vocalist[ 1993 ]
15Never A Dull Moment[ 1972 ]
16Out Of Order[ 1990 ]
17Smiller[ 2004 ]
18Soulbook[ 2009 ]
19Stardust...The Great American Songbook Vol.III[ 2004 ]
20The Album[ 1998 ]
21Three Musketeers (Soundtrack)[ 1993 ]
22Tonight I'm Yours[ 2000 ]
23Unplugged...and Seated[ 1993 ]
24Vagabond Heart[ 1991 ]
25When We Were The New Boys[ 1998 ]
26You Wear It Well[ 1992 ]
1A Night On The Town (Rod Stewart)
2A Spanner In The Works (Rod Stewart)
3An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down (Rod Stewart)
4Atlantic Crossing (Rod Stewart)
5Blondes Have More Fun (Rod Stewart)
6Body Wishes (Rod Stewart)
7Camouflage (Rod Stewart)
8Every Beat Of My Heart (Rod Stewart)
9Every Picture Tells A Story (Rod Stewart)
10Foolish Behaviour (Rod Stewart)
11Foot Loose & Fancy Free (Rod Stewart)
12Gasoline Alley (Rod Stewart)
13If We Fall In Love Tonight (Rod Stewart)
14Lead Vocalist (Rod Stewart)
15Never A Dull Moment (Rod Stewart)
16Out Of Order (Rod Stewart)
17Smiller (Rod Stewart)
18Soulbook (Rod Stewart)
19Stardust...The Great American Songbook Vol.III (Rod Stewart)
20The Album (Rod Stewart)
21Three Musketeers (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
22Tonight I'm Yours (Rod Stewart)
23Unplugged...and Seated (Rod Stewart)
24Vagabond Heart (Rod Stewart)
25When We Were The New Boys (Rod Stewart)
26You Wear It Well (Rod Stewart)

Rod Stewart songs

61Every Beat Of My Heart [from the "Every Beat Of My Heart"]05:18
62Every Picture Tells A Story [from the "Unplugged...and Seated"]04:45
63Every Picture Tells A Story [from the "You Wear It Well"]05:52
64Every Picture Tells A Story [from the "Every Picture Tells A Story"]05:59
65Farewell [from the "Smiller"]04:22
66First Cut Is The Deepest [from the "If We Fall In Love Tonight"]03:50
67First I Look At The Purse [from the "Lead Vocalist"]04:10
68Fool For You [from the "A Night On The Town"]03:39
69Foolish Behaviour [from the "Foolish Behaviour"]04:19
70For Sentimental Reasons [from the "Stardust...The Great American Songbook Vol.III"]03:02
71For The First Time [from the "If We Fall In Love Tonight"]04:01
72Forever Young [from the "If We Fall In Love Tonight"]04:52
73Forever Young [from the "Out Of Order"]04:08
74Gasoline Alley [from the "You Wear It Well"]04:01
75Gasoline Alley [from the "Gasoline Alley"]04:08
76Ghetto Blaster [from the "Body Wishes"]03:58
77Gi' Me Wings [from the "Foolish Behaviour"]03:41
78Girl From The North Country [from the "You Wear It Well"]03:49
79Girl Grom The North Country [from the "Smiller"]03:51
80Go Out Dancing [from the "Vagabond Heart"]04:18
81Handbags & Gladrags [from the "The Album"]04:29
82Handbags & Gladrags [from the "An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down"]04:25
83Handbags And Gladrags [from the "Unplugged...and Seated"]04:25
84Handbags And Gladrags [from the "Lead Vocalist"]04:22
85Hang On St. Christopher [from the "A Spanner In The Works"]03:57
86Hard Road [from the "Smiller"]04:13
87Have I Told You Lately [from the "If We Fall In Love Tonight"]03:58
88Have I Told You Lately [from the "Unplugged...and Seated"]04:04
89Have I Told You Lately [from the "Vagabond Heart"]03:57
90Having a Party [from the "Unplugged...and Seated"]04:42
91Heart Is On The Line [from the "Camouflage"]04:00
92Here To Eternity [from the "Every Beat Of My Heart"]06:01
93Highgate Shuffle [from the "Unplugged...and Seated"]04:04
94Hot Legs [from the "Unplugged...and Seated"]04:24
95Hot Legs [from the "Foot Loose & Fancy Free"]05:14
96Hot Legs [from the "Lead Vocalist"]05:37
97Hotel Chambermaid [from the "When We Were The New Boys"]03:49
98How Long [from the "Tonight I'm Yours"]03:40
99I Ain't Superstitious [from the "Lead Vocalist"]04:53
100I Can't Get Started [from the "Stardust...The Great American Songbook Vol.III"]03:23
101I Don't Want To Talk About It [from the "If We Fall In Love Tonight"]04:50
102I Don't Want To Talk About It [from the "Atlantic Crossing"]04:49
103I Was Only Joking [from the "Foot Loose & Fancy Free"]06:07
104I Wouldn't Ever Change A Thing [from the "The Album"]04:49
105I Wouldn't Ever Change A Thing [from the "An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down"]04:46
106I'd Rather Go Blind [from the "Never A Dull Moment"]03:52
107If Only [from the "Vagabond Heart"]04:56
108If We Fall In Love Tonight [from the "If We Fall In Love Tonight"]05:41
109If You Don't Know Me By Now [from the "Soulbook"]03:59
110I'm Losing You [from the "You Wear It Well"]05:20
111In My Life [from the "Every Beat Of My Heart"]01:55
112In My Own Crazy Way [from the "Every Beat Of My Heart"]03:15
113Infatuation [from the "Camouflage"]05:03
114Interludings [from the "Never A Dull Moment"]00:40
115Is That The Thanks I Get? [from the "Blondes Have More Fun"]04:32
116Isn't It Romantic [from the "Stardust...The Great American Songbook Vol.III"]03:50
117It Takes Two [from the "Vagabond Heart"]04:00
118Italian Girls [from the "Never A Dull Moment"]04:55
119It's All Over Now [from the "Gasoline Alley"]06:25
120It's Not The Spotlight [from the "Atlantic Crossing"]04:22

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart

Roderick David 'Rod' Stewart (born 10 January 1945) is a British singer-songwriter born and raised in London, England and currently residing in Epping. []


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