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Falling Into You by Celine Dion [1996] [album editions]

Falling Into You (Celine Dion)

Track listing

1It's All Coming Back To Me Now
2Beacause You Loved Me
3Falling Into You
4Make You Happy
5Seduces Me
6All By Myself
7Declaration Of Love
8(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman
9Dreamin' Of You
10I Love You
11If That 's What It Takes
12I Don't Know
13River Deep, Mountain High
14Your Light
15Call The Man

Celine Dion albums

11 fille & 4 types[ 2003 ]
2A L'Olympia[ 1994 ]
3A New Day Has Come[ 2002 ]
4All the Way… A Decade of Song[ 1999 ]
5Au Coeur Du Stade[ 1999 ]
6Celine Dion[ 1992 ]
7C'est Pour Vivre[ 1997 ]
8D'elles[ 2007 ]
9D'eux[ 1995 ]
10Falling Into You[ 1996 ]
11Let's Talk About Love[ 1997 ]
12Live a Paris[ 1996 ]
13Miracle[ 2004 ]
14On Ne Change Pas[ 2005 ]
15One Heart[ 2003 ]
16Romantic Collection: France[ 2009 ]
17S'il Suffisait D'Aimer[ 1998 ]
18Taking Chances[ 2007 ]
19The Colour of My Love[ 1993 ]
20These Are Special Times[ 1998 ]
21Unison[ 1990 ]
11 fille & 4 types (Celine Dion)
2A L'Olympia (Celine Dion)
3A New Day Has Come (Celine Dion)
4All the Way… A Decade of Song (Celine Dion)
5Au Coeur Du Stade (Celine Dion)
6Celine Dion (Celine Dion)
7C'est Pour Vivre (Celine Dion)
8D'elles (Celine Dion)
9D'eux (Celine Dion)
10Falling Into You (Celine Dion)
11Let's Talk About Love (Celine Dion)
12Live a Paris (Celine Dion)
13Miracle (Celine Dion)
14On Ne Change Pas (Celine Dion)
15One Heart (Celine Dion)
16Romantic Collection: France (Various artists)
17S'il Suffisait D'Aimer (Celine Dion)
18Taking Chances (Celine Dion)
19The Colour of My Love (Celine Dion)
20These Are Special Times (Celine Dion)
21Unison (Celine Dion)

Celine Dion songs

61Everybody's Talkin' My Baby Down [from the "The Colour of My Love"]04:01
62Eyes On Me [from the "Taking Chances"]03:53
63Fade Away [from the "Taking Chances"]03:16
64Faith [from the "One Heart"]03:42
65Falling Into You [from the "Falling Into You"]04:18
66Feliz Navidad [from the "These Are Special Times"]03:40
67Femme comme chacune [from the "D'elles"]03:39
68Fly [from the "Falling Into You"]02:58
69Forget Me Not [from the "One Heart"]04:05
70Goodbye's (The Saddest Word) [from the "A New Day Has Come"]05:19
71Halfway To Heaven [from the "Celine Dion"]05:05
72Happy Xmas [from the "These Are Special Times"]04:14
73Have A Heart [from the "Unison"]04:15
74Have You Ever Been In Love [from the "A New Day Has Come"]04:08
75Have You Ever Been In Love [from the "One Heart"]04:08
76Hello Mister Sam [from the "C'est Pour Vivre"]04:13
77Hymne a l'amitie [from the "C'est Pour Vivre"]03:59
78I Believe In You (en duo avec Il Divo) (Bonus Track) [from the "On Ne Change Pas"]04:01
79I Don't Know [from the "Falling Into You"]04:38
80I Drove All Night [from the "One Heart"]04:00
81I Feel Too Much [from the "Unison"]04:08
82I Got Nothin' Left [from the "Taking Chances"]04:19
83I Hate You Then I Love You (w.Luciano Pavarotti) [from the "Let's Talk About Love"]04:42
84I Know What Love Is [from the "One Heart"]04:28
85I Love You [from the "Falling Into You"]05:30
86I Love You, Goodbye [from the "Celine Dion"]03:33
87I Remember L.A. [from the "The Colour of My Love"]04:12
88I Surrender [from the "A New Day Has Come"]04:48
89I Want You To Need Me [from the "All the Way… A Decade of Song"]04:36
90If I Could [from the "Miracle"]04:45
91If I Were You [from the "Celine Dion"]05:07
92If Love Is Out The Question [from the "Unison"]03:54
93If That 's What It Takes [from the "Falling Into You"]04:12
94If Walls Could Talk [from the "All the Way… A Decade of Song"]05:19
95If We Could Start Over [from the "Unison"]04:23
96If You Asked Me To [from the "All the Way… A Decade of Song"]03:55
97If You Asked Me To [from the "Celine Dion"]03:54
98If You Could See Me Now [from the "Celine Dion"]05:06
99I'm Alive [from the "A New Day Has Come"]03:30
100I'm Loving Every Moment With You [from the "Unison"]04:08
101I'm Your Angel [from the "All the Way… A Decade of Song"]05:31
102I'm Your Angel [from the "These Are Special Times"]05:31
103Immensite [from the "D'elles"]03:34
104Immortality [from the "Let's Talk About Love"]04:10
105In His Touch [from the "One Heart"]03:54
106In Some Small Way [from the "Miracle"]05:06
107Introduction [from the "Celine Dion"]01:15
108It's All Coming Back To Me Now [from the "All the Way… A Decade of Song"]05:32
109It's All Coming Back To Me Now [from the "Falling Into You"]07:36
110J'Attendais [from the "D'eux"]04:24
111J'Attendais [from the "Live a Paris"]04:58
112Je Chanterai [from the "S'il Suffisait D'Aimer"]04:10
113Je cherche l'ombre [from the "D'elles"]03:12
114Je Crois Toi [from the "S'il Suffisait D'Aimer"]05:05
115Je crois toi [from the "Au Coeur Du Stade"]04:36
116Je danse dans ma tete [from the "A L'Olympia"]04:27
117Je danse dans ma tete [from the "On Ne Change Pas"]04:13
118Je lui dirai [from the "1 fille & 4 types"]03:57
119Je lui dirai [from the "On Ne Change Pas"]03:57
120Je ne suis pas celle [from the "D'elles"]04:11

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Celine Dion

Celine Dion is a French-Canadian Grammy and Juno award winning pop singer, and occasional songwriter and actress.

Dion became an adolescent star in francophone Canada (Quebec) after her manager and future husband, René Angélil, mortgaged his home in order to finance her career. []


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