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Alive In Athens by Iced Earth [2003] [album editions]

Alive In Athens (Iced Earth)

Track listing

1Burning Times
2Vengeance Is Mine
3Pure Evil
4My Own Savior
5Melancholy (Holy Martyr)
6Dante's Inferno
7The Hunter
8Travel In Stygian
9Slave To The Dark
10A Question Of Heaven
11Dark Saga
12The Last Laugh
13Last December
14Watching Over Me
15Angels Holocaust
17Path I Choose
18I Died For You
20Birth Of The Wicked
21The Coming Curse
22Iced Earth
23Stand Alone
24Cast In Stone
25Desert Rain
27Disciples Of The Lie
28When The Night Falls
30Blessed Are You

Iced Earth albums

1Alive In Athens[ 2003 ]
2Burnt Offerings[ 1995 ]
3Dark Genesis[ 2002 ]
4Horror Show[ 2001 ]
5Night Of The Stormrider[ 1991 ]
6Tribute to the Gods[ 2002 ]
1Alive In Athens (Iced Earth)
2Burnt Offerings (Iced Earth)
3Dark Genesis (Iced Earth)
4Horror Show (Iced Earth)
5Night Of The Stormrider (Iced Earth)
6Tribute to the Gods (Iced Earth)

Iced Earth songs

1A Question Of Heaven [from the "Alive In Athens"]08:17
2Angels Holocaust [from the "Alive In Athens"]04:31
3Angels Holocaust [from the "Night Of The Stormrider"]04:52
4Before the Vision [from the "Night Of The Stormrider"]01:23
5Birth Of The Wicked [from the "Alive In Athens"]05:43
6Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath) [from the "Tribute to the Gods"]05:29
7Blessed Are You [from the "Alive In Athens"]05:46
8Brainwashed [from the "Alive In Athens"]05:13
9Brainwashed [from the "Burnt Offerings"]05:22
10Burnin' For You (Blue Oyster Cult) [from the "Tribute to the Gods"]04:25
11Burning Oasis [from the "Burnt Offerings"]05:59
12Burning Times [from the "Alive In Athens"]04:06
13Burnt Offerings [from the "Burnt Offerings"]07:22
14Cast In Stone [from the "Alive In Athens"]06:02
15Cities On Flame (Blue Oyster Cult) [from the "Tribute to the Gods"]03:58
16Colors 1 [from the "Dark Genesis"]05:04
17Colors 2 [from the "Dark Genesis"]04:50
18Creator Failure [from the "Burnt Offerings"]06:00
19Creatures Of The Night (Kiss) [from the "Tribute to the Gods"]04:00
20Curse The Sky 1 [from the "Dark Genesis"]04:45
21Curse The Sky 2 [from the "Dark Genesis"]04:43
22Damien [from the "Horror Show"]09:11
23Dante's Inferno [from the "Alive In Athens"]16:23
24Dante's Inferno [from the "Burnt Offerings"]16:26
25Dark Saga [from the "Alive In Athens"]04:01
26Dead Babies (Alice Cooper) [from the "Tribute to the Gods"]05:39
27Desert Rain [from the "Alive In Athens"]07:19
28Desert Rain [from the "Night Of The Stormrider"]06:53
29Diary [from the "Alive In Athens"]05:52
30Diary [from the "Burnt Offerings"]06:13
31Disciples Of The Lie [from the "Alive In Athens"]04:11
32Dracula [from the "Horror Show"]05:52
33Dragon's Child [from the "Horror Show"]04:20
34Enter The Realm [from the "Dark Genesis"]00:54
35Frankenstein [from the "Horror Show"]03:47
36Ghost Of Freedom [from the "Horror Show"]05:10
37God Of Thunder (Kiss) [from the "Tribute to the Gods"]03:56
38Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden) [from the "Tribute to the Gods"]07:07
39Highway To Hell (AC/DC) [from the "Tribute to the Gods"]03:22
40I Died For You [from the "Alive In Athens"]04:44
41Iced Earth [from the "Alive In Athens"]06:58
42Iced Earth 1 [from the "Dark Genesis"]05:32
43Iced Earth 2 [from the "Dark Genesis"]05:22
44Im-Ho-Tep [from the "Horror Show"]04:45
45It's A Long Way To The Top (AC/DC) [from the "Tribute to the Gods"]04:41
46Jack [from the "Horror Show"]04:13
47Jekyll & Hyde [from the "Horror Show"]04:39
48Last December [from the "Alive In Athens"]03:37
49Last December [from the "Burnt Offerings"]03:24
50Life And Death [from the "Dark Genesis"]06:07
51Melancholy (Holy Martyr) [from the "Alive In Athens"]04:55
52My Own Savior [from the "Alive In Athens"]03:42
53Mystical End [from the "Night Of The Stormrider"]04:45
54Nightmares [from the "Dark Genesis"]03:42
55Path I Choose [from the "Alive In Athens"]05:44
56Prophecy [from the "Alive In Athens"]06:10
57Pure Evil [from the "Alive In Athens"]06:36
58Pure Evil [from the "Night Of The Stormrider"]06:33
59Reaching The End [from the "Night Of The Stormrider"]01:11
60Screaming For Vengeance (Judas Priest) [from the "Tribute to the Gods"]04:37

Iced Earth

Iced Earth

Iced Earth is an American heavy metal band from Tampa, Florida. []


  • Heavy metal,
  • Power metal,
  • Thrash metal
  • I Died For You by Iced Earth

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