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Back to Mine [2001] [album editions]

Back to Mine (Various artists)

Track listing

1Pony - Annette Peacock
2On The Rhodes Again - Morcheeba
3Someday - Alice Russell
4Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya
5Still Waters - Jim White
6Cheap Thrills (Underdog Remix)
7Dual Tone - Small World
8Hidden Crate - The Giant
9The Edge - David McCallum
10Baby Let's Dance Together - Krishna Shan
11Chevrolet - Taj Mahal
12Put Everything Together - Plus
13What It Is - Missin' Linx
14Baby - Os Mutantes
15Lambchop - Life`s Little Tragedy

Alice Russell albums

1Back to Mine[ 2001 ]
2Under the Munka Moon II[ 2006 ]
1Back to Mine (Various artists)
2Under the Munka Moon II (Alice Russell)

Alice Russell songs

1A Fly in the Hand (DJ Vadim Mix) [from the "Under the Munka Moon II"]05:02
2Could Heaven Ever Be Like This [from the "Under the Munka Moon II"]07:02
3Do It (feat. Unforscene) [from the "Under the Munka Moon II"]05:10
4Don't You Worry [from the "Under the Munka Moon II"]06:09
5Hurry On Now (Boub remix) [from the "Under the Munka Moon II"]04:30
6I Don't Need This Trouble [from the "Under the Munka Moon II"]04:03
7I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know [from the "Under the Munka Moon II"]05:44
8I'm Just Here (Wyndham Earl Remix) [from the "Under the Munka Moon II"]05:08
9Mean To Me (Acoustic Version) [from the "Under the Munka Moon II"]03:03
10Mirror Mirror on the Wolf 'Tell the Story Right' (Bonobo Mix) [from the "Under the Munka Moon II"]05:14
11Seven Nation Army [from the "Under the Munka Moon II"]04:24
12Someday - Alice Russell [from the "Back to Mine"]02:36
13To Know This (Live) [from the "Under the Munka Moon II"]06:51
14To Know This (Nu:Tone mix) [from the "Under the Munka Moon II"]05:51

Alice Russell

Alice Russell

Alice Russell is a British soul singer. []


  • Soul,
  • Funk,
  • Jazz
  • Someday - Alice Russell by Alice Russell

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