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This Is Jazz, Vol. 9 by George Benson [1996]

This Is Jazz, Vol. 9 (George Benson)

Track listing

2Myna Bird Blues
3Willow Weep For Me
4Stormy Weather
5The Cooker
6The Borgia Stick
7Ode To A Kudu
8Take Five
9I Remember Wes
10Good King Bad
11Summertime (Live)
12From Now On

George Benson albums

1Benson & Farrell[ 1990 ]
2Big Boss Band[ 1990 ]
3Body Talk[ 2002 ]
4Collaboration[ 1990 ]
5Give Me The Night[ 1990 ]
6Good King Bad[ 2007 ]
7Jazz For The Road[ 2006 ]
8Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack)[ 1990 ]
9Love Remembers[ 1993 ]
10Standing Together[ 1998 ]
11Tell It Like It Is[ 1998 ]
12That's Right[ 1996 ]
13The George Benson Cookbook[ 2001 ]
14The Other Side Of Abbey Road[ 1998 ]
15This Is Jazz, Vol. 9[ 1996 ]
16Twice The Love[ 1990 ]
17White Rabbit[ 1990 ]
1Benson & Farrell (George Benson)
2Big Boss Band (George Benson)
3Body Talk (George Benson)
4Collaboration (George Benson)
5Give Me The Night (George Benson)
6Good King Bad (George Benson)
7Jazz For The Road (Various artists)
8Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack) (George Benson)
9Love Remembers (George Benson)
10Standing Together (George Benson)
11Tell It Like It Is (George Benson)
12That's Right (George Benson)
13The George Benson Cookbook (George Benson)
14The Other Side Of Abbey Road (George Benson)
15This Is Jazz, Vol. 9 (George Benson)
16Twice The Love (George Benson)
17White Rabbit (George Benson)

George Benson songs

1A Change Is Gonna Come [from the "Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack)"]03:43
2All I Know [from the "Standing Together"]04:37
3All Of Me [from the "The George Benson Cookbook"]02:10
4Are You Happy? [from the "Tell It Like It Is"]02:36
5Baby Workout [from the "Big Boss Band"]03:51
6Back To Love [from the "Standing Together"]04:40
7Basie's Bag [from the "Big Boss Band"]03:00
8Because/Come Together [from the "The Other Side Of Abbey Road"]07:25
9Before You Go [from the "Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack)"]06:28
10Benny's Back [from the "The George Benson Cookbook"]04:12
11Benson's Rider [from the "The George Benson Cookbook"]05:37
12Big Fat Lady [from the "The George Benson Cookbook"]04:44
13Body Talk [from the "Body Talk"]09:21
14Body Talk Part 1 [from the "Body Talk"]08:22
15Borgia Stick [from the "The George Benson Cookbook"]03:09
16Bossa Rocka [from the "The George Benson Cookbook"]04:25
17Brazilian Stomp (Benson & Earl Klugh) [from the "Collaboration"]05:39
18California Dreamin' [from the "White Rabbit"]07:23
19Calling You [from the "Love Remembers"]05:45
20Camel Hump (Benson & Farrell) [from the "Benson & Farrell"]06:27
21Cast Your Fate To the Wind [from the "Good King Bad"]06:53
22Clockwise [from the "This Is Jazz, Vol. 9"]04:29
23Collaboration (Benson & Earl Klugh) [from the "Collaboration"]06:18
24Come Into My World [from the "Love Remembers"]04:51
25Cruise Control [from the "Standing Together"]05:10
26C-Smooth [from the "Standing Together"]05:56
27Dance [from the "Body Talk"]10:31
28Dinorah, Dinorah [from the "Give Me The Night"]03:41
29Dontcha Hear Me Callin' To Ya [from the "Tell It Like It Is"]03:20
30Dreamin' (Benson & Earl Klugh) [from the "Collaboration"]05:49
31El Mar [from the "White Rabbit"]10:50
32Em [from the "Good King Bad"]04:55
33Everybody Does It [from the "Twice The Love"]04:31
34Flute Song (Benson & Farrell) [from the "Benson & Farrell"]06:08
35Fly By Night [from the "Standing Together"]04:52
36Footprints in the Sand [from the "That's Right"]03:53
37From Now On [from the "This Is Jazz, Vol. 9"]02:20
38Give Me The Night [from the "Give Me The Night"]05:02
39Golden Slumbers/You Never Give Me Your Money [from the "The Other Side Of Abbey Road"]04:48
40Good Habit [from the "Twice The Love"]05:44
41Good King Bad [from the "This Is Jazz, Vol. 9"]05:58
42Goodnight (Previously Unreleased) [from the "The George Benson Cookbook"]02:21
43Got To Be There [from the "Love Remembers"]04:51
44Groovin' - George Benson [from the "Jazz For The Road"]02:43
45Here Comes The Sun/I Want You (She's So Heavy) [from the "The Other Side Of Abbey Road"]09:00
46Hey Girl [from the "Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack)"]04:31
47Hold On, I'm Coming [from the "Good King Bad"]05:43
48Holdin' On [from the "That's Right"]05:25
49How Do You Keep the Music Play [from the "Big Boss Band"]05:04
50I Only Have Eyes For You [from the "Big Boss Band"]02:58
51I Remember Wes [from the "This Is Jazz, Vol. 9"]04:10
52I'll Be Good To You [from the "Love Remembers"]05:11
53Jackie, All [from the "Tell It Like It Is"]02:22
54Jama Joe [from the "Tell It Like It Is"]03:53
55Jamaica (Benson & Earl Klugh) [from the "Collaboration"]05:43
56Johnnie Lee [from the "That's Right"]05:36
57Jumping With Symphony Sid [from the "The George Benson Cookbook"]06:36
58Keep Rollin' [from the "Standing Together"]05:12
59Kiss And Make Up [from the "Love Remembers"]04:06
60Land Of 1000 Dances [from the "Tell It Like It Is"]02:53

George Benson

George Benson

George Benson (born March 22, 1943) is a Grammy Award-winning American musician, whose recording career began at the age of twenty-one as a jazz guitarist.

He is also known as a pop, R&B, and scat singer.


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