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Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack) by George Benson [1990] [album editions]

Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack) (George Benson)

Track listing

1Livin' Inside Your Love
2Hey Girl
3Nassau Day
4Soulful Strut
5Prelude To Fall
6A Change Is Gonna Come
7Love Ballad
8You're Never Too Far From Me
9Love Is A Hurtin' Thing
10Welcome To My World
11Before You Go
12Unchained Melody

George Benson albums

1Benson & Farrell[ 1990 ]
2Big Boss Band[ 1990 ]
3Body Talk[ 2002 ]
4Collaboration[ 1990 ]
5Give Me The Night[ 1990 ]
6Good King Bad[ 2007 ]
7Jazz For The Road[ 2006 ]
8Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack)[ 1990 ]
9Love Remembers[ 1993 ]
10Standing Together[ 1998 ]
11Tell It Like It Is[ 1998 ]
12That's Right[ 1996 ]
13The George Benson Cookbook[ 2001 ]
14The Other Side Of Abbey Road[ 1998 ]
15This Is Jazz, Vol. 9[ 1996 ]
16Twice The Love[ 1990 ]
17White Rabbit[ 1990 ]
1Benson & Farrell (George Benson)
2Big Boss Band (George Benson)
3Body Talk (George Benson)
4Collaboration (George Benson)
5Give Me The Night (George Benson)
6Good King Bad (George Benson)
7Jazz For The Road (Various artists)
8Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack) (George Benson)
9Love Remembers (George Benson)
10Standing Together (George Benson)
11Tell It Like It Is (George Benson)
12That's Right (George Benson)
13The George Benson Cookbook (George Benson)
14The Other Side Of Abbey Road (George Benson)
15This Is Jazz, Vol. 9 (George Benson)
16Twice The Love (George Benson)
17White Rabbit (George Benson)

George Benson songs

61Let Go [from the "Twice The Love"]03:34
62Let Them Talk (Previously Unreleased) [from the "The George Benson Cookbook"]02:54
63Let's Do It Again [from the "Twice The Love"]04:54
64Little Train [from the "White Rabbit"]05:49
65Livin' Inside Your Love [from the "Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack)"]06:37
66Living On Borrowed Love [from the "Twice The Love"]03:56
67Lost In Love [from the "Love Remembers"]05:10
68Love Ballad [from the "Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack)"]05:16
69Love Dance [from the "Give Me The Night"]03:18
70Love Is A Hurtin' Thing [from the "Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack)"]04:25
71Love Of My Life [from the "Love Remembers"]04:17
72Love Remembers [from the "Love Remembers"]05:46
73Love Theme From Romeo&Juliet (Benson & Earl Klugh) [from the "Collaboration"]05:50
74Love X Love [from the "Give Me The Night"]04:45
75Lovin' On Borrowed Time [from the "Love Remembers"]04:15
76Man From Toledo [from the "The George Benson Cookbook"]02:10
77Marvin Said [from the "That's Right"]05:20
78Midnight Love Affair [from the "Give Me The Night"]03:34
79Mimosa (Benson & Earl Klugh) [from the "Collaboration"]06:54
80Moody's Mood [from the "Give Me The Night"]03:27
81Mt. Airy Road (Benson & Earl Klugh) [from the "Collaboration"]07:52
82My Cherie Amour [from the "Tell It Like It Is"]03:35
83My Heart Is Dancing [from the "Love Remembers"]05:17
84My Woman's Good To Me [from the "Tell It Like It Is"]03:18
85Myna Bird Blues [from the "This Is Jazz, Vol. 9"]04:37
86Nassau Day [from the "Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack)"]06:10
87nd The Ozone (Benson & Farrell) [from the "Benson & Farrell"]07:06
88Ode To A Kudu [from the "This Is Jazz, Vol. 9"]03:47
89Off Broadway [from the "Give Me The Night"]05:26
90Oh! Darling [from the "The Other Side Of Abbey Road"]04:01
91Old Devil Moon (Benson & Farrell) [from the "Benson & Farrell"]09:22
92On Green Dolphin Street [from the "Big Boss Band"]04:08
93One Rock Don't Make No Boulder [from the "Good King Bad"]07:05
94Out In The Cold Again [from the "Tell It Like It Is"]02:41
95P Park [from the "That's Right"]04:51
96Plum [from the "Body Talk"]05:31
97Poquito Spanish, Poquito Funk [from the "Standing Together"]05:17
98Portrait of Jennie [from the "Big Boss Band"]04:28
99Prelude To Fall [from the "Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack)"]06:30
100Ready And Able [from the "The George Benson Cookbook"]03:34
101Ready Now That You Are [from the "Big Boss Band"]05:49
102Return Of The Prodigal Son [from the "The George Benson Cookbook"]02:38
103Rolling Home (Benson & Farrell) [from the "Benson & Farrell"]07:18
104Shell Of A Man [from the "Good King Bad"]05:08
105Siberian Workout [from the "Good King Bad"]06:39
106Since You're Gone (Benson & Earl Klugh) [from the "Collaboration"]05:49
107Skylark [from the "Big Boss Band"]05:08
108Slow Scene [from the "The George Benson Cookbook"]03:14
109Something/Octopus's Garden/The End [from the "The Other Side Of Abbey Road"]06:24
110Somewhere Island [from the "Love Remembers"]05:41
111Song For My Brother [from the "That's Right"]04:16
112Soul Limbo [from the "Tell It Like It Is"]03:30
113Soulful Strut [from the "Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack)"]05:38
114Standing Together [from the "Standing Together"]04:08
115Star Of A Story (X) [from the "Give Me The Night"]04:43
116Starting All Over [from the "Twice The Love"]04:29
117Stephanie [from the "Twice The Love"]03:50
118Still Waters [from the "Standing Together"]04:38
119Stormy Weather [from the "This Is Jazz, Vol. 9"]02:20
120Summer Love [from the "That's Right"]04:37

George Benson

George Benson

George Benson (born March 22, 1943) is a Grammy Award-winning American musician, whose recording career began at the age of twenty-one as a jazz guitarist.

He is also known as a pop, R&B, and scat singer.


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