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Pyromania by Def Leppard [1990] [album editions]

Pyromania (Def Leppard)

Track listing

1Rock Rock (Till You Drop)
4Too Late For Love
5Die Hard The Hunter
7Rock Of Ages
8Comin' Under Fire
9Action! Not Words
10Billy's Got A Gun

Def Leppard albums

1Adrenalize[ 1992 ]
2Euphoria[ 1999 ]
3High 'n' Dry[ 1993 ]
4Hysteria[ 1990 ]
5On Through the Night[ 1990 ]
6Pyromania[ 1990 ]
7Retro Active[ 1993 ]
8Slang[ 1996 ]
9Slang (Single)[ 1996 ]
10Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits[ 1995 ]
11X[ 2002 ]
1Adrenalize (Def Leppard)
2Euphoria (Def Leppard)
3High 'n' Dry (Def Leppard)
4Hysteria (Def Leppard)
5On Through the Night (Def Leppard)
6Pyromania (Def Leppard)
7Retro Active (Def Leppard)
8Slang (Def Leppard)
9Slang (Single) (Def Leppard)
10Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits (Def Leppard)
11X (Def Leppard)

Def Leppard songs

61Long Long Way To Go [from the "X"]04:38
62Love And Affection [from the "Hysteria"]04:33
63Love Bites [from the "Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits"] 
64Love Bites [from the "Hysteria"]05:47
65Love Don't Lie [from the "X"]04:46
66Make Love Like A Man [from the "Adrenalize"]04:15
67Me & My Wine (remix) [from the "High 'n' Dry"]03:39
68Mirror, Mirror [from the "High 'n' Dry"]04:07
69Miss You In A Heartbeat [from the "Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits"] 
70Miss You In A Heartbeat [from the "Retro Active"]04:09
71Miss You In A Heartbeat (2) [from the "Retro Active"]04:55
72Miss You In A Heartbeat (3) [from the "Retro Active"]04:04
73No No No [from the "High 'n' Dry"]03:13
74Now [from the "X"]03:59
75On Through The Night [from the "High 'n' Dry"]05:06
76Only After Dark [from the "Retro Active"]03:52
77Overture [from the "On Through the Night"]07:29
78Paper Sun [from the "Euphoria"]05:26
79Pearl Of Euphoria [from the "Slang"]06:19
80Personal Property [from the "Adrenalize"]04:21
81Photograph [from the "Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits"] 
82Photograph [from the "Pyromania"]04:07
83Pour Some Sugar On Me [from the "Hysteria"]04:25
84Pour Some Sugar On Me (Video Edit) [from the "Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits"]04:53
85Promises [from the "Euphoria"]03:57
86Ride into the Sun [from the "Retro Active"]03:11
87Ring Of Fire [from the "Retro Active"]04:41
88Rock Brigade [from the "On Through the Night"]03:08
89Rock Of Ages [from the "Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits"] 
90Rock Of Ages [from the "Pyromania"]04:07
91Rock Rock (Till You Drop) [from the "Pyromania"]03:54
92Rocket [from the "Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits"] 
93Rocket [from the "Hysteria"]06:34
94Rocks Off [from the "On Through the Night"]03:42
95Run Riot [from the "Hysteria"]04:39
96Satellite [from the "On Through the Night"]04:27
97Scar [from the "X"]04:59
98She's too Tough [from the "Retro Active"]03:39
99Slang [from the "Slang"]02:37
100Sorrow Is a Woman [from the "On Through the Night"]03:53
101Stagefright [from the "Pyromania"]03:44
102Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion) [from the "Adrenalize"]04:32
103Switch [from the "High 'n' Dry"]03:03
104Tear It Down [from the "Adrenalize"]03:38
105To Be Alive [from the "Euphoria"]03:51
106Tonight [from the "Adrenalize"]04:03
107Too Late For Love [from the "Pyromania"]04:26
108Torn To Shreds [from the "X"]02:56
109Truth? [from the "Slang"]03:00
110Turn To Dust [from the "Slang"]04:21
111Two Steps Behind [from the "Retro Active"]04:16
112Two Steps Behind (2) [from the "Retro Active"]04:30
113Two Steps Behind (Acoustic Version) [from the "Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits"]04:19
114Unbelievable [from the "X"]03:58
115Wasted [from the "On Through the Night"]03:44
116When Love & Hate Collide [from the "Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits"] 
117When Walls ComeTumbling Down [from the "On Through the Night"]04:43
118Where Does Love Go When It Dies [from the "Slang"]04:04
119White Lightning [from the "Adrenalize"]07:02
120Women [from the "Hysteria"]05:42

Def Leppard

Def Leppard

Def Leppard is a hard rock and heavy metal band from Sheffield, England, which formed in 1977 and has been identified as part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement. []


  • Hard rock,
  • Heavy metal
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