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Foul Taste of Freedom by Pro-Pain [1992] [album editions]

Foul Taste of Freedom (Pro-Pain)

Track listing

1Foul Taste Of Freedom
2Death On The Dance Floor
3Murder 101
4Pound for Pound
5Every Good Boy Does Fine
6Death Goes On
8The Stench Of Piss
9Picture This
11Johnny Black
12Lesson Learned
13God Only Knows
14Take It Back (Lost Track)
15Pound for Pound (Remix)

Pro-Pain albums

1Absolute Power[ 2010 ]
2Act of God[ 1999 ]
3Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru[ 2007 ]
4Contents Under Pressure[ 1996 ]
5Fistful of Hate[ 2004 ]
6Foul Taste of Freedom[ 1992 ]
7No End in Sight[   ]
8Pro-Pain[ 1998 ]
9Prophets of Doom[ 2005 ]
10Round 6[ 2000 ]
11Run For Cover[ 2003 ]
12Shreds of Dignity[ 2002 ]
13Straight to the Dome[ 2012 ]
14The Final Revolution[ 2013 ]
15The Truth Hurts[ 1994 ]
1Absolute Power (Pro-Pain)
2Act of God (Pro-Pain)
3Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru (Pro-Pain)
4Contents Under Pressure (Pro-Pain)
5Fistful of Hate (Pro-Pain)
6Foul Taste of Freedom (Pro-Pain)
7No End in Sight (Pro-Pain)
8Pro-Pain (Pro-Pain)
9Prophets of Doom (Pro-Pain)
10Round 6 (Pro-Pain)
11Run For Cover (Pro-Pain)
12Shreds of Dignity (Pro-Pain)
13Straight to the Dome (Pro-Pain)
14The Final Revolution (Pro-Pain)
15The Truth Hurts (Pro-Pain)

Pro-Pain songs

121Picture This [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]02:47
122Pigs In Clover [from the "Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru"]02:01
123Political Suicide [from the "Contents Under Pressure"]03:40
124Pound for Pound [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]03:42
125Pound for Pound (Live In Sittard, NL 2001) [from the "Straight to the Dome"]03:41
126Pound for Pound (Remix) [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]02:41
127Pride [from the "Act of God"]02:32
128Problem Reaction Solution [from the "The Final Revolution"]03:26
129Psywar [from the "Round 6"]02:53
130Pure Hatred [from the "Straight to the Dome"]03:24
131Put The Lights Out [from the "The Truth Hurts"]04:26
132Rawhead [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]02:52
133Refuse/Resist [from the "Run For Cover"]03:08
134Rise Of The Antichrist [from the "Absolute Power"]03:20
135Road To Nowhere [from the "Absolute Power"]04:43
136Save Face [from the "Fistful of Hate"]03:11
137Shine [from the "Contents Under Pressure"]03:59
138Shreds Of Dignity [from the "Shreds of Dignity"]02:42
139Smokin' Gun [from the "Pro-Pain"]03:05
140South Of Heaven [from the "Run For Cover"]05:00
141Southbound [from the "The Final Revolution"]02:43
142Stand My Ground [from the "Absolute Power"]03:38
143Stand Tall [from the "Act of God"]02:49
144Stand Tall (20 Years Of Hardcore Tour 2011) [from the "Straight to the Dome"]02:49
145State of Mind [from the "Contents Under Pressure"]04:19
146Status Quo [from the "Round 6"]03:42
147Straight To The Dome [from the "Straight to the Dome"]01:34
148Substance [from the "Round 6"]02:54
149Sucks To Be You [from the "Straight to the Dome"]03:30
150Switchblade Knife [from the "The Truth Hurts"]03:28
151Take It Back (Lost Track) [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]02:42
152Take It Personal [from the "Round 6"]03:47
153Terpentin [from the "Run For Cover"]03:43
154The Beast Is Back [from the "The Truth Hurts"]03:38
155The Better Half Of Forever [from the "Fistful of Hate"]05:31
156The Crowd [from the "Run For Cover"]02:17
157The Fight Goes On [from the "No End in Sight"]04:03
158The Final Revolution [from the "The Final Revolution"]03:04
159The Mercy Killings [from the "Contents Under Pressure"]03:30
160The New Reality [from the "Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru"]04:20
161The Prisoner [from the "Prophets of Doom"]04:57
162The Shape Of Things To Come [from the "Shreds of Dignity"]02:21
163The Stench Of Piss [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]03:29
164The Truth Hurts [from the "The Truth Hurts"]04:14
165Thou Shalt Not [from the "Round 6"]02:57
166Three Minutes Hate [from the "Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru"]02:57
167Time [from the "Pro-Pain"]04:22
168Time Will Tell [from the "Act of God"]03:43
169To Never Return [from the "No End in Sight"]05:14
170Torn [from the "Prophets of Doom"]03:39
171Un-American [from the "Prophets of Doom"]05:20
172Under the Gun [from the "The Final Revolution"]03:19
173Unrestrained [from the "Absolute Power"]03:47
174Walk Away [from the "Shreds of Dignity"]02:28
175Want Some? [from the "The Final Revolution"]02:54
176Weeds [from the "Run For Cover"]04:10
177Where We Stand [from the "No End in Sight"]04:03
178Where We Stand (Ream Mix) [from the "No End in Sight"]04:01
179Your Mistake [from the "Run For Cover"]01:30
180Zugabe! [from the "Straight to the Dome"]03:52



Pro-Pain is a New York-based hardcore and Groove Metal band formed in 1991 by vocalist and bassist Gary Meskil and drummer Dan Richardson. []


  • New York hardcore,
  • Groove metal,
  • Metalcore
  • Pound for Pound by Pro-Pain

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