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Round 6 by Pro-Pain [2000] [album editions]

Round 6 (Pro-Pain)

Track listing

1Fed Up
4All Or None
5Status Quo
6F**k It
8Take It Personal
9Make Some Noise
10Let Live
11Thou Shalt Not
12Draw Blood
13Down In Flames

Pro-Pain albums

1Absolute Power[ 2010 ]
2Act of God[ 1999 ]
3Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru[ 2007 ]
4Contents Under Pressure[ 1996 ]
5Fistful of Hate[ 2004 ]
6Foul Taste of Freedom[ 1992 ]
7No End in Sight[   ]
8Pro-Pain[ 1998 ]
9Prophets of Doom[ 2005 ]
10Round 6[ 2000 ]
11Run For Cover[ 2003 ]
12Shreds of Dignity[ 2002 ]
13Straight to the Dome[ 2012 ]
14The Final Revolution[ 2013 ]
15The Truth Hurts[ 1994 ]
1Absolute Power (Pro-Pain)
2Act of God (Pro-Pain)
3Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru (Pro-Pain)
4Contents Under Pressure (Pro-Pain)
5Fistful of Hate (Pro-Pain)
6Foul Taste of Freedom (Pro-Pain)
7No End in Sight (Pro-Pain)
8Pro-Pain (Pro-Pain)
9Prophets of Doom (Pro-Pain)
10Round 6 (Pro-Pain)
11Run For Cover (Pro-Pain)
12Shreds of Dignity (Pro-Pain)
13Straight to the Dome (Pro-Pain)
14The Final Revolution (Pro-Pain)
15The Truth Hurts (Pro-Pain)

Pro-Pain songs

1100% [from the "Run For Cover"]01:57
224/7 [from the "Shreds of Dignity"]01:59
3A Good Day To Die [from the "Straight to the Dome"]03:46
4Act Of God [from the "Act of God"]03:09
5Aftermath [from the "Fistful of Hate"]03:00
6Against The Grain [from the "Contents Under Pressure"]04:14
7All Fall Down [from the "Act of God"]03:54
8All For King George [from the "Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru"]04:07
9All Or None [from the "Round 6"]03:09
10All Rise [from the "No End in Sight"]03:28
11All Systems Fail [from the "The Final Revolution"]03:28
12American Dreams [from the "Fistful of Hate"]04:21
13AWOL [from the "Absolute Power"]02:49
14Bad Blood [from the "The Truth Hurts"]03:23
15Bad Blood (Live In Hamburg 199 [from the "The Truth Hurts"]03:16
16Beyond The Pale [from the "Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru"]05:00
17Bitter Pill [from the "Straight to the Dome"]03:28
18Blood Red [from the "Pro-Pain"]03:50
19Bloodlust For War [from the "Straight to the Dome"]03:43
20Box City [from the "Contents Under Pressure"]03:26
21Burn [from the "Act of God"]03:30
22Can You Feel It? [from the "Fistful of Hate"]03:39
23Can't Stop the Pain [from the "The Final Revolution"]02:53
24Casualties Of War [from the "Shreds of Dignity"]02:31
25Circle of the Tyrants [from the "Run For Cover"]04:38
26Company Jerk [from the "Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru"]03:33
27Contents Under Pressure [from the "Contents Under Pressure"]03:26
28Crush [from the "Contents Under Pressure"]03:15
29Cut Throat [from the "Fistful of Hate"]03:38
30Damaged II [from the "Run For Cover"]03:15
31Days Of Shame [from the "Prophets of Doom"]05:07
32Death Goes On [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]02:54
33Death On The Dance Floor [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]02:47
34Death Toll Rises [from the "Prophets of Doom"]03:58
35Deathwish [from the "The Final Revolution"]02:45
36Denial [from the "The Truth Hurts"]03:25
37Desensitize [from the "Round 6"]03:06
38Destroy The Enemy [from the "Absolute Power"]04:47
39Destroy The Enemy (Original Demo Version 2010) [from the "Straight to the Dome"]04:46
40Divided We Stand [from the "Absolute Power"]01:48
41Don't Kill Yourself To Live [from the "Pro-Pain"]03:35
42Don't Kill Yourself To Live (R [from the "Pro-Pain"]03:54
43Down For The Cause [from the "Shreds of Dignity"]04:03
44Down In Flames [from the "Round 6"]02:39
45Down In The Dumps [from the "The Truth Hurts"]04:23
46Draw Blood [from the "Round 6"]03:42
47Egg Raid On Mojo (Beastie Boys Cover) [from the "Straight to the Dome"]01:17
48Emerge [from the "The Final Revolution"]03:38
49Every Good Boy Does Fine [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]02:52
50F**k It [from the "Round 6"]02:55
51F.O.A.D. [from the "Shreds of Dignity"]02:30
52F.S.U. (Fuck Shit Up) [from the "Act of God"]03:12
53Fall From Grace [from the "The Final Revolution"]02:44
54Fallen Son [from the "Straight to the Dome"]03:54
55Fed Up [from the "Round 6"]02:22
56Fistful Of Hate [from the "Fistful of Hate"]02:42
57Foul Taste Of Freedom [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]03:44
58Freedom Rings [from the "Fistful of Hate"]03:27
59Get Real [from the "Pro-Pain"]02:21
60Getting Over [from the "Prophets of Doom"]04:30



Pro-Pain is a New York-based hardcore and Groove Metal band formed in 1991 by vocalist and bassist Gary Meskil and drummer Dan Richardson. []


  • New York hardcore,
  • Groove metal,
  • Metalcore
  • F**k It by Pro-Pain

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