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Live At Inferno (Bootleg) by Pain [2001]

Live At Inferno (Bootleg) (Pain)

Track listing

2Dark Fields Of Pain
4On And On
5End Of The Line
6Eleanor Rigby (Beatles cover)

Pain albums

1Live At Inferno (Bootleg)[ 2001 ]
2Nothing Remains the Same[ 2002 ]
3Pain[ 1997 ]
4Rebirth[ 2001 ]
1Live At Inferno (Bootleg) (Pain)
2Nothing Remains the Same (Pain)
3Pain (Pain)
4Rebirth (Pain)

Pain songs

112:42 [from the "Rebirth"]01:52
2Breathe [from the "Live At Inferno (Bootleg)"]03:56
3Breathe [from the "Pain"]04:21
4Breathing In, Breathing Out [from the "Rebirth"]03:35
5Choke On Your Lies [from the "Pain"]04:53
6Close My Eyes [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]03:45
7Crashed [from the "Live At Inferno (Bootleg)"]04:04
8Crashed [from the "Rebirth"]04:01
9Dark Fields Of Pain [from the "Live At Inferno (Bootleg)"]05:03
10Dark Fields Of Pain [from the "Rebirth"]05:00
11Delusions [from the "Rebirth"]04:03
12Don't Let Me Down [from the "Pain"]04:20
13Eleanor Rigby [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]03:51
14Eleanor Rigby (Beatles cover) [from the "Live At Inferno (Bootleg)"]04:06
15End Of The Line [from the "Live At Inferno (Bootleg)"]04:38
16End Of The Line [from the "Rebirth"]04:03
17Expelled [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]03:43
18Fade Away [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]04:57
19Give It Up (Bonus-Track) [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"] 
20Greed [from the "Pain"]02:42
21Hate Me (Bonus-Track) [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"] 
22Injected Paradise [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]05:10
23It's Only Them [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]04:51
24Just Hate Me [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]03:55
25Learn How To Die [from the "Pain"]03:54
26Liar (Bonus-Track) [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"] 
27On And On [from the "Live At Inferno (Bootleg)"]04:28
28On And On [from the "Rebirth"]03:55
29On Your Knees (Again) [from the "Pain"]04:35
30Parallel To Ecstasy [from the "Rebirth"]03:58
31Pull Me Under [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]04:15
32Rope Around My Neck [from the "Pain"]04:31
33Save Me [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]03:37
34She Whipped [from the "Rebirth"]04:49
35Shut Your Mouth [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]03:13
36Shut Your Mouth (Video-Track) [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"] 
37Suicide Machine [from the "Rebirth"]04:16
38Supersonic Bitch [from the "Rebirth"]03:44
39The Game [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]04:05
40The Last Drops Of My Life [from the "Pain"]04:02
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