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Love Sex & Sunshine by Mr. President [2002] [album editions]

Love Sex & Sunshine (Mr. President)

Track listing

1Love, Sex & Sunshine (Radio Edit)
2Love, Sex & Sunshine (Extended Version)
3Love, Sex & Sunshine (Dancehall Style)
4Got To Get It (Album Version)

Mr. President albums

1Coco Jamboo[ 1996 ]
2Golden Super Hit's[ 2003 ]
3Love Sex & Sunshine[ 2002 ]
4Night Club[ 1997 ]
5Simbaleo[ 1999 ]
6Space Gate[ 1999 ]
7Up'n Away[ 1995 ]
8We See The Same Sun[ 1996 ]
1Coco Jamboo (Mr. President)
2Golden Super Hit's (Mr. President)
3Love Sex & Sunshine (Mr. President)
4Night Club (Mr. President)
5Simbaleo (Mr. President)
6Space Gate (Mr. President)
7Up'n Away (Mr. President)
8We See The Same Sun (Mr. President)

Mr. President songs

14 on the Floor [from the "Up'n Away"]03:16
2All I Wanna Do [from the "Golden Super Hit's"]04:01
3All I Wanna Do [from the "Space Gate"]04:02
4Cachito Bandido [from the "Space Gate"]03:49
5Cachito Bandito [from the "Golden Super Hit's"]03:49
6Close to You [from the "Up'n Away"]03:22
7Close to Your Heart [from the "Up'n Away"]03:14
8Coco Jamboo [from the "Golden Super Hit's"]03:37
9Coco Jamboo [from the "We See The Same Sun"]03:37
10Coco Jamboo (Extended Version) [from the "Coco Jamboo"]05:45
11Coco Jamboo (Groove Version) [from the "Coco Jamboo"]06:05
12Coco Jamboo (Instrumental Version) [from the "Coco Jamboo"]03:36
13Coco Jamboo (Mousse T.'s Club Mix - Radio Edit) [from the "Coco Jamboo"]03:13
14Coco Jamboo (Mousse T.'s Dangerous Dub) [from the "Coco Jamboo"]06:20
15Coco Jamboo (Mousse T.'s Extended Club Mix) [from the "Coco Jamboo"]06:17
16Coco Jamboo (Put It On Another Version) [from the "Coco Jamboo"]03:18
17Coco Jamboo (Radio Version) [from the "Coco Jamboo"]03:41
18Don't You Ever Stop [from the "We See The Same Sun"]03:50
19Easy Come, Easy Go [from the "Up'n Away"]03:12
20Everybody [from the "Space Gate"]04:11
21F.B.I. [from the "Golden Super Hit's"]04:03
22F.B.I. [from the "Space Gate"]04:05
23Give a Little Love [from the "Golden Super Hit's"]03:18
24Give a Little Love [from the "Space Gate"]03:18
25Gonna Get Along [from the "Up'n Away"]02:37
26Gonna Get Along (Without Ya) [from the "Golden Super Hit's"]04:23
27Gonna Get Up [from the "Night Club"] 
28Goodbye, Lonely Heart [from the "Golden Super Hit's"]03:23
29Goodbye, Lonley Heart [from the "We See The Same Sun"]03:23
30Got To Get It (Album Version) [from the "Love Sex & Sunshine"]03:56
31Happy People [from the "Night Club"] 
32Hasta Manana [from the "Golden Super Hit's"]04:19
33Hasta Manana [from the "Night Club"]04:19
34I Believe [from the "Golden Super Hit's"]03:36
35I Believe [from the "Up'n Away"]03:36
36I Can't Get Enough [from the "Space Gate"]04:13
37I Can't Get Enought [from the "Golden Super Hit's"]04:12
38I Give You My Heart [from the "We See The Same Sun"]03:34
39I Love The Way You Love Me [from the "We See The Same Sun"]03:29
40I Love To Love [from the "We See The Same Sun"]03:08
41I Wanna Give My Love To You [from the "Golden Super Hit's"]03:32
42I Wanna Give My Love to You [from the "Night Club"] 
43I Won't Let You Down [from the "Golden Super Hit's"]03:23
44I Won't Let You Down [from the "Night Club"]03:23
45I Would Die for You [from the "Golden Super Hit's"]03:13
46I Would Die for You [from the "Up'n Away"]03:12
47I'll Follow the Sun [from the "Up'n Away"]03:23
48Inline Outline [from the "Night Club"] 
49Intro [from the "Space Gate"]01:59
50Intro [from the "We See The Same Sun"]01:21
51Intro [from the "Up'n Away"]01:20
52Jojo Action [from the "Golden Super Hit's"]03:50
53Jojo Action [from the "Night Club"]03:50
54Keep It Up [from the "Up'n Away"]03:02
55Looking for You [from the "Space Gate"]04:31
56Love Takes Two [from the "Space Gate"]03:57
57Love Zone [from the "Golden Super Hit's"]03:22
58Love Zone [from the "We See The Same Sun"]03:22
59Love, Sex & Sunshine (Dancehall Style) [from the "Love Sex & Sunshine"]04:49
60Love, Sex & Sunshine (Extended Version) [from the "Love Sex & Sunshine"]06:01

Mr. President

Mr. President

Mr. President is a German euro-dance group from Bremen, best known for their hit 'Coco Jamboo' in 1996. []


  • Eurodance,
  • Pop,
  • Reggae
  • Love, Sex & Sunshine (Extended Version) by Mr. President

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