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Lita by Lita Ford [1990] [album editions]

Lita (Lita Ford)

Track listing

1Back To The Cave
2Can't Catch Me
4Kiss Me Deadly
5Falling In And Out Of Love
6Fatal Passion
7Under The Gun
8Broken Dreams
9Close My Eyes Forever

Lita Ford albums

1A Future To This Life - Robocop (Soundtrack)[ 1994 ]
2Black[ 1995 ]
3Dancin' On The Edge[ 1990 ]
4Dangerous Curves[ 1991 ]
5Greatest Hits[ 1999 ]
6Greatest Hits (Live)[ 2000 ]
7Lita[ 1990 ]
8Out For Blood[ 1999 ]
9Stiletto[ 1990 ]
1A Future To This Life - Robocop (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
2Black (Lita Ford)
3Dancin' On The Edge (Lita Ford)
4Dangerous Curves (Lita Ford)
5Greatest Hits (Lita Ford)
6Greatest Hits (Live) (Lita Ford)
7Lita (Lita Ford)
8Out For Blood (Lita Ford)
9Stiletto (Lita Ford)

Lita Ford songs

1A Future To This Life - Joe Walsh & Lita Ford [from the "A Future To This Life - Robocop (Soundtrack)"]03:35
2Aces & Eights [from the "Greatest Hits"]04:14
3Aces And Eights [from the "Stiletto"]04:20
4Any Way That You Want Me [from the "Out For Blood"]03:36
5Back To The Cave [from the "Lita"]04:03
6Bad Boy [from the "Stiletto"]03:59
7Bad Love [from the "Greatest Hits (Live)"]04:52
8Bad Love [from the "Dangerous Curves"]04:20
9Big Gun [from the "Stiletto"]04:37
10Black [from the "Black"]05:07
11Black Widow [from the "Greatest Hits (Live)"]03:46
12Black Widow [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:32
13Black Widow [from the "Dangerous Curves"]03:30
14Blueberry [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:44
15Blueberry [from the "Lita"]03:50
16Boilin' Point [from the "Black"]03:51
17Broken Dreams [from the "Lita"]05:12
18Can't Catch Me [from the "Greatest Hits (Live)"]04:12
19Can't Catch Me [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:59
20Can't Catch Me [from the "Lita"]04:00
21Cherry Red [from the "Stiletto"]04:09
22Close My Eyes Forever [from the "Greatest Hits (Live)"]05:27
23Close My Eyes Forever [from the "Lita"]04:44
24Dancin' On The Edge [from the "Dancin' On The Edge"]05:00
25Dedication [from the "Stiletto"]03:34
26Die For Me Only (Black Widow) [from the "Out For Blood"] 
27Don't Let Me Down Tonight [from the "Dancin' On The Edge"]04:42
28Dressed To Kill [from the "Dancin' On The Edge"]03:44
29Fall [from the "Black"]05:19
30Falling In And Out Of Love [from the "Greatest Hits (Live)"]05:43
31Falling In And Out Of Love [from the "Lita"]05:10
32Fatal Passion [from the "Lita"]04:44
33Fire In My Heart [from the "Dancin' On The Edge"]03:47
34Gotta Let Go [from the "Dancin' On The Edge"]04:39
35Hammerhead [from the "Black"]04:38
36Hell Raiser [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:25
37Hellbound Train [from the "Greatest Hits"]06:05
38Hellbound Train [from the "Dangerous Curves"]06:06
39Hit 'N Run [from the "Dancin' On The Edge"]03:54
40Holy Man [from the "Greatest Hits (Live)"]04:47
41Holy Man [from the "Dangerous Curves"]04:42
42Hungry [from the "Greatest Hits (Live)"]05:07
43Hungry [from the "Stiletto"]04:58
44I Can't Stand It [from the "Out For Blood"]03:29
45If You Can't Live With It [from the "Out For Blood"]04:20
46Joe [from the "Black"]05:41
47Just A Feeling [from the "Out For Blood"]04:40
48Killin' Kind [from the "Black"]04:29
49Kiss Me Deadly [from the "Greatest Hits (Live)"]05:12
50Kiss Me Deadly [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:56
51Kiss Me Deadly [from the "Lita"]04:01
52Lady Killer [from the "Dancin' On The Edge"]03:41
53Larger Than Life [from the "Greatest Hits (Live)"]04:20
54Larger Than Life [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:54
55Larger Than Life [from the "Dangerous Curves"]03:54
56Lisa [from the "Stiletto"]04:45
57Little Black Spider (Instrumental) [from the "Dangerous Curves"]01:47
58Little Too Early [from the "Dangerous Curves"]02:58
59Loverman [from the "Black"]05:55
60Nobody's Child (Studio Version) [from the "Greatest Hits (Live)"]04:22

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Lita Ford

Lita Rossana Ford AKA Lita Gillette (born September 19, 1958) is a British-born, American rock musician and singer who was the lead guitarist for The Runaways and achieved popularity for her solo career between the 1980s and late 2000s. []


  • Heavy metal,
  • Hard rock
  • Close My Eyes Forever by Lita Ford

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