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Stiletto by Lita Ford [1990] [album editions]

Stiletto (Lita Ford)

Track listing

1Your Wake Up Call
6The Ripper
7Big Gun
8Only Women Bleed
9Bad Boy
10Aces And Eights
11Cherry Red

Lita Ford albums

1A Future To This Life - Robocop (Soundtrack)[ 1994 ]
2Black[ 1995 ]
3Dancin' On The Edge[ 1990 ]
4Dangerous Curves[ 1991 ]
5Greatest Hits[ 1999 ]
6Greatest Hits (Live)[ 2000 ]
7Lita[ 1990 ]
8Out For Blood[ 1999 ]
9Stiletto[ 1990 ]
1A Future To This Life - Robocop (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
2Black (Lita Ford)
3Dancin' On The Edge (Lita Ford)
4Dangerous Curves (Lita Ford)
5Greatest Hits (Lita Ford)
6Greatest Hits (Live) (Lita Ford)
7Lita (Lita Ford)
8Out For Blood (Lita Ford)
9Stiletto (Lita Ford)

Lita Ford songs

61On The Run [from the "Out For Blood"]02:50
62Only Women Bleed [from the "Stiletto"]06:03
63Out For Blood [from the "Out For Blood"]02:56
64Outro [from the "Stiletto"]01:56
65Playin' With Fire [from the "Greatest Hits"]04:04
66Playin' With Fire [from the "Dangerous Curves"]04:08
67Ready, Willing And Able [from the "Out For Blood"] 
68Rock Candy [from the "Greatest Hits (Live)"]06:13
69Rock 'N Roll Made Me What I Am Today [from the "Out For Blood"] 
70Run With The $ [from the "Dancin' On The Edge"]04:32
71Shot Of Poison [from the "Greatest Hits (Live)"]03:44
72Shot Of Poison [from the "Dangerous Curves"]03:31
73Smokin' Toads [from the "Black"]04:14
74Spider Monkeys [from the "Black"]06:51
75Stay With Me Baby [from the "Out For Blood"]04:31
76Stiletto [from the "Stiletto"]04:37
77Still Waitin' [from the "Dancin' On The Edge"]04:20
78Tambourine Dream [from the "Dangerous Curves"]04:53
79The Ripper [from the "Greatest Hits (Live)"]05:17
80The Ripper [from the "Greatest Hits"]05:19
81The Ripper [from the "Stiletto"]05:20
82Under The Gun [from the "Lita"]04:52
83War Of The Angels [from the "Black"]04:47
84What Do You Know About Love [from the "Greatest Hits (Live)"]03:59
85What Do You Know About Love [from the "Dangerous Curves"]03:52
86Where Will I Find My Love Tonight [from the "Black"]04:18
87White Lightin' [from the "Black"]03:58
88Your Wake Up Call [from the "Stiletto"]01:59

Lita Ford - top artists list [#554]

Lita Ford

Lita Rossana Ford AKA Lita Gillette (born September 19, 1958) is a British-born, American rock musician and singer who was the lead guitarist for The Runaways and achieved popularity for her solo career between the 1980s and late 2000s. []


  • Heavy metal,
  • Hard rock
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