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Glenn Frey Live by Glenn Frey [1993] [album editions]

Glenn Frey Live (Glenn Frey)

Track listing

1Peaceful Easy Feeling
2New Kid In Town
3The One You Love
4Wild Mountain Thyme
5Strange Weather
6I've Got Mine
7Lyin' Eyes / Take It Easy
8River Of Dreams
9True Love
10Love In The 21st Century
11Smuggler's Blues
12The Heat Is On
13Heartache Tonight

Glenn Frey albums

1Glenn Frey Live[ 1993 ]
2Solo Collection[ 1999 ]
3Soul Searchin'[ 1990 ]
4Strange Weather[ 2001 ]
5The Allnighter[ 2002 ]
1Glenn Frey Live (Glenn Frey)
2Solo Collection (Glenn Frey)
3Soul Searchin' (Glenn Frey)
4Strange Weather (Glenn Frey)
5The Allnighter (Glenn Frey)

Glenn Frey songs

1A Walk In The Dark [from the "Strange Weather"]05:19
2Aqua Tranquillo [from the "Strange Weather"]00:50
3Before The Ship Goes Down [from the "Strange Weather"]04:31
4Better In The USA [from the "The Allnighter"]03:02
5Big Life [from the "Strange Weather"]04:18
6Brave New World [from the "Solo Collection"]06:20
7Brave New World [from the "Strange Weather"]06:20
8Call On Me [from the "Solo Collection"]04:10
9Can't Put Out This Fire [from the "Soul Searchin'"]05:08
10Common Ground [from the "Solo Collection"]04:43
11Delicious [from the "Strange Weather"]03:47
12Desperado [from the "Glenn Frey Live"]04:06
13He Took Advantage (Blues For Ronald Reagan) [from the "Strange Weather"]04:42
14Heartache Tonight [from the "Glenn Frey Live"]06:03
15I Did It For Your Love [from the "Soul Searchin'"]04:01
16I Got Love [from the "The Allnighter"]03:51
17It's Your Life [from the "Soul Searchin'"]04:59
18I've Got Mine [from the "Solo Collection"]05:35
19I've Got Mine [from the "Glenn Frey Live"]05:51
20I've Got Mine [from the "Strange Weather"]05:35
21Let's Go Home [from the "The Allnighter"]05:02
22Let's Pretend We're Still In Love [from the "Soul Searchin'"]04:50
23Livin' Right [from the "Soul Searchin'"]05:02
24Living In Darkness [from the "The Allnighter"]04:40
25Long Hot Summer [from the "Strange Weather"]05:17
26Love In The 21st Century [from the "Glenn Frey Live"]06:11
27Love In The 21st Century [from the "Strange Weather"]06:12
28Lover's Moon [from the "The Allnighter"]04:13
29Lyin' Eyes / Take It Easy [from the "Glenn Frey Live"]05:55
30New Kid In Town [from the "Glenn Frey Live"]06:08
31New Love [from the "The Allnighter"]04:26
32Part Of Me, Part Of You [from the "Solo Collection"]05:57
33Part Of Me, Part Of You [from the "Strange Weather"]05:58
34Peaceful Easy Feeling [from the "Glenn Frey Live"]02:36
35Rising Sun [from the "Solo Collection"]00:38
36Rising Sun (Instrumental) [from the "Strange Weather"]00:38
37River Of Dreams [from the "Solo Collection"]06:08
38River Of Dreams [from the "Glenn Frey Live"]05:08
39River Of Dreams [from the "Strange Weather"]06:07
40Sexy Girl [from the "Solo Collection"]03:30
41Sexy Girl [from the "The Allnighter"]03:31
42Silent Spring (Instrumental Perlude) [from the "Strange Weather"]00:40
43Smuggler's Blues [from the "Solo Collection"]03:50
44Smuggler's Blues [from the "Glenn Frey Live"]03:50
45Smuggler's Blues [from the "The Allnighter"]04:19
46Some Kind Of Blue [from the "Soul Searchin'"]04:41
47Somebody Else [from the "The Allnighter"]06:02
48Soul Searchin' [from the "Solo Collection"]05:35
49Soul Searchin' [from the "Soul Searchin'"]05:34
50Strange Weather [from the "Glenn Frey Live"]05:08
51Strange Weather [from the "Strange Weather"]05:03
52The Allnighter [from the "The Allnighter"]04:22
53The Heat Is On [from the "Solo Collection"]03:46
54The Heat Is On [from the "Glenn Frey Live"]04:31
55The One You Love [from the "Solo Collection"]04:33
56The One You Love [from the "Glenn Frey Live"]05:15
57This Way To Happiness [from the "Solo Collection"]03:26
58True Love [from the "Solo Collection"]04:40
59True Love [from the "Glenn Frey Live"]05:22
60True Love [from the "Soul Searchin'"]04:40

Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey

Glenn Lewis Frey (born November 6, 1948) is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor, best known as a founding member of the Eagles. []


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