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I Gotta Make It by Trey Songz [2005] [album editions]

I Gotta Make It (Trey Songz)

Track listing

1A Message From Aretha (ft. Aretha Franklin)
2Gotta Make It (ft. Twista)
3Cheat On You
4I Gotta Go
6All The It's in the World
7You Never Know
8Your Behind
9From a Woman's Hand
10Kinda Lovin
11Comin For You
12Just Wanna Cut
13In the Middle
14Make Love Tonight
15Hatin Love
16Gotta Go Outro
17Gotta Make It Remix (ft. Aretha Franklin & Juvenile)

Trey Songz albums

1Chapter V[ 2012 ]
2I Gotta Make It[ 2005 ]
3Love Lockdown 3[ 2009 ]
4Passion Pain and Pleasure[ 2010 ]
5Ready[ 2009 ]
6The Ladies Choice[ 2007 ]
7The Ladies Choice Pt. 3[ 2008 ]
8Trey Day[ 2007 ]
9Trigga[ 2014 ]
10Trigga Reloaded[ 2015 ]
1Chapter V (Trey Songz)
2I Gotta Make It (Trey Songz)
3Love Lockdown 3 (Trey Songz)
4Passion Pain and Pleasure (Trey Songz)
5Ready (Trey Songz)
6The Ladies Choice (Trey Songz)
7The Ladies Choice Pt. 3 (Trey Songz)
8Trey Day (Trey Songz)
9Trigga (Trey Songz)
10Trigga Reloaded (Trey Songz)

Trey Songz songs

1(Skit) [from the "The Ladies Choice"]00:17
21 Day (ft. Flawless) [from the "The Ladies Choice"]03:41
32 Reasons (ft. T.I.) [from the "Chapter V"]03:17
42 Up 2 Down Freestyle (ft. Fynch Money Baggz) [from the "The Ladies Choice"]01:56
580 Flow (ft. The 804 Boyz) [from the "The Ladies Choice"]03:01
6A Message From Aretha (ft. Aretha Franklin) [from the "I Gotta Make It"]00:14
7About You [from the "Trigga Reloaded"]03:15
8Addicted To Songz [from the "The Ladies Choice Pt. 3"]02:34
9Album Drop (Skit) [from the "The Ladies Choice"]00:21
10All The It's in the World [from the "I Gotta Make It"]05:14
11All We Do [from the "Trigga"]04:30
12All We Do [from the "Trigga Reloaded"]04:27
13Almost Lose It [from the "Chapter V"]04:18
14Alone [from the "Passion Pain and Pleasure"]03:31
15Amen [from the "Love Lockdown 3"]02:56
16Are U A Performa (ft. Yung Joc & Mumeet Daddy) [from the "The Ladies Choice"]04:10
17Bad Decisions [from the "Chapter V"]04:33
18Be Where You Are [from the "Ready"]03:59
19Black Roses [from the "Love Lockdown 3"]01:53
20Black Roses [from the "Ready"]03:33
21Blind [from the "Passion Pain and Pleasure"]04:06
22Bottoms Up (ft. Nikki Minaj) [from the "Passion Pain and Pleasure"]04:02
23Brand New [from the "Love Lockdown 3"]02:03
24Bust My Windows [from the "The Ladies Choice Pt. 3"]04:18
25Buy U A Drank (ft. Yung Joc & T-Pain) [from the "The Ladies Choice"]03:24
26Cake [from the "Trigga"]04:47
27Cake [from the "Trigga Reloaded"]04:45
28Can't Be Friends [from the "Passion Pain and Pleasure"]03:40
29Can't Help But Wait [from the "Love Lockdown 3"]01:49
30Can't Help But Wait [from the "Trey Day"]03:24
31Change Your Mind [from the "Trigga"]03:44
32Change Your Mind [from the "Trigga Reloaded"]03:43
33Chapter V (Intro) [from the "Chapter V"]01:54
34Chapter V (Outro) [from the "Chapter V"]05:31
35Cheat On You [from the "I Gotta Make It"]03:46
36Check Me Out (ft. Diddy & Meek Mill) [from the "Chapter V"]04:59
37Comin For You [from the "I Gotta Make It"]04:03
38Cutty Buddy [from the "The Ladies Choice Pt. 3"]03:25
39Dead Wrong (ft. Ty Dolla $ign) [from the "Trigga"]03:49
40Dead Wrong (ft. Ty Dolla Sign) [from the "Trigga Reloaded"]03:47
41Different (ft. Brandon Hines) [from the "The Ladies Choice"]03:17
42Disrespectful (ft. Mila J) [from the "Trigga"]03:58
43Disrespectful (ft. Mila J) [from the "Trigga Reloaded"]03:56
44Dive In [from the "Chapter V"]04:12
45Does He Do It [from the "Ready"]02:58
46Don't Be Scared (ft. Rick Ross) [from the "Chapter V"]03:46
47Don't Wanna Come Down [from the "Love Lockdown 3"]02:27
48Doorbell [from the "Passion Pain and Pleasure"]03:56
49Exclusive (Skit) [from the "The Ladies Choice"]00:13
50Feelin Like Money [from the "The Ladies Choice Pt. 3"]03:09
51Fly 2Gether (ft. Jim Jones) [from the "The Ladies Choice"]04:07
52Fly Together (ft. Jim Jones) [from the "Trey Day"]04:26
53Fly Together Ft.Jim Jones [from the "Love Lockdown 3"]03:46
54Foreign [from the "Trigga"]04:11
55Foreign [from the "Trigga Reloaded"]04:09
56Foreign (Remix) (ft. Justin Bieber) [from the "Trigga"]04:35
57Foreign Remix (ft. Justin Bieber) [from the "Trigga Reloaded"]04:34
58Forever [from the "The Ladies Choice Pt. 3"]04:11
59Forever Yours [from the "Chapter V"]04:14
60From a Woman's Hand [from the "I Gotta Make It"]03:50

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Trey Songz

Tremaine Aldon Neverson (born November 28, 1984), better known by his stage name Trey Songz, is an American recording artist, producer and actor. []


  • R&B,
  • Hip hop,
  • Soul
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