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The Album About Nothing by Wale [2015] [album editions]

The Album About Nothing (Wale)

Track listing

1The Intro About Nothing
2The Helium Balloon
3The White Shoes
4The Pessimist (ft. J. Cole)
5The Middle Finger
6The One Time In Houston
7The Girls On Drugs
8The God Smile
9The Need To Know (ft. SZA)
10The Success
11The Glass Egg
12The Bloom (AG3)
13The Matrimony (ft. Usher)
14The Body (ft. Jeremih)

Wale albums

1Ambition[ 2011 ]
2Attention Deficit[ 2009 ]
3Self Made 1[ 2011 ]
4Self Made 2[ 2012 ]
5Self Made 3[ 2013 ]
6The Album About Nothing[ 2015 ]
7The Gifted[ 2013 ]
1Ambition (Wale)
2Attention Deficit (Wale)
3Self Made 1 (Various artists)
4Self Made 2 (Various artists)
5Self Made 3 (Various artists)
6The Album About Nothing (Wale)
7The Gifted (Wale)

Wale songs

1600 Benz (ft. Rick Ross & Jadakiss) - Wale [from the "Self Made 1"]05:09
288 [from the "The Gifted"]04:42
390210 [from the "Attention Deficit"]03:21
4Actin Up (Wale & Meek Mill, ft. French Montana) - Wale [from the "Self Made 2"]03:58
5Ambition (ft. Meek Mill & Rick Ross) [from the "Ambition"]05:02
6Bad (ft. Tiara Thomas) [from the "The Gifted"]04:15
7Bad (Remix) (ft. Rihanna) [from the "The Gifted"]03:58
8Bag of Money (Wale & Meek Mill, ft. Rick Ross & T-Pain) - Wale [from the "Self Made 2"]04:07
9Beautiful Bliss (ft. Melanie Fiona & J. Cole) [from the "Attention Deficit"]05:04
10Black Heroes / Outro About Nothing (ft. Jerry Seinfeld) [from the "The Gifted"]04:41
11Bricks (ft. Yo Gotti & Lyfe Jennings) [from the "The Gifted"]04:42
12By Any Means (ft. Meek Mill, Pill & Rick Ross) - Wale [from the "Self Made 1"]04:23
13Chain Music [from the "Ambition"]03:19
14Chillin (ft. Lady Gaga) [from the "Attention Deficit"]03:24
15Clappers (ft. Nicki Minaj & Juicy J) [from the "The Gifted"]05:16
16Contemplate [from the "Attention Deficit"]03:33
17DC Or Nothing [from the "Ambition"]04:58
18Diary (ft. Marsha Ambrosius) [from the "Attention Deficit"]04:32
19Don't Hold Your Applause [from the "Ambition"]03:14
20Double M Genius [from the "Ambition"]02:48
21Fitted Cap (ft. Meek Mill & Rick Ross & J.Cole) - Wale [from the "Self Made 1"]04:33
22FluorescentInk (Stalley & Wale, ft. Rick Ross) - Wale [from the "Self Made 2"]03:21
23Focused (ft. Kid Cudi) [from the "Ambition"]03:32
24Golden Salvation (Jesus Piece) [from the "The Gifted"]03:40
25Gullible (ft. Cee Lo Green) [from the "The Gifted"]04:42
26Heaven's Afternoon (ft. Meek Mill) [from the "The Gifted"]04:41
27I Be Puttin’ On (ft. Wiz Khalifa, French Montana & Roscoe Dash) - Wale [from the "Self Made 2"]05:16
28Illest Bitch [from the "Ambition"]04:16
29Legendary [from the "Ambition"]05:04
30Let It Loose (ft. Pharrell) [from the "Attention Deficit"]04:49
31Lotus Flower Bomb (ft. Miguel) [from the "Ambition"]03:31
32LoveHate Thing (ft. Sam Dew) [from the "The Gifted"]04:27
33M.I.A. (Omarion & Wale) - Wale [from the "Self Made 2"]03:57
34Mama Told Me [from the "Attention Deficit"]03:37
35Miami Nights [from the "Ambition"]03:36
36Mirrors (ft. Bun B) [from the "Attention Deficit"]04:17
37No Days Off [from the "Ambition"]03:37
38No Lackin' (ft. Waka Flocka And Lil Reese) - Wale [from the "Self Made 3"]04:29
39Play Your Part (ft. Meek Mill, Rick Ross & D.A.) - Wale [from the "Self Made 1"]04:57
40Prescription [from the "Attention Deficit"]03:27
41Pretty Girls (ft. Gucci Mane & Weensey) [from the "Attention Deficit"]04:11
42Rotation (ft. Wiz Khalifa & 2 Chainz) [from the "The Gifted"]05:00
43Running Rebels (ft. Meek Mill & Teedra Moses) - Wale [from the "Self Made 1"]04:55
44Sabotage (ft. Lloyd) [from the "Ambition"]05:28
45Self Made (ft. Meek Mill, Pill, Rick Ross & Teedra Moses) - Wale [from the "Self Made 1"]05:03
46Shades (ft. Chrisette Michele) [from the "Attention Deficit"]03:56
47Simple Man [from the "The Gifted"]03:12
48Slight Work (ft. Big Sean) [from the "Ambition"]03:39
49Sunshine [from the "The Gifted"]03:44
50That Way (ft. Jeremih & Rick Ross) [from the "Ambition"]04:29
51That Way (ft. Jeremih & Rick Ross) - Wale [from the "Self Made 1"]04:30
52The Bloom (AG3) [from the "The Album About Nothing"]05:22
53The Body (ft. Jeremih) [from the "The Album About Nothing"]03:52
54The Curse of the Gifted [from the "The Gifted"]04:31
55The Girls On Drugs [from the "The Album About Nothing"]04:09
56The Glass Egg [from the "The Album About Nothing"]05:16
57The God Smile [from the "The Album About Nothing"]05:17
58The Helium Balloon [from the "The Album About Nothing"]04:47
59The Intro About Nothing [from the "The Album About Nothing"]04:20
60The Matrimony (ft. Usher) [from the "The Album About Nothing"]06:36

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Wale Victor Folarin, better known by his stage name Wale, is an American rapper from Washington, D.C. []


  • Hip hop,
  • Go-go
  • The Matrimony (ft. Usher) - one of the best Wale songs, top songs list [#391]

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