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Close to the Glass by The Notwist [2014] [album editions]

Close to the Glass (The Notwist)

Track listing

2Close to the Glass
4Into Another Tune
6From One Wrong Place to the Next
8The Fifth Quarter of the Globe
9Run Run Run
10Steppin' In
12They Follow Me

The Notwist albums

1Close to the Glass[ 2014 ]
2Neon Golden[ 2002 ]
3Nook[ 1992 ]
4Shrink[ 1998 ]
5The Devil, You + Me[ 2008 ]
1Close to the Glass (The Notwist)
2Neon Golden (The Notwist)
3Nook (The Notwist)
4Shrink (The Notwist)
5The Devil, You + Me (The Notwist)

The Notwist songs

10-4 [from the "Shrink"]02:19
27-Hour-Drive [from the "Close to the Glass"]03:57
3Alphabet [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]03:02
4Another Planet [from the "Shrink"]04:30
5Another Year Without Me [from the "Nook"]03:30
6Belle De L'ombre/Walk On [from the "Nook"]04:15
7Boneless [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]02:55
8Casino [from the "Close to the Glass"]03:14
9Chemicals [from the "Shrink"]05:15
10Close to the Glass [from the "Close to the Glass"]02:57
11Consequence [from the "Neon Golden"]05:13
12Day 7 [from the "Shrink"]05:55
13Echo [from the "Neon Golden"]02:53
14Electric Bear [from the "Shrink"]04:28
15Formiga [from the "Neon Golden"]02:20
16From One Wrong Place to the Next [from the "Close to the Glass"]02:44
17Gloomy Planets [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]04:49
18Gone Gone Gone [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]02:09
19Good Lies [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]05:23
20Gravity [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]03:55
21Hands on Us [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]04:28
22I'm A Whale [from the "Nook"]06:06
23Into Another Tune [from the "Close to the Glass"]03:56
24Kong [from the "Close to the Glass"]04:31
25Lineri [from the "Close to the Glass"]08:52
26Moron [from the "Shrink"]04:46
27N.L. [from the "Shrink"]05:36
28Neon Golden [from the "Neon Golden"]05:54
29No Encores [from the "Shrink"]04:25
30No Love [from the "Nook"]05:05
31Nook [from the "Nook"]03:33
32Off The Rail [from the "Neon Golden"]03:27
33On Planet Off [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]05:06
34One Dark Love Poem [from the "Nook"]02:50
35One Step Inside Doesn't Mean You Understand [from the "Neon Golden"]03:15
36One With the Freaks [from the "Neon Golden"]03:38
37Pick Up the Phone [from the "Neon Golden"]03:55
38Pilot [from the "Neon Golden"]04:28
39Propeller 9 [from the "Neon Golden"]04:25
40Run Run Run [from the "Close to the Glass"]05:04
41Scoop [from the "Neon Golden"]03:28
42Shrink [from the "Shrink"]04:25
43Signals [from the "Close to the Glass"]03:41
44Sleep [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]03:46
45Solitaire [from the "Neon Golden"]03:29
46Steppin' In [from the "Close to the Glass"]02:00
47The Devil, You & Me [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]03:38
48The Fifth Quarter of the Globe [from the "Close to the Glass"]00:49
49The Incredible Change of Our Alien [from the "Nook"]05:24
50The Only Thing We Own [from the "Nook"]01:51
51They Follow Me [from the "Close to the Glass"]05:41
52This Room [from the "Neon Golden"]04:45
53This Sorry Confession [from the "Nook"]02:46
54Trashing Days [from the "Neon Golden"]03:24
55Unsaid,Undone [from the "Nook"]02:50
56Welcome Back [from the "Nook"]02:47
57Where in this World [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]04:38
58Your Signs [from the "Shrink"]06:46

The Notwist

The Notwist

The Notwist are a German indie rock band formed in 1989. []


  • Indie rock,
  • Electronica,
  • Ambient,
  • Noise rock
  • Close to the Glass by The Notwist

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