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Live In Amsterdam by Candy Dulfer [2001] [album editions]

Live In Amsterdam (Candy Dulfer)

Track listing

1Bob's Jazz
2Omara's Dance
3For The Love Of You
5Lily Was Here
7Nikki's Dream
8Pick Up The Pieces
9Dance'till You Bop Revisited

Candy Dulfer albums

1Big Girl[ 1995 ]
2Candy Store[ 2007 ]
3Cookie's Fortune (Soundtrack)[ 1999 ]
4Crazy[ 2011 ]
5Dulfer Dulfer[ 2002 ]
6For the Love of You[ 1997 ]
7Funked Up & Chilled Out[ 2009 ]
8Girls Night Out[ 2001 ]
9Lily Was Here (Soundtrack)[ 1993 ]
10Live In Amsterdam[ 2001 ]
11Right in My Soul[ 2003 ]
12Sax-A-Go-Go[ 1993 ]
13Saxuality[ 1991 ]
1Big Girl (Candy Dulfer)
2Candy Store (Candy Dulfer)
3Cookie's Fortune (Soundtrack) (Candy Dulfer)
4Crazy (Candy Dulfer)
5Dulfer Dulfer (Candy Dulfer)
6For the Love of You (Candy Dulfer)
7Funked Up & Chilled Out (Candy Dulfer)
8Girls Night Out (Candy Dulfer)
9Lily Was Here (Soundtrack) (Candy Dulfer)
10Live In Amsterdam (Candy Dulfer)
11Right in My Soul (Candy Dulfer)
12Sax-A-Go-Go (Candy Dulfer)
13Saxuality (Candy Dulfer)

Candy Dulfer songs

111:58 [from the "Candy Store"]04:02
22 Funky [from the "Sax-A-Go-Go"]04:46
32 Miles [from the "Big Girl"]04:38
42025 [from the "Girls Night Out"]04:42
5A Golden Boat [from the "Cookie's Fortune (Soundtrack)"]03:58
6A Good Man [from the "Cookie's Fortune (Soundtrack)"]03:04
7All I'm Sayin' Is This [from the "Cookie's Fortune (Soundtrack)"]01:09
8Allright [from the "For the Love of You"]04:28
9Alone In The City [from the "Lily Was Here (Soundtrack)"]01:22
10Ambiente [from the "Funked Up & Chilled Out"]03:42
11Anything You Need [from the "Funked Up & Chilled Out"]04:26
12Back To Juan [from the "Candy Store"]04:27
13Be Cool [from the "Funked Up & Chilled Out"]03:16
14Big Breakdown [from the "Dulfer Dulfer"]04:01
15Big Girl [from the "Big Girl"]04:02
16Bird [from the "For the Love of You"]06:22
17Bliss 2 This [from the "Funked Up & Chilled Out"]04:19
18Bob's Jazz [from the "Live In Amsterdam"]04:57
19Bob's Jazz [from the "Sax-A-Go-Go"]04:49
20Bum Bum (Bonus Track) [from the "Candy Store"]03:51
21Bumrush [from the "Dulfer Dulfer"]03:55
22Calling Next Door [from the "Crazy"]00:35
23Camilla's Prayer [from the "Cookie's Fortune (Soundtrack)"]04:11
24Candy [from the "Candy Store"]04:11
25Capone [from the "Big Girl"]04:46
26CD 101.9 [from the "Funked Up & Chilled Out"]03:27
27Chains [from the "Big Girl"]05:05
28Compared To What [from the "Sax-A-Go-Go"]05:55
29Complic8ed Lives [from the "Crazy"]03:30
30Cookie [from the "Cookie's Fortune (Soundtrack)"]05:00
31Cookie (Bonus Track) [from the "Girls Night Out"]05:01
32Cool Criminal [from the "Dulfer Dulfer"]03:22
33Crazy [from the "Crazy"]04:07
34Cruise Control [from the "Funked Up & Chilled Out"]04:23
35Dance 'till you bop [from the "Girls Night Out"]05:07
36Dance'till You Bop Revisited [from the "Live In Amsterdam"]05:08
37December [from the "Right in My Soul"]04:33
38Donja [from the "Saxuality"]05:16
39Don't Go [from the "Funked Up & Chilled Out"]03:16
40Electric Blue [from the "Crazy"]04:14
41Emma [from the "Cookie's Fortune (Soundtrack)"]01:13
42Everyday People [from the "Right in My Soul"]05:36
43Everytime [from the "Candy Store"]04:32
44Finger Poppin' [from the "Funked Up & Chilled Out"]04:21
45Finsbury Park, Cafe 67 [from the "Right in My Soul"]04:42
46First in Line [from the "Funked Up & Chilled Out"]04:03
47Flame [from the "Crazy"]04:21
48For The Love Of You [from the "Live In Amsterdam"]08:31
49For The Love Of You [from the "For the Love of You"]04:59
50For The Love Of You (Bonus Track) [from the "For the Love of You"]04:11
51Freak Out [from the "Right in My Soul"]04:43
52Fred's Joint [from the "Girls Night Out"]04:23
53Funkyness [from the "Big Girl"]05:13
54Get Funky [from the "Big Girl"]04:46
55Get The Funk [from the "Saxuality"]04:13
56Girls Night Out [from the "Girls Night Out"]03:23
57Girls Should Stick Together [from the "For the Love of You"]05:05
58Gititon [from the "For the Love of You"]04:32
59Give Me Some More [from the "For the Love of You"]03:52
60Good Music [from the "Crazy"]04:03

Candy Dulfer

Candy Dulfer

Candy Dulfer (born 19 September 1969) is a popular Dutch smooth jazz alto saxophonist.


  • Smooth jazz,
  • Funk,
  • Nu jazz
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