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Holy Land by Angra [2006] [album editions]

Holy Land (Angra)

Track listing

2Nothing To Say
3Silence And Distance
4Carolina IV
5Holy Land
6The Shaman
7Make Believe
9Deep Blue
10Lullaby for Lucifer

Angra albums

1Angels Cry[ 2006 ]
2Aurora Consurgens[ 2006 ]
3Fireworks[ 2006 ]
4Freedom Call[ 1996 ]
5Holy Land[ 2006 ]
6Hunters And Prey[ 2003 ]
7Rebirth[ 2001 ]
8Temple of Shadows[ 2005 ]
1Angels Cry (Angra)
2Aurora Consurgens (Angra)
3Fireworks (Angra)
4Freedom Call (Angra)
5Holy Land (Angra)
6Hunters And Prey (Angra)
7Rebirth (Angra)
8Temple of Shadows (Angra)

Angra songs

1Abandoned Fate [from the "Aurora Consurgens"]03:09
2Acid Rain [from the "Rebirth"]06:07
3Angels and Demons [from the "Temple of Shadows"]04:11
4Angels Cry [from the "Angels Cry"]06:49
5Angels Cry [from the "Freedom Call"]09:51
6Bleeding Heart [from the "Hunters And Prey"]04:04
7Breaking Ties [from the "Aurora Consurgens"]03:29
8Caca E Cacador [Hunters and Prey Portuguese Version] [from the "Hunters And Prey"]06:28
9Carolina IV [from the "Holy Land"]10:36
10Carry On [from the "Angels Cry"]05:03
11Chega de Saudade [from the "Freedom Call"]02:56
12Crossing [from the "Holy Land"]01:56
13Deep Blue [from the "Holy Land"]05:47
14Deep Blue [from the "Freedom Call"]04:01
15Deus Le Volt! [from the "Temple of Shadows"]00:52
16Ego Painted Grey [from the "Aurora Consurgens"]05:38
17Evil Warning [from the "Angels Cry"]06:41
18Extreme Dream [from the "Fireworks"]04:16
19Eyes of Christ [from the "Hunters And Prey"]04:16
20Fireworks [from the "Fireworks"]06:20
21Freedom Call [from the "Freedom Call"]05:08
22Gentle Change [from the "Fireworks"]05:35
23Heroes of Sand [from the "Rebirth"]04:39
24Heroes of Sand [Acoustic Version] [from the "Hunters And Prey"]03:50
25Holy Land [from the "Holy Land"]06:26
26Hunters and Prey [from the "Hunters And Prey"]06:29
27In Excelsis [from the "Rebirth"]01:03
28Judgement Day [from the "Rebirth"]05:40
29Last Child: [I] the Parting Words [II] Renaissance [from the "Angels Cry"]07:36
30Late Redemption [from the "Temple of Shadows"]04:55
31Lisbon [from the "Fireworks"]05:13
32Live and Learn [from the "Hunters And Prey"]04:12
33Lullaby for Lucifer [from the "Holy Land"]02:43
34Make Believe [from the "Holy Land"]05:53
35Mama [from the "Hunters And Prey"]05:20
36Metal Icarus [from the "Fireworks"]06:23
37Millennium Sun [from the "Rebirth"]05:11
38Morning Star [from the "Temple of Shadows"]07:39
39Mystery Machine [from the "Fireworks"]04:11
40Never Understand [from the "Angels Cry"]07:49
41Never Understand [from the "Freedom Call"]06:24
42No Pain For The Dead [from the "Temple of Shadows"] 
43Nothing To Say [from the "Holy Land"]06:22
44Nova Era [from the "Rebirth"]04:52
45Out of This World [from the "Aurora Consurgens"]04:35
46Painkiller [from the "Freedom Call"]06:05
47Paradise [from the "Fireworks"]07:38
48Passing By [from the "Aurora Consurgens"]06:32
49Petrified Eyes [from the "Fireworks"]06:05
50Queen of the Night [from the "Freedom Call"]04:41
51Reaching Horizons [from the "Freedom Call"]05:10
52Rebirth [from the "Hunters And Prey"]03:35
53Rebirth [from the "Rebirth"]05:17
54Running Alone [from the "Rebirth"]07:14
55Salvation: Suicide [from the "Aurora Consurgens"]04:21
56Scream Your Heart Out [from the "Aurora Consurgens"]04:25
57Silence And Distance [from the "Holy Land"]05:35
58So Near So Far [from the "Aurora Consurgens"]07:09
59Speed [from the "Fireworks"]05:57
60Spread Your Fire [from the "Temple of Shadows"]04:25



Angra is a Brazilian metal band known for its symphonic interludes, highly technical instrumental playing and Brazilian regional elements. []


  • Power metal,
  • Progressive metal,
  • Heavy metal,
  • Neoclassical metal,
  • Folk metal
  • Carolina IV by Angra

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