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You 'n' Me by Al Cohn [2002] [album editions]

You 'n' Me (Al Cohn)

Track listing

1The Note
2You' Be So Nice To Come To
3You 'N' Me
4On The Alamo
5The Opener
6Angel Eyes
7Awful Lonely
8Love For Sale
9Improvisation For Unaccompanied Saxaphone

Al Cohn albums

1Nonpareil[ 1993 ]
2Standards of Excellence[ 1990 ]
3You 'n' Me[ 2002 ]
4Zoot Sims Quintet - Al & Zoot[ 1998 ]
1Nonpareil (Al Cohn)
2Standards of Excellence (Al Cohn)
3You 'n' Me (Al Cohn)
4Zoot Sims Quintet - Al & Zoot (Al Cohn)

Al Cohn songs

1Angel Eyes [from the "You 'n' Me"]03:18
2Awful Lonely [from the "You 'n' Me"]04:19
3Blue Hodge [from the "Nonpareil"]05:53
4Brandy And Beer [from the "Zoot Sims Quintet - Al & Zoot"]03:49
5Chasing The Blues [from the "Zoot Sims Quintet - Al & Zoot"]06:09
6El Cajon [from the "Nonpareil"]04:33
7Embraceable You [from the "Standards of Excellence"]04:51
8Expense Account [from the "Nonpareil"] 
9Halley's Comet [from the "Zoot Sims Quintet - Al & Zoot"]04:09
10I Remember You [from the "Standards of Excellence"]05:43
11I Want To Be Happy [from the "Standards of Excellence"]04:14
12Improvisation For Unaccompanied Saxaphone [from the "You 'n' Me"]02:24
13It's a Wonderful World [from the "Zoot Sims Quintet - Al & Zoot"]06:29
14Just You, Just Me [from the "Zoot Sims Quintet - Al & Zoot"]05:27
15Love For Sale [from the "You 'n' Me"]04:59
16Mr. George [from the "Nonpareil"]04:24
17O Grande Amor [from the "Standards of Excellence"]04:22
18On The Alamo [from the "You 'n' Me"]04:37
19Raincheck [from the "Nonpareil"]04:00
20Russin Lullaby [from the "Standards of Excellence"]05:08
21Take Four [from the "Nonpareil"]04:28
22The Girl From Ipanema [from the "Nonpareil"]04:11
23The Note [from the "You 'n' Me"]04:12
24The Opener [from the "You 'n' Me"]03:45
25The Wailing Boat [from the "Zoot Sims Quintet - Al & Zoot"]06:14
26This Is New [from the "Nonpareil"]04:37
27Two Funky People [from the "Zoot Sims Quintet - Al & Zoot"]04:29
28Unless It's You [from the "Nonpareil"]04:45
29When Day Is Done [from the "Standards of Excellence"]06:03
30When Your Lover Has Gone [from the "Standards of Excellence"]04:31
31You' Be So Nice To Come To [from the "You 'n' Me"]04:52
32You 'N' Me [from the "You 'n' Me"]04:41
33You Say You Care [from the "Standards of Excellence"]06:10
34You're A Lucky Guy [from the "Zoot Sims Quintet - Al & Zoot"]03:38

Al Cohn

Al Cohn

Al Cohn was an American jazz saxophonist, arranger and composer.


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