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Principles of Pain by Elegy [1996] [album editions]

Principles of Pain (Elegy)

Track listing

1Under My Skin
2The Inner Room
3No Code No Honour
4Walking Nightmare
5Pilgrims Parade
6Principles Of Pain
7Creatures of Habit
8Silence In The Wind
10Missing Persons
11A Child Breath
12Silence in the Wind (Acoustic Version)

Elegy albums

1Forbidden Fruit[ 2000 ]
2Manifestation Of Fear[ 1998 ]
3Principles of Pain[ 1996 ]
4State of Mind[ 1997 ]
1Forbidden Fruit (Elegy)
2Manifestation Of Fear (Elegy)
3Principles of Pain (Elegy)
4State of Mind (Elegy)

Elegy songs

1A Child Breath [from the "Principles of Pain"]06:33
2Aladdins Cave [from the "State of Mind"]05:39
3Angel Without Wings [from the "Manifestation Of Fear"]04:47
4Behind The Tears [from the "Forbidden Fruit"]05:23
5Beyond [from the "State of Mind"]05:05
6Creatures of Habit [from the "Principles of Pain"]04:36
7Destiny Calling [from the "State of Mind"]06:32
8Elegant Solution [from the "Forbidden Fruit"]04:28
9Equinox [from the "State of Mind"]01:39
10Forbidden Fruit [from the "Forbidden Fruit"]07:16
11Force Majeure [from the "Forbidden Fruit"]04:44
12Frenzy [from the "Manifestation Of Fear"]04:36
13Hypothesis [from the "Principles of Pain"]05:00
14I Believe [from the "Forbidden Fruit"]04:51
15Icehouse [from the "Forbidden Fruit"]05:11
16Killing Time [from the "Forbidden Fruit"]02:52
17Losers Game [from the "State of Mind"]03:57
18Manifestation Of Fear [from the "Manifestation Of Fear"]05:42
19Masquerade [from the "Forbidden Fruit"]05:01
20Master Of Deception [from the "Manifestation Of Fear"]05:28
21Metamorphosis [from the "Manifestation Of Fear"]06:23
22Missing Persons [from the "Principles of Pain"]03:44
23No Code No Honour [from the "Principles of Pain"]04:38
24Pilgrims Parade [from the "Principles of Pain"]04:14
25Principles Of Pain [from the "Principles of Pain"]05:16
26Redemption [from the "Manifestation Of Fear"]02:11
27Resurrection [from the "State of Mind"]01:03
28Savage Grace [from the "Manifestation Of Fear"]05:01
29Shadow Dancer [from the "State of Mind"]04:13
30Silence In The Wind [from the "Principles of Pain"]04:56
31Silence in the Wind (Acoustic Version) [from the "Principles of Pain"]04:56
32Solitary Day [from the "Manifestation Of Fear"]04:46
33State Of Mind [from the "State of Mind"]03:33
34Supression [from the "State of Mind"]05:04
35The Forgotten [from the "Manifestation Of Fear"]03:40
36The Great Charade [from the "Forbidden Fruit"]04:44
37The Inner Room [from the "Principles of Pain"]03:58
38'Til Eternity [from the "Forbidden Fruit"]07:44
39Trust [from the "State of Mind"]04:01
40Under My Skin [from the "Principles of Pain"]04:35
41Unorthodox Methods [from the "Manifestation Of Fear"]05:18
42Victim Of Circumstance [from the "Manifestation Of Fear"]05:32
43Visual Vortex [from the "State of Mind"]04:45
44Walking Nightmare [from the "Principles of Pain"]05:27



Elegy are a Dutch power metal band, founded in 1986.


  • Power metal,
  • Progressive metal
  • Creatures of Habit by Elegy

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