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Magic by Demis Roussos [2002] [album editions]

Magic (Demis Roussos)

Track listing

1Mourir Aupres Mon Amour
2Time And Tide
3Maybe Forever
4My Face in the Rain
5I Did You
7Let It Happen
8When Forever Has Gone
10Sister Emeline
11Before The Storm
12Promise [*]
13Kyrila [*]
14Reasons Unknown (When You're Gone) [*]
15Song for You [*]
16Bambina [*]
17Mexican Market Girl [*]
18All Is Vanity [*]
19Hot Summernight

Demis Roussos albums

1Ainsi Soit-Il[ 1977 ]
2Attitudes[ 1982 ]
3Ballads[ 1989 ]
4Demis[ 1982 ]
5Demis Roussos[ 1994 ]
6Die Grosse Erfolge[ 1986 ]
7Favourite Rarities[ 1990 ]
8Forever and Ever[ 2002 ]
9Greater Love[ 2002 ]
10Happy To Be[ 2002 ]
11Magic[ 2002 ]
12Man Of The World[ 1980 ]
13My Only Fascination[ 1974 ]
14On The Greek Side Of My Mind[ 2002 ]
15Reflection[ 1984 ]
16Souvenirs[ 2002 ]
17The Greek[ 1999 ]
1Ainsi Soit-Il (Demis Roussos)
2Attitudes (Demis Roussos)
3Ballads (Demis Roussos)
4Demis (Demis Roussos)
5Demis Roussos (Demis Roussos)
6Die Grosse Erfolge (Demis Roussos)
7Favourite Rarities (Demis Roussos)
8Forever and Ever (Demis Roussos)
9Greater Love (Demis Roussos)
10Happy To Be (Demis Roussos)
11Magic (Demis Roussos)
12Man Of The World (Demis Roussos)
13My Only Fascination (Demis Roussos)
14On The Greek Side Of My Mind (Demis Roussos)
15Reflection (Demis Roussos)
16Souvenirs (Demis Roussos)
17The Greek (Demis Roussos)

Demis Roussos songs

121Mexican Market Girl [*] [from the "Magic"] 
122Midnight Is The Time I Need You [from the "Souvenirs"]02:58
123Miss You Nights [from the "Man Of The World"] 
124Mountains Beyond [from the "On The Greek Side Of My Mind"]04:14
125Mourir Apres De Mon Amour Because [from the "Ainsi Soit-Il"]04:15
126Mourir Aupres Mon Amour [from the "Magic"]04:11
127My Blue Ship's A-Sailin' [from the "On The Greek Side Of My Mind"]03:47
128My Emotion [from the "Ainsi Soit-Il"]03:49
129My Face in the Rain [from the "Magic"] 
130My Friend The Wind [from the "Forever and Ever"] 
131My Only Fascination [from the "Demis Roussos"] 
132My Only Fascination [from the "My Only Fascination"]03:43
133My Reason [from the "Demis Roussos"] 
134My Reason [from the "Ballads"]05:02
135My Reason [from the "Forever and Ever"]03:58
136My Song Of Love [from the "The Greek"]04:21
137Names [from the "Souvenirs"]04:17
138Nature Boy [from the "Favourite Rarities"] 
139Need To Forget [from the "Demis"]03:45
140Never Say Goodbye Again [*] [from the "Happy To Be"] 
141No Love Today [*] [from the "Man Of The World"] 
142O My Friends You've Been Untrue To Me [from the "On The Greek Side Of My Mind"]04:45
143On Ecrit Sur Les Murs [from the "The Greek"]03:37
144On the Greek Side of My Mind [from the "On The Greek Side Of My Mind"]03:48
145Perdoname [from the "Souvenirs"]02:58
146Petite Fille [from the "The Greek"] 
147Planet Earth Is Is Blue [from the "Attitudes"] 
148Pretender [from the "Attitudes"]05:00
149Prier [from the "The Greek"]04:15
150Promise [*] [from the "Magic"] 
151Quand Je T'aime [from the "The Greek"]03:48
152Quantanamera [from the "Greater Love"]03:44
153Qui Plus Que Moi [from the "The Greek"]04:04
154Race To The End [from the "Demis"] 
155Rain And Tears [from the "Ballads"] 
156Rain And Tears [from the "Favourite Rarities"] 
157Reasons Unknown (When You're Gone) [*] [from the "Magic"] 
158Rebecca [from the "Forever and Ever"]03:28
159Red Sails In the Sunset [from the "Reflection"]05:17
160Red Sails In the Sunset [from the "Attitudes"] 
161Reverie [from the "Demis Roussos"] 
162Reverie [from the "My Only Fascination"]03:43
163Romance [*] [from the "Happy To Be"] 
164San Pedros Children [from the "Man Of The World"]04:09
165Sarah [from the "Ainsi Soit-Il"]03:38
166Say You Love Me [from the "My Only Fascination"]02:53
167Schones Madchen Aus Arcadia [from the "Die Grosse Erfolge"]03:26
168Secret In Her Eyes [from the "Souvenirs"] 
169Shadows [from the "Demis Roussos"] 
170Shadows [from the "My Only Fascination"]03:41
171She Came Up From The North [from the "On The Greek Side Of My Mind"]03:28
172Sing an Ode to Love [from the "Souvenirs"]04:10
173Sing Da De Di [from the "Favourite Rarities"] 
174Sister Emeline [from the "Magic"]03:01
175Smile [from the "Demis Roussos"] 
176Smile [from the "My Only Fascination"]03:18
177Smiling Eyes [from the "Favourite Rarities"] 
178Smoke Gets In Your Eyes [from the "Attitudes"] 
179Smoke Gets In Your Eyes [from the "Reflection"] 
180So Dreamy [from the "Happy To Be"]03:04

Demis Roussos

Demis Roussos

Artemios (Demis) Ventouris Roussos (born July 15, 1946) is a Greek-Egyptian singer. []


  • Pop,
  • World music,
  • Pop-Folk,
  • Progressive rock
  • Mourir Aupres Mon Amour by Demis Roussos

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