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Man Of The World by Demis Roussos [1980] [album editions]

Man Of The World (Demis Roussos)

Track listing

1Man Of The World / Shlacham Dance
2Lost In Love
3Miss You Nights
4Little Girl
5I Need You
6I'd Give My Life
8How Glad I Am You Came
9San Pedros Children
10The Wedding Song
11Love It Away
12We're Over
13No Love Today [*]
14Highway Home [*]
15Love Is the Answer [*]
16Had to Run [*]
17Winter in America [*]

Demis Roussos albums

1Ainsi Soit-Il[ 1977 ]
2Attitudes[ 1982 ]
3Ballads[ 1989 ]
4Demis[ 1982 ]
5Demis Roussos[ 1994 ]
6Die Grosse Erfolge[ 1986 ]
7Favourite Rarities[ 1990 ]
8Forever and Ever[ 2002 ]
9Greater Love[ 2002 ]
10Happy To Be[ 2002 ]
11Magic[ 2002 ]
12Man Of The World[ 1980 ]
13My Only Fascination[ 1974 ]
14On The Greek Side Of My Mind[ 2002 ]
15Reflection[ 1984 ]
16Souvenirs[ 2002 ]
17The Greek[ 1999 ]
1Ainsi Soit-Il (Demis Roussos)
2Attitudes (Demis Roussos)
3Ballads (Demis Roussos)
4Demis (Demis Roussos)
5Demis Roussos (Demis Roussos)
6Die Grosse Erfolge (Demis Roussos)
7Favourite Rarities (Demis Roussos)
8Forever and Ever (Demis Roussos)
9Greater Love (Demis Roussos)
10Happy To Be (Demis Roussos)
11Magic (Demis Roussos)
12Man Of The World (Demis Roussos)
13My Only Fascination (Demis Roussos)
14On The Greek Side Of My Mind (Demis Roussos)
15Reflection (Demis Roussos)
16Souvenirs (Demis Roussos)
17The Greek (Demis Roussos)

Demis Roussos songs

61I Almost Lost My Mind [from the "Reflection"]08:44
62I Almost Lost My Mind [from the "Attitudes"] 
63I Did You [from the "Magic"]04:02
64I Found You [from the "Ballads"] 
65I Hear You Know [from the "Ballads"] 
66I Know I'll Do It Again [from the "On The Greek Side Of My Mind"]02:49
67I Like The World [from the "Souvenirs"] 
68I Miss You [from the "Favourite Rarities"]03:20
69I Miss You [from the "Greater Love"]02:48
70I Need You [from the "Man Of The World"]03:21
71I Want To Live [from the "Ballads"] 
72Ich Bin Frei [from the "Die Grosse Erfolge"] 
73Ich Hab' Das Gluck Gesehn [from the "Die Grosse Erfolge"]03:48
74I'd Give My Life [from the "Man Of The World"]03:00
75If You Remember Me [from the "Ballads"] 
76I'll Be Your Friend [from the "Souvenirs"] 
77I'll Find My Way Home [from the "Ballads"] 
78In Love [from the "Greater Love"]03:42
79Island of Love [from the "Greater Love"]03:43
80It's Five O'Clock [from the "Ballads"] 
81Jay [from the "Attitudes"] 
82Kyrila [from the "Die Grosse Erfolge"]03:38
83Kyrila [*] [from the "Magic"] 
84Lament [from the "Demis"]03:09
85Land That Time Had Forgotten [from the "Attitudes"] 
86Lay It Down [from the "Forever and Ever"]03:42
87Le Destin [from the "Ainsi Soit-Il"]02:58
88Le Grec [from the "The Greek"]03:59
89Leikasten Auf Dem Boulevard [from the "Die Grosse Erfolge"]02:59
90Les Nuits D'emilyne [from the "Ainsi Soit-Il"]03:04
91Let It Be Me [from the "Demis Roussos"] 
92Let It Be Me [from the "Favourite Rarities"]03:25
93Let It Be Me [from the "Ballads"]03:34
94Let It Be Me [from the "My Only Fascination"]03:32
95Let It Happen [from the "Magic"] 
96Little Girl [from the "Man Of The World"]02:48
97Lord of the Flies [from the "Demis Roussos"] 
98Lord Of The Flies [from the "On The Greek Side Of My Mind"]04:19
99Lost in a Dream [from the "Demis Roussos"] 
100Lost in a Dream [from the "Forever and Ever"]04:10
101Lost In Love [from the "Man Of The World"]03:28
102Love Is the Answer [*] [from the "Man Of The World"] 
103Love It Away [from the "Man Of The World"] 
104Love Me Tender [from the "Reflection"]04:13
105Love Me Tender [from the "Attitudes"] 
106Lovely Lady of Arcadia [from the "My Only Fascination"]03:25
107Lovely Love de Paris [from the "Happy To Be"]03:06
108Lovely Sunny Days [from the "Forever and Ever"] 
109Lover's Dance [*] [from the "Happy To Be"] 
110Mama Tembu's Wedding [*] [from the "Happy To Be"] 
111Man Of The World / Shlacham Dance [from the "Man Of The World"]04:25
112Mara [from the "Souvenirs"] 
113Margarita [from the "Magic"] 
114Margarita [from the "Ainsi Soit-Il"] 
115Marie Jolie [from the "Reflection"]05:15
116Marie Jolie [from the "Ballads"] 
117Marlene [from the "My Only Fascination"]03:03
118Marlene [from the "Demis Roussos"] 
119Mary Was An Only Child [from the "Happy To Be"]03:44
120Maybe Forever [from the "Magic"]03:01

Demis Roussos

Demis Roussos

Artemios (Demis) Ventouris Roussos (born July 15, 1946) is a Greek-Egyptian singer. []


  • Pop,
  • World music,
  • Pop-Folk,
  • Progressive rock
  • Lost In Love by Demis Roussos

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