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Shrinking Violet by L.A. Guns [1999] [album editions]

Shrinking Violet (L.A. Guns)

Track listing

1Girl You Turn Me On
2Shrinking Violet
4Barbed Wire
5I'll Be There
9Big Lil' Thing
10It's Hard
11Bad Whiskey
12How Many More Times

L.A. Guns albums

1American Hardcore[ 1996 ]
2Cocked & Loaded[ 1989 ]
3Hollywood Vampires[ 1991 ]
4Man In The Moon[ 2001 ]
5Shrinking Violet[ 1999 ]
6Tales From The Strip[ 2005 ]
7Vicious Circle[ 1994 ]
1American Hardcore (L.A. Guns)
2Cocked & Loaded (L.A. Guns)
3Hollywood Vampires (L.A. Guns)
4Man In The Moon (L.A. Guns)
5Shrinking Violet (L.A. Guns)
6Tales From The Strip (L.A. Guns)
7Vicious Circle (L.A. Guns)

L.A. Guns songs

1(Can't Give You) Anything Better Than Love [from the "Tales From The Strip"]04:45
217 Crash [from the "Cocked & Loaded"]03:40
36.9 Earthshaker [from the "Tales From The Strip"]04:09
4Amanecer [from the "Tales From The Strip"]03:15
5Bad Whiskey [from the "Shrinking Violet"]05:02
6Barbed Wire [from the "Shrinking Violet"]05:47
7Beatiful [from the "Man In The Moon"]04:18
8Big House [from the "Hollywood Vampires"]04:13
9Big Lil' Thing [from the "Shrinking Violet"]03:01
10California [from the "Shrinking Violet"]03:29
11Chasing The Dragon [from the "Vicious Circle"]04:50
12Cherries [from the "Shrinking Violet"]03:52
13Crazy Motorcycle [from the "Tales From The Strip"]04:21
14Crystal Eyes [from the "Hollywood Vampires"]05:53
15Crystal Eyes [from the "Vicious Circle"]05:53
16Decide [from the "Shrinking Violet"]05:42
17Dirty Luv [from the "Hollywood Vampires"]04:30
18Don't Call Me Crazy [from the "Man In The Moon"]06:42
19Don't Pray [from the "American Hardcore"]04:07
20Dreamtime [from the "Shrinking Violet"]04:49
21Electric Neon Sunset [from the "Tales From The Strip"]04:43
22F.N.A. [from the "American Hardcore"]00:21
23Face Down [from the "Vicious Circle"]04:09
24Fade Away [from the "Vicious Circle"]04:11
25Fast Talkin' Dream Dealer [from the "Man In The Moon"]04:03
26Girl You Turn Me On [from the "Shrinking Violet"]04:46
27Give [from the "American Hardcore"]03:16
28Give A Little [from the "Cocked & Loaded"]03:32
29Good Thing [from the "Man In The Moon"]03:27
30Gypsy Soul [from the "Tales From The Strip"]03:06
31Here It Comes [from the "Hollywood Vampires"]04:39
32Hey World [from the "American Hardcore"]05:01
33Hollywood's Burning [from the "Tales From The Strip"]03:46
34How Many More Times [from the "Shrinking Violet"]08:49
35Hugs And Needles [from the "American Hardcore"]03:08
36Hypnotized [from the "Man In The Moon"]03:25
37I Am Alive [from the "American Hardcore"]18:50
38I Found You [from the "Hollywood Vampires"]03:43
39I Wanna Be Your Man [from the "Cocked & Loaded"]03:37
40I'd Love To Change The World [from the "Vicious Circle"]03:39
41I'll Be There [from the "Shrinking Violet"]03:58
42I'm Addicted [from the "Cocked & Loaded"]01:58
43I'm The One [from the "Vicious Circle"]02:27
44It Don't Mean Nothing [from the "Tales From The Strip"]05:09
45It's Hard [from the "Shrinking Violet"]04:46
46It's Over Now [from the "Hollywood Vampires"]04:11
47Kevorkian [from the "American Hardcore"]04:46
48Kill That Girl [from the "Vicious Circle"]03:13
49Killing Machine [from the "Vicious Circle"]03:26
50Kiss My Love Goodbye [from the "Hollywood Vampires"]04:42
51Kiss Of Death [from the "Vicious Circle"]05:54
52Letting Go [from the "Cocked & Loaded"]01:03
53Long Time Dead [from the "Vicious Circle"]03:21
54Magdalaine [from the "Cocked & Loaded"]06:08
55Malaria [from the "Cocked & Loaded"]05:26
56Man In The Moon [from the "Man In The Moon"]04:42
57Mine [from the "American Hardcore"]03:35
58My Koo Ka Choo [from the "Hollywood Vampires"]04:07
59Never Enough [from the "Cocked & Loaded"]04:15
60Next Generation [from the "American Hardcore"]02:33

L.A. Guns

L.A. Guns

L.A. Guns is a name used by two American glam metal bands whose music is frequently associated with the L.A. glam metal scene which grew up around the Sunset Strip in the 1980s, in particular the sleaze rock subgenre.


  • Hard rock,
  • Glam metal
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