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Who Dares Wins by Bolt Thrower [1999] [album editions]

Who Dares Wins (Bolt Thrower)

Track listing

2Destructive Infinity
3Prophet Of Hatred
4Realm Of Chaos (Live)
5Spearhead (Extended Remix)
6Crown Of Life
7Dying Creed
9World Eater '94

Bolt Thrower albums

1... For Victory[ 1995 ]
2Cenotaph[ 1991 ]
3In Batle There Is No Law[ 1988 ]
4IVth Crusade[ 1992 ]
5Mercenary[ 1998 ]
6Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness[ 1995 ]
7Spearhead[ 1993 ]
8The Peel Sessions[ 1991 ]
9Warmaster[ 1991 ]
10Who Dares Wins[ 1999 ]
1... For Victory (Bolt Thrower)
2Cenotaph (Bolt Thrower)
3In Batle There Is No Law (Bolt Thrower)
4IVth Crusade (Bolt Thrower)
5Mercenary (Bolt Thrower)
6Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness (Bolt Thrower)
7Spearhead (Bolt Thrower)
8The Peel Sessions (Bolt Thrower)
9Warmaster (Bolt Thrower)
10Who Dares Wins (Bolt Thrower)

Bolt Thrower songs

1After Life [from the "The Peel Sessions"]04:34
2Afterlife [from the "Warmaster"]05:59
3All That Remains [from the "Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness"]04:38
4Armageddon Bound [from the "... For Victory"]05:12
5As The World Burns [from the "IVth Crusade"]05:24
6Attack In The Aftermath [from the "The Peel Sessions"]03:30
7Attack In The Aftermath [from the "In Batle There Is No Law"]03:11
8Behind Enemy Lines [from the "Mercenary"]05:17
9Blind To Defeat [from the "In Batle There Is No Law"]02:20
10Celestial Sanctuary [from the "IVth Crusade"]04:37
11Cenotaph [from the "Who Dares Wins"]04:04
12Cenotaph [from the "Cenotaph"]04:04
13Cenotaph [from the "Warmaster"]04:03
14Challenge For Power [from the "In Batle There Is No Law"] 
15Concession Of Pain [from the "In Batle There Is No Law"] 
16Crown Of Life [from the "Who Dares Wins"]05:29
17Crown Of Life [from the "Spearhead"]05:28
18Crown Of Life [from the "IVth Crusade"]05:28
19Dark Millennium [from the "Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness"]02:58
20Denial Of Destiny [from the "In Batle There Is No Law"]02:30
21Destructive Infinity [from the "Who Dares Wins"]04:13
22Destructive Infinity [from the "Cenotaph"]04:13
23Destructive Infinity [from the "The Peel Sessions"]04:16
24Destructive Infinity [from the "Warmaster"]04:13
25Domination [from the "The Peel Sessions"]02:43
26Drowned In Torment [from the "The Peel Sessions"]03:09
27Drowned In Torment [from the "Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness"]03:04
28Dying Creed [from the "Who Dares Wins"]04:17
29Dying Creed [from the "Spearhead"]04:16
30Dying Creed [from the "IVth Crusade"]04:17
31Embers [from the "IVth Crusade"]05:17
32Eternal War [from the "The Peel Sessions"]02:29
33Eternal War [from the "Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness"]02:07
34Final Revelation [from the "Warmaster"]03:55
35For Victory [from the "... For Victory"]04:49
36Forever Fallen [from the "... For Victory"]03:46
37Forgotten Existence [from the "The Peel Sessions"]03:59
38Forgotten Existence [from the "In Batle There Is No Law"]03:44
39Graven Image [from the "... For Victory"]03:59
40Icon [from the "IVth Crusade"]04:10
41In Battle There Is No Law [from the "The Peel Sessions"]04:13
42In Battle There Is No Law [from the "In Batle There Is No Law"]05:01
43Intro [from the "Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness"]01:17
44Intro...Unleashed (Upon Mankind) [from the "Warmaster"]06:12
45Laid To Waste [from the "Mercenary"]04:40
46Lament [from the "Who Dares Wins"]05:36
47Lament [from the "Spearhead"]05:34
48Lament [from the "IVth Crusade"]05:34
49Lest We Forget [from the "... For Victory"]04:36
50Lost Souls Domain [from the "The Peel Sessions"]03:58
51Lost Souls Domain [from the "Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness"]04:12
52Mercenary [from the "Mercenary"]05:54
53No Guts, No Glory [from the "Mercenary"]04:07
54Nuclear Annihilation [from the "In Batle There Is No Law"]03:29
55Outro [from the "Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness"]00:59
56Overlord [from the "Who Dares Wins"]04:29
57Plague Bearer [from the "Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness"]02:54
58Powder Burns [from the "Mercenary"]04:45
59Profane Creation [from the "Warmaster"]05:31
60Prophet Of Hatred [from the "Who Dares Wins"]03:52

Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower are a British death metal band from Coventry, England. They formed in 1986. []


  • Death metal,
  • Grindcore
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