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Monument by Blank & Jones [2004] [album editions]

Monument (Blank & Jones)

Track listing

2What You Need
3City Of Angels
4Mind Of The Wonderful
5Zero Gravity
6A Forest
7Stars Shine Bright
8Perfect Silence
10Waiting For The Light
11Urban Hymn
12That 's Right

Blank & Jones albums

1Erotic Lounge[ 2003 ]
2Monument[ 2004 ]
3Nightclubbing[ 2001 ]
4Relax[ 2003 ]
5Relax Edition Four[ 2009 ]
6Substance[ 2002 ]
7The Logic Of Pleasure[ 2008 ]
8The Mix Vol.2[ 2003 ]
9The Mix Vol.3[ 2004 ]
1Erotic Lounge (Various artists)
2Monument (Blank & Jones)
3Nightclubbing (Blank & Jones)
4Relax (Blank & Jones)
5Relax Edition Four (Blank & Jones)
6Substance (Blank & Jones)
7The Logic Of Pleasure (Blank & Jones)
8The Mix Vol.2 (Blank & Jones)
9The Mix Vol.3 (Blank & Jones)

Blank & Jones songs

61Go! [from the "The Mix Vol.3"]04:04
62Golden Moon [from the "Substance"] 
63Hangin' On A String (E-Craig Rmx) [from the "The Mix Vol.3"] 
64Happy Dreamer (With Laid Back) [from the "Relax Edition Four"]04:58
65Hardcore Salsa (Headcleaner Rmx) - Robert Natus & Arkus P. [from the "The Mix Vol.3"] 
66Heart Of Wax (feat. Vanessa Daou) [from the "The Logic Of Pleasure"]06:43
67Heart Of Wax (With Vanessa Daou) [from the "Relax Edition Four"]04:50
68Heaven (Can Wait) [from the "Nightclubbing"] 
69Heaven (Can Wait) (Ambient Mix) [from the "Nightclubbing"] 
70In Silence (Txitarro Mix) [from the "The Mix Vol.3"] 
71Invocatio [from the "Nightclubbing"] 
72It 's Alright [from the "Substance"] 
73Lazy Life [from the "Relax Edition Four"]05:20
74Le Grand Bleu [from the "Nightclubbing"]04:34
75Le Grand Bleu (Abient Mix) [from the "Nightclubbing"]04:53
76Listen To My Heartbeat (With Laid Back) [from the "Relax Edition Four"]05:59
77Love Comes Quickly [from the "Relax"]05:06
78Lullaby (Les Yeux Fermes) [from the "Relax Edition Four"]06:38
79Manifesto (feat. Vanessa Daou) [from the "The Logic Of Pleasure"]05:38
80Mind Of The Wonderful [from the "Monument"] 
81Miracle Cure (feat. Bernard Sumner) [from the "The Logic Of Pleasure"]03:48
82Monument [from the "Monument"]00:47
83New Horizon [from the "The Mix Vol.3"] 
84Nightclubbing [from the "Nightclubbing"]05:29
85Nothing (Hiver & Hammer Rmx) [from the "The Mix Vol.2"] 
86Nuits Blanches [from the "Relax Edition Four"]04:08
87Of Our Times (Original Mix) [from the "The Mix Vol.2"]04:23
88On The Run (Tmt Mix) [from the "The Mix Vol.2"] 
89Out Of Our Lives - Active Sight [from the "The Mix Vol.3"] 
90Perfect Silence [from the "Monument"] 
91Perfect Silence (Martin Roth H) - Blank & Jones Feat. Bobo [from the "The Mix Vol.3"]05:09
92Pure [from the "Relax Edition Four"]06:06
93Radiance [from the "The Mix Vol.3"] 
94Relax [from the "Relax"] 
95Relax (Your Mind) (With Jason Caesar) [from the "Relax Edition Four"]06:14
96Relax Your Mind (Boutique Mix) (With Jason Ceasar) [from the "Relax Edition Four"]06:01
97Rereality (Blank & Jones Rmx) - Rmb Vs. Blank & Jones [from the "The Mix Vol.2"] 
98Return - Terry Bones Vs. Fred Baker Pres. Water Planet [from the "The Mix Vol.2"]04:06
99Rush (Original Mix) [from the "The Mix Vol.2"]03:42
100Satiago (Icone Rmx) [from the "The Mix Vol.3"] 
101Secrets & Lies [from the "Nightclubbing"]06:33
102Secrets & Lies [from the "Relax"]05:14
103Smooth [from the "Relax Edition Four"]04:23
104So Cold (feat. Trademark) [from the "The Logic Of Pleasure"]05:42
105Spectral Spike (Original Mix) [from the "The Mix Vol.2"]02:17
106Stars Shine Bright [from the "Monument"] 
107Stars Shine Bright (Sam Sharp Rmx) [from the "The Mix Vol.3"] 
108Stealing Beauty (Rapid Eye Mix) [from the "The Mix Vol.2"] 
109Substance [from the "Substance"] 
110Suburban Hell [from the "Substance"] 
111Summer Sun (Original Mix) - Blank & Jones [from the "The Mix Vol.2"]04:13
112Sunrise (Original Mix) [from the "The Mix Vol.2"] 
113Sweet Revenge [from the "Nightclubbing"] 
114Taking Over (Davy Van Eynde Dub Mix) [from the "The Mix Vol.3"] 
115That 's Right [from the "Monument"] 
116The Blue Sky (2004 Update) [from the "The Mix Vol.3"]04:57
117The Hardest Heart [from the "Relax"]04:35
118The Mix 2 Intro - Blank & Jones [from the "The Mix Vol.2"]02:19
119The Mix3 Intro [from the "The Mix Vol.3"]01:02
120The Morning After (The Thrillseekers Rmx) [from the "The Mix Vol.3"] 

Blank & Jones

Blank & Jones

Blank & Jones is a Cologne, Germany based Trance duo, consisting of the members Jan Pieter Blank (born June 15, 1971), known as Piet Blank; René Runge (born June 27, 1968), better known as DJ Jaspa Jones. []


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