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Grind Bastard by Benediction [1998] [album editions]

Grind Bastard (Benediction)

Track listing

3West Of Hell
6Electric Eye
7Grind Bastard
8Shadow World
9The Bodiless
10Carcinoma Angel
11We The Freed
14We Are The League

Benediction albums

1Dark Is The Season[ 1992 ]
2Grind Bastard[ 1998 ]
3Organised Chaos[ 2001 ]
4Subconscious Terror[ 1991 ]
5The Dreams of You Dread[ 1995 ]
6The Grand Leveller[ 1992 ]
7The Grotesque - Ashen Epitaph[ 1994 ]
8Transced the Rubicon[ 1993 ]
1Dark Is The Season (Benediction)
2Grind Bastard (Benediction)
3Organised Chaos (Benediction)
4Subconscious Terror (Benediction)
5The Dreams of You Dread (Benediction)
6The Grand Leveller (Benediction)
7The Grotesque - Ashen Epitaph (Benediction)
8Transced the Rubicon (Benediction)

Benediction songs

1Agonised [from the "Grind Bastard"]04:14
2Answer To Me [from the "The Dreams of You Dread"]04:38
3Artefacted / Spit Forth [from the "Transced the Rubicon"]06:45
4Artefacted Irreligion [from the "Subconscious Terror"]03:20
5Ashen Epitaph [from the "The Grotesque - Ashen Epitaph"]03:38
6Bleakhouse [from the "Transced the Rubicon"]03:51
7Blood From Stone [from the "Transced the Rubicon"]05:22
8Born In A Fever [from the "The Grand Leveller"]04:25
9Carcinoma Angel [from the "Grind Bastard"]03:50
10Certified...? [from the "The Dreams of You Dread"]02:30
11Charon [from the "Organised Chaos"]02:15
12Child Of Sin [from the "The Grand Leveller"]04:40
13Confess All Goodness [from the "Subconscious Terror"]03:54
14Dark Is The Season [from the "Dark Is The Season"]05:38
15Deadfall [from the "Grind Bastard"]04:40
16Denial [from the "The Dreams of You Dread"]05:29
17Destroyer [from the "Grind Bastard"]04:21
18Diary Of A Killer [from the "Organised Chaos"]03:47
19Divine Ultimatum [from the "Subconscious Terror"]04:58
20Don't Look In The Mirror [from the "Organised Chaos"]03:54
21Down On Whores (Leave Them All For Dead) [from the "The Dreams of You Dread"]05:23
22Easy Way To Die [from the "Organised Chaos"]05:11
23Electric Eye [from the "Grind Bastard"]04:20
24Eternal Eclipse [from the "Subconscious Terror"]03:41
25Experimental Stage [from the "Dark Is The Season"]03:54
26Experimental Stage [from the "Subconscious Terror"]03:40
27Face Without Soul [from the "Transced the Rubicon"]04:00
28Foetus Noose [from the "Dark Is The Season"]04:33
29Forged In Fire [from the "Dark Is The Season"]04:47
30Graveworm [from the "The Grand Leveller"]04:33
31Griefgiver [from the "The Dreams of You Dread"]04:59
32Grind Bastard [from the "Grind Bastard"]07:23
33Grizzled Finale [from the "Subconscious Terror"]04:01
34I [from the "Grind Bastard"]07:20
35I Am The Disease [from the "Organised Chaos"]06:32
36I Bow To None [from the "Transced the Rubicon"]04:12
37Intro - Portal To Your Phobias [from the "Subconscious Terror"]02:28
38Jumping At Shadows [from the "Dark Is The Season"]06:04
39Jumping At Shadows [from the "The Grand Leveller"]06:03
40Magnificat [from the "Grind Bastard"]04:51
41Negative Growth [from the "The Dreams of You Dread"]03:41
42Nervebomb [from the "Grind Bastard"]03:39
43Nightfear [from the "Transced the Rubicon"]03:07
44Nothing On The Inside [from the "Organised Chaos"]04:42
45Opulence Of The Absolute [from the "The Grand Leveller"]04:09
46Organised Chaos [from the "Organised Chaos"]05:10
47Painted Skulls [from the "Transced the Rubicon"]04:20
48Paradox Alley [from the "Transced the Rubicon"]04:34
49Path Of The Serpent [from the "The Dreams of You Dread"]03:32
50Return To The Eve [from the "The Grand Leveller"]03:51
51Saneless Theory [from the "The Dreams of You Dread"]04:12
52Senile Dementia [from the "The Grand Leveller"]02:45
53Shadow World [from the "Grind Bastard"]03:14
54Soulstream [from the "The Dreams of You Dread"]04:13
55Spit Forth The Dead [from the "Subconscious Terror"]04:44
56Stigmata [from the "Organised Chaos"]04:14
57Subconscious Terror [from the "Subconscious Terror"]03:42
58Subconscious Terror (Live) [from the "The Grotesque - Ashen Epitaph"]03:39
59Suffering Feeds Me [from the "Organised Chaos"]03:45
60Suicide Rebellion [from the "Organised Chaos"]06:14



Benediction is a British death metal band from Birmingham, England.

They were formed in February 1989. []


  • Death metal
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