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Burnin' Sky by Bad Company [1994] [album editions]

Burnin' Sky (Bad Company)

Track listing

1Burnin' Sky
2Morning Sun
3Leaving You
4Like Water
6Everything I Need
8Peace Of Mind
9Passing Time
10Too Bad
11Man Needs Woman
12Master Of Ceremony

Bad Company albums

1Bad Company[ 1994 ]
2Burnin' Sky[ 1994 ]
3Company of Strangers[ 1995 ]
4Dangerous Age[ 1990 ]
5Desolation Angels[ 1994 ]
6Fame and Fortune[ 2005 ]
7Friday Night Lights (Soundtrack)[ 2004 ]
8Here Comes Trouble[ 1992 ]
9Holy Water[ 1990 ]
10Rough Diamonds[ 1994 ]
11Run With The Pack[ 1994 ]
12Stories Told & Untold[ 1996 ]
13Straight Shooter[ 1994 ]
1Bad Company (Bad Company)
2Burnin' Sky (Bad Company)
3Company of Strangers (Bad Company)
4Dangerous Age (Bad Company)
5Desolation Angels (Bad Company)
6Fame and Fortune (Bad Company)
7Friday Night Lights (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
8Here Comes Trouble (Bad Company)
9Holy Water (Bad Company)
10Rough Diamonds (Bad Company)
11Run With The Pack (Bad Company)
12Stories Told & Untold (Bad Company)
13Straight Shooter (Bad Company)

Bad Company songs

1100 Miles [from the "Holy Water"]01:56
2Abandoned And Alone [from the "Company of Strangers"]05:36
3Anna [from the "Straight Shooter"]03:41
4Bad Company [from the "Bad Company"]04:47
5Bad Man [from the "Dangerous Age"]03:45
6Ballad Of The Band [from the "Rough Diamonds"]02:11
7Both Feet In The Water [from the "Here Comes Trouble"]04:41
8Boys Cry Tough [from the "Holy Water"]05:31
9Brokenhearted [from the "Here Comes Trouble"]04:44
10Burnin' Sky [from the "Burnin' Sky"]05:19
11Burning Up [from the "Fame and Fortune"]04:01
12Call On Me [from the "Straight Shooter"]05:59
13Can't Get Enough [from the "Bad Company"]04:14
14Can't Get Enough [from the "Stories Told & Untold"]03:40
15Clearwater Highway [from the "Company of Strangers"]03:23
16Company Of Strangers [from the "Company of Strangers"]05:11
17Crazy Circles [from the "Desolation Angels"]03:30
18Cross Country Boy [from the "Rough Diamonds"]02:58
19Dance With The Devil [from the "Company of Strangers"]03:04
20Dangerous Age [from the "Dangerous Age"]03:46
21Dead Of The Night [from the "Holy Water"]03:41
22Deal With The Preacher [from the "Straight Shooter"]05:00
23Dirty Boy [from the "Dangerous Age"]03:49
24Do Right By Your Woman [from the "Run With The Pack"]02:49
25Don't Let Me Down [from the "Bad Company"]04:17
26Down And Dirty [from the "Company of Strangers"]04:47
27Down Down Down [from the "Company of Strangers"]03:15
28Downhill Ryder [from the "Rough Diamonds"]04:10
29Downpour In Cairo [from the "Stories Told & Untold"]03:44
30Early In The Morning [from the "Desolation Angels"]05:41
31Electricland [from the "Rough Diamonds"]05:25
32Everything I Need [from the "Burnin' Sky"]03:20
33Evil Wind [from the "Desolation Angels"]04:18
34Excited [from the "Dangerous Age"]04:31
35Fade Away [from the "Run With The Pack"]02:48
36Fame And Fortune [from the "Fame and Fortune"]03:30
37Fearless [from the "Holy Water"]03:29
38Feel Like Makin' Love [from the "Straight Shooter"]05:12
39Gimme Gimme [from the "Company of Strangers"]03:31
40Gone, Gone, Gone [from the "Desolation Angels"]03:46
41Good Lovin' Gone Bad [from the "Straight Shooter"]03:34
42Heartbeat [from the "Burnin' Sky"]02:35
43Here Comes Trouble [from the "Here Comes Trouble"]04:07
44Hold on My Heart [from the "Fame and Fortune"]04:16
45Hold On To My Heart [from the "Here Comes Trouble"]04:37
46Holy Water [from the "Holy Water"]04:04
47Honey Child [from the "Run With The Pack"]03:14
48How About That [from the "Here Comes Trouble"]05:23
49I Can't Live Without You [from the "Holy Water"]03:47
50I Don't Care [from the "Holy Water"]04:27
51I Still Believe In You [from the "Stories Told & Untold"]04:34
52If I'm Sleeping [from the "Fame and Fortune"]03:23
53If You Needed Somebody [from the "Holy Water"]04:21
54Is That All There Is To Love [from the "Stories Told & Untold"]03:29
55Judas My Brother [from the "Company of Strangers"]04:43
56Kickdown [from the "Rough Diamonds"]03:34
57Knapsack [from the "Burnin' Sky"]01:20
58Lay Your Love On Me [from the "Holy Water"]04:01
59Leaving You [from the "Burnin' Sky"]03:21
60Like Water [from the "Burnin' Sky"]04:17

Bad Company

Bad Company

Bad Company are an English hard rock supergroup founded in 1973.


  • Hard rock,
  • Blues-rock
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