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Kryptos by Andreas Vollenweider [1998] [album editions]

Kryptos (Andreas Vollenweider)

Track listing

1Domus Cordis Father's Tree
2Morgana Palace
3Hermes' Wedding
4Under the Trees of Hope
6Wanja the Wanderer
8Forest Folks
9Quendel and Rhomas
10Trigon: East Of Time/Missa Obscura/South Of Time
11May Green Be The Grass...
12Circulus Finalis: Return Of The Heroes/The Heroes' Telling

Andreas Vollenweider albums

1Behind the Gardens-Behind the Wall-Under the Tree[ 1990 ]
2Book of Roses[ 1992 ]
3Caverna Magica[ 1990 ]
4Cosmopoly[ 2000 ]
5Dancing With The Lion[ 1990 ]
6Down to the Moon[ 1990 ]
7Eolian Minstrel[ 1993 ]
8Kryptos[ 1998 ]
9Live 1982-1994[ 1999 ]
10White Winds[ 1990 ]
1Behind the Gardens-Behind the Wall-Under the Tree (Andreas Vollenweider)
2Book of Roses (Andreas Vollenweider)
3Caverna Magica (Andreas Vollenweider)
4Cosmopoly (Andreas Vollenweider)
5Dancing With The Lion (Andreas Vollenweider)
6Down to the Moon (Andreas Vollenweider)
7Eolian Minstrel (Andreas Vollenweider)
8Kryptos (Andreas Vollenweider)
9Live 1982-1994 (Andreas Vollenweider)
10White Winds (Andreas Vollenweider)

Andreas Vollenweider songs

1Across The Iron River (The Return) [from the "Eolian Minstrel"]02:43
2Afternoon [from the "Behind the Gardens-Behind the Wall-Under the Tree"]00:46
3Ancient Pulse [from the "Cosmopoly"]04:01
4And The Long Shadows [from the "Live 1982-1994"]03:04
5And the Long Shadows [from the "Dancing With The Lion"]03:40
6Angoh! [from the "Live 1982-1994"]05:01
7Angoh! [from the "Caverna Magica"]02:42
8Arion [Harp Solo Improvisation] [from the "Live 1982-1994"]04:35
9Ascent From the Circle [from the "Dancing With The Lion"]03:57
10At the Forest Fountain [from the "Cosmopoly"]06:08
11Behind the Gardens-Behind the Wall-Under the Tree [from the "Behind the Gardens-Behind the Wall-Under the Tree"]07:19
12Belladonna [from the "Caverna Magica"]05:22
13Bhambororo! [from the "Kryptos"]01:43
14Book Of Roses [from the "Live 1982-1994"]03:15
15Book of Roses [from the "Book of Roses"]03:31
16Bright Moon, Still Shining ... [from the "Cosmopoly"]01:06
17Brothership [from the "White Winds"]03:26
18Capriccio [from the "Cosmopoly"]02:00
19Caverna Magica [from the "Caverna Magica"]03:52
20Chanson De L'heure Bleue [from the "Book of Roses"]01:34
21Cheng Lunar [from the "Live 1982-1994"]01:55
22Circulus Finalis: Return Of The Heroes/The Heroes' Telling [from the "Kryptos"] 
23Con Chiglia [from the "Caverna Magica"]05:01
24Cor Do Amor [from the "Cosmopoly"]02:35
25Czippa And The Ursanian Girl [from the "Book of Roses"]03:12
26Dance of the Masks [from the "Dancing With The Lion"]05:50
27Dancing With the Lion [from the "Live 1982-1994"]05:29
28Dancing With the Lion [from the "Dancing With The Lion"]04:00
29Desert of Rain [from the "Live 1982-1994"]02:39
30Desert Of Rain [from the "Eolian Minstrel"]04:27
31Domus Cordis Father's Tree [from the "Kryptos"]04:12
32Down To The Moon [from the "Live 1982-1994"]02:28
33Down to the Moon [from the "Down to the Moon"]02:26
34Drown in Pale Light [from the "Down to the Moon"]02:13
35Elle Chelle [from the "Cosmopoly"]03:13
36Eolian Minstrel [from the "Eolian Minstrel"]05:01
37First Piece [from the "Live 1982-1994"]04:05
38Flight Feet & Root Hands [from the "Live 1982-1994"]06:23
39Flight Feet & Root Hands [from the "White Winds"]03:39
40Forest Folks [from the "Kryptos"]05:06
41Garden of My Childhood [from the "Dancing With The Lion"]01:47
42Geastrum Coronatum [from the "Caverna Magica"] 
43Hall of Stairs/Hall of the Mosaics (Meeting You) [from the "White Winds"]05:04
44Hands and Clouds [from the "Behind the Gardens-Behind the Wall-Under the Tree"]02:23
45Harvest [from the "Eolian Minstrel"]05:21
46Hermes' Wedding [from the "Kryptos"]03:01
47Hippolyte [from the "Dancing With The Lion"]01:10
48Hirzel [from the "Book of Roses"]05:21
49Huiziopochtli [from the "Caverna Magica"]05:06
50Hush - Patience At Bamboo Forest [from the "Down to the Moon"]00:19
51Hush, My Heart, Be Still ... [from the "Cosmopoly"]05:42
52In Doga Gamee [from the "Book of Roses"] 
53In The Woods of Kroandal [from the "Book of Roses"]03:12
54Into The Burning Circle [from the "Dancing With The Lion"]03:49
55Jaden Maiden [from the "Eolian Minstrel"]04:04
56Jours d'Amour [from the "Live 1982-1994"]03:22
57Jours D'amour [from the "Book of Roses"]03:57
58Jugglers in Obsidian [from the "Book of Roses"]03:29
59La Lune Et L'Enfant [from the "Down to the Moon"]02:04
60La Paix Verde [from the "Caverna Magica"] 

Andreas Vollenweider

Andreas Vollenweider

Andreas Vollenweider (born October 4, 1953) is a Swiss musician.


  • World music,
  • Cassical,
  • Jazz,
  • New age
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