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A Virus With Shoes by Two Lone Swordsmen [1999] [album editions]

A Virus With Shoes (Two Lone Swordsmen)

Track listing

1Brother Foster Through the Phones
2Confessions of a Justified Sinner
4It Hits
5Cloned on a Hover Donkey (Be Thankful)
6Celcus Speaks the Truth
7Palais Munich
8Our Kid's Berwick

Two Lone Swordsmen albums

1A Bag of Blue Sparks[ 1998 ]
2A Virus With Shoes[ 1999 ]
3Further Reminders[ 2001 ]
4Stay Down[ 1998 ]
5Stockwell Steppas[ 2007 ]
6Swimming Not Skimming[ 2007 ]
7The Fifth Mission[ 1995 ]
8Tiny Reminders[ 2000 ]
1A Bag of Blue Sparks (Two Lone Swordsmen)
2A Virus With Shoes (Two Lone Swordsmen)
3Further Reminders (Two Lone Swordsmen)
4Stay Down (Two Lone Swordsmen)
5Stockwell Steppas (Two Lone Swordsmen)
6Swimming Not Skimming (Two Lone Swordsmen)
7The Fifth Mission (Two Lone Swordsmen)
8Tiny Reminders (Two Lone Swordsmen)

Two Lone Swordsmen songs

1A Slow Drive West [from the "The Fifth Mission"]05:40
2Akwalek [from the "Tiny Reminders"]04:37
3Alpha School [from the "Stay Down"]03:30
4Another Heady Cocktail [from the "Stockwell Steppas"]06:46
5As Worldly Pleasures Wave Good [from the "Stay Down"]05:37
6Azzolini and the Branch Brothers Meet Being [from the "Swimming Not Skimming"]07:58
7Beacon Block [from the "The Fifth Mission"]09:01
8Because I Can [from the "Stockwell Steppas"]03:09
9Big Man Original [from the "The Fifth Mission"]05:17
10Bim, Jack and Florence [from the "Swimming Not Skimming"]07:30
11Black Commandements 2 [from the "A Bag of Blue Sparks"]03:33
12Black Commandments [from the "A Bag of Blue Sparks"]03:37
13Brootle [from the "Tiny Reminders"]04:35
14Brootle (Klart Remix) [from the "Further Reminders"]03:28
15Brootle (Simulant Remix) [from the "Further Reminders"]05:38
16Brother Foster Through the Phones [from the "A Virus With Shoes"]04:23
17Bunker (Villalobos Remix) [from the "Further Reminders"]09:38
18C.T.M. [from the "Tiny Reminders"]04:15
19Celcus Speaks the Truth [from the "A Virus With Shoes"]05:26
20Cloned on a Hover Donkey (Be Thankful) [from the "A Virus With Shoes"]04:14
21Confessions of a Justified Sinner [from the "A Virus With Shoes"]03:00
22Constant Reminder [from the "Tiny Reminders"]01:46
23Cotton Stains [from the "Tiny Reminders"]04:04
24Death to All Culture Snitches [from the "Tiny Reminders"]05:00
25Don't Call It Jerk [from the "Swimming Not Skimming"]07:15
26Electric 4 Bird [from the "A Bag of Blue Sparks"]06:09
27Enemy Haze [from the "The Fifth Mission"]06:24
28Extended Branch Brothers [from the "The Fifth Mission"]08:17
29Flossie Wears Paco and Ralph [from the "Swimming Not Skimming"]09:16
30Foreververb [from the "Tiny Reminders"]04:20
31Gang Sweep Shuffling [from the "The Fifth Mission"]04:46
32Gay Spunk [from the "A Bag of Blue Sparks"]06:53
33Glenn Street Assault Squad [from the "The Fifth Mission"]05:48
34Glide by Shoting [from the "Swimming Not Skimming"]08:37
35Hope We Never Surface [from the "Stay Down"]02:23
36In the Nursery Visit Glenn Street [from the "Swimming Not Skimming"]06:48
37Ink Cloud [from the "Stay Down"]03:54
38It Hits [from the "A Virus With Shoes"]04:04
39Its Not The Worst (Lali Puna Remix) [from the "Further Reminders"]04:20
40It's Not The Worst I've Looked...Just The Most I've Cared [from the "Tiny Reminders"]03:03
41Ivy and Lead [from the "Stay Down"]02:48
42Kicking In Part 3 [from the "Stockwell Steppas"]07:49
43Kicking In Part 4 [from the "Stockwell Steppas"]04:44
44Kist [from the "A Virus With Shoes"]03:43
45Last of the Fumes [from the "A Bag of Blue Sparks"]08:31
46Light the Last Flare [from the "Stay Down"]03:46
47Lino Square [from the "The Fifth Mission"]07:39
48Little Did We Know [from the "The Fifth Mission"]03:34
49Machine Maid [from the "Tiny Reminders"]04:45
50Mr Paris's Monster [from the "Stay Down"]03:47
51Neuflex [from the "Tiny Reminders"]04:01
52Neuflex (Decal Remix) [from the "Further Reminders"]06:37
53Neuflex (Dry And Heavy Remix) [from the "Further Reminders"]04:46
54No Red Stopping [from the "Stay Down"]06:02
55Our Kid's Berwick [from the "A Virus With Shoes"]02:16
56Paisley Dark [from the "The Fifth Mission"]08:45
57Palais Munich [from the "A Virus With Shoes"]04:53
58Plunge [from the "Stockwell Steppas"]10:39
59Rico'h Hellectro [from the "Swimming Not Skimming"]06:32
60Rico's Helly [from the "The Fifth Mission"]07:15

Two Lone Swordsmen

Two Lone Swordsmen

The Two Lone Swordsmen are British house DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall and studio engineer Keith Tenniswood.


  • Electronic,
  • Post punk,
  • Downtempo
  • @ 2015 AdoZonMail