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When The Smoke Clears by Three 6 Mafia [2000] [album editions]

When The Smoke Clears (Three 6 Mafia)

Track listing

244 Killers (Interlude)
3Sippin' on Some Syrup
4Weak Azz Bitch
5Jus Like Us
6I'm So Hi
7Mafia Niggaz
8Hook Up With Hoes
9From Da Back
10F**k Y'All Hoes
11Where Da Cheese At
12Tongue Ring
13Barrin' You Bitches
14Whatcha Know
15Act Like You Know Me (Point 'Em Out)
16Take A Bump
17Touched Wit It
19Just Anotha Crazy Click
20Who Run It
21Put Ya Signs
22What's Next (Outro)

Three 6 Mafia albums

1Chapter 2: World Domination[ 1997 ]
2Choices II: The Setup[ 2005 ]
3Choices: The Album[ 2001 ]
4Da Unbreakables[ 2003 ]
5Dat's How It Happened To Em[ 2002 ]
6Last 2 Walk[ 2008 ]
7Most Known Unknown[ 2005 ]
8Mystic Stylez[ 1995 ]
9The End[ 1997 ]
10Underground, Vol. 2: Club Memphis[ 1999 ]
11When The Smoke Clears[ 2000 ]
1Chapter 2: World Domination (Three 6 Mafia)
2Choices II: The Setup (Three 6 Mafia)
3Choices: The Album (Three 6 Mafia)
4Da Unbreakables (Three 6 Mafia)
5Dat's How It Happened To Em (Three 6 Mafia)
6Last 2 Walk (Three 6 Mafia)
7Most Known Unknown (Three 6 Mafia)
8Mystic Stylez (Three 6 Mafia)
9The End (Three 6 Mafia)
10Underground, Vol. 2: Club Memphis (Three 6 Mafia)
11When The Smoke Clears (Three 6 Mafia)

Three 6 Mafia songs

181The Restaurant Scene (Skit) [from the "Choices: The Album"]00:43
182They Bout to Find Yo Body [from the "Da Unbreakables"]01:55
183They Don't F**k Wit U [from the "Choices: The Album"]04:25
184Tongue Ring [from the "When The Smoke Clears"]04:04
185Touched Wit It [from the "When The Smoke Clears"]04:08
186Trap Boom (ft. Project Pat) [from the "Last 2 Walk"]03:08
187Try Somethin (ft. Project Pat) [from the "Da Unbreakables"]03:56
188U Got Da Game Wrong [from the "Choices: The Album"]04:00
189U See We Poe [from the "Dat's How It Happened To Em"]05:09
190U See We Poe (Screwed) [from the "Dat's How It Happened To Em"]05:57
191Walk Up 2 You House [from the "The End"]04:33
192War Wit Us [from the "Choices: The Album"]04:05
193We Are Waiting [from the "Chapter 2: World Domination"]01:11
194We Shootin' 1st [from the "Choices: The Album"]05:09
195Weak Azz Bitch [from the "When The Smoke Clears"]02:47
196Weed Is Got Me High [from the "Chapter 2: World Domination"]03:21
197Weed, Blow, Pills [from the "Last 2 Walk"]03:29
198Whatcha Do [from the "Chapter 2: World Domination"]03:49
199Whatcha Know [from the "When The Smoke Clears"]04:17
200What's Next (Outro) [from the "When The Smoke Clears"]01:52
201When I Pull Up At The Club (ft. Paul Wall) [from the "Most Known Unknown"]04:30
202Where Da Cheese At [from the "When The Smoke Clears"]02:28
203Where They Hang [from the "Dat's How It Happened To Em"]04:04
204Where's Da Bud [from the "The End"]03:57
205Where's Da Killaz Hang (ft. Project Pat) [from the "The End"]05:19
206Who da Fuck You Playin' Wit? (ft. Lil Wyte & Frayser Boy) [from the "Choices II: The Setup"]04:48
207Who Got Dem 9's [from the "Chapter 2: World Domination"]03:27
208Who I Is (ft. Lil Wyte & Trillville) [from the "Choices II: The Setup"]04:49
209Who Run It [from the "When The Smoke Clears"]04:09
210Will Blast [from the "Chapter 2: World Domination"]01:39
211Wolf Wolf [from the "Da Unbreakables"]03:44
212Wona Get Some, I Got Some [from the "Choices: The Album"]04:50
213Ya'll Ready For This [from the "Underground, Vol. 2: Club Memphis"]00:56
214Yeah I Rob (ft. Mr. Bigg) [from the "Choices II: The Setup"]04:42
215You Scared, Pt. 2 [from the "Da Unbreakables"]04:17

Three 6 Mafia - top artists list [#328]

Three 6 Mafia

Three 6 Mafia (formerly known as Triple Six Mafia) is an Academy Award-winning rap group.

They are the first hip hop group to win an Oscar. []


  • Memphis rap,
  • Southern rap,
  • Crunk,
  • Gangsta rap,
  • Horrorcore,
  • Hardcore rap
  • Tongue Ring by Three 6 Mafia

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