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Mind Bomb by The The [2002] [album editions]

Mind Bomb (The The)

Track listing

1Good Morning Beautiful
2Armageddon Days Are Here (Again)
3The Violence Of Truth
4Kingdom of Rain
5The Beat(en) Generation
6August & September
7Gravitate To Me
8Beyond Love

The The albums

1Burning Blue Soul[ 1981 ]
2Dusk[ 1993 ]
3Infected[ 2002 ]
4Mind Bomb[ 2002 ]
5Naked Self[ 2000 ]
6Solitude[ 1993 ]
7Soul Mining[ 1983 ]
1Burning Blue Soul (The The)
2Dusk (The The)
3Infected (The The)
4Mind Bomb (The The)
5Naked Self (The The)
6Solitude (The The)
7Soul Mining (The The)

The The songs

1Angels of Deception [from the "Infected"]04:36
2Another Boy Drowning [from the "Burning Blue Soul"]05:51
3Another Boy Drowning (Live) [from the "Solitude"]06:06
4Armageddon Days Are Here (Again) [from the "Mind Bomb"]05:40
5August & September [from the "Mind Bomb"]05:43
6Beyond Love [from the "Mind Bomb"]04:20
7Bluer Than Midnight [from the "Dusk"]03:41
8Boiling Point [from the "Naked Self"]05:45
9Bugle Boy [from the "Burning Blue Soul"]02:27
10December Sunlight [from the "Naked Self"]03:18
11Delirious [from the "Burning Blue Soul"]03:33
12Diesel Breeze [from the "Naked Self"]02:50
13Dis-Infected [from the "Solitude"]05:23
14Dogs of Lust [from the "Dusk"]03:07
15Dogs Of Lust (Germicide Mix) [from the "Solitude"]03:07
16Dolphins [from the "Solitude"]03:38
17GIANT [from the "Soul Mining"]09:31
18Global Eyes [from the "Naked Self"]04:09
19Good Morning Beautiful [from the "Mind Bomb"]07:28
20Gravitate To Me [from the "Mind Bomb"]08:06
21Heartland [from the "Infected"]05:05
22Helpline Operator [from the "Dusk"]04:47
23Helpline Operator (Sick Boy Mix) [from the "Solitude"]04:58
24Icing Up [from the "Burning Blue Soul"]07:32
25Infected [from the "Infected"]04:48
26I've Been Waitin' For Tomorrow (All Of My Life) [from the "Soul Mining"]05:43
27Jealous of Youth [from the "Solitude"]04:16
28Kingdom of Rain [from the "Mind Bomb"]05:50
29Like A Sun Risin Thru My Garden [from the "Burning Blue Soul"]05:01
30Lonely Planet [from the "Dusk"]05:26
31Love is Stronger Than Death [from the "Dusk"]04:36
32Lung Shadows [from the "Dusk"]04:31
33Out Of Control [from the "Burning Blue Soul"]01:59
34Out of the Blue (Into the Fire) [from the "Infected"]05:06
35Phantom Walls [from the "Naked Self"]04:13
36Red Cinders In The Sand [from the "Burning Blue Soul"]05:39
37Salt Water [from the "Naked Self"]02:12
38Shrunken Man [from the "Naked Self"]04:55
39Slow Emotion Replay [from the "Dusk"]03:53
40Slow Train to Dawn [from the "Infected"]04:14
41Sodium Light Baby [from the "Dusk"]03:44
42Solitude [from the "Solitude"]02:42
43Song Without an Ending [from the "Burning Blue Soul"]04:33
44Soul Catcher [from the "Naked Self"]03:15
45Soul Mining [from the "Soul Mining"]04:47
46Sweet Bird of Truth [from the "Infected"]05:22
47Swine Fever [from the "Naked Self"]03:38
48That Was The Day [from the "Solitude"]03:57
49The Beat(en) Generation [from the "Mind Bomb"]03:04
50The Mercy Beat [from the "Infected"]07:19
51The River Flows East In Spring [from the "Burning Blue Soul"]03:33
52The Sinking Feeling [from the "Soul Mining"]03:40
53The Twilight Hour [from the "Soul Mining"]05:54
54The Violence Of Truth [from the "Mind Bomb"]05:40
55The Violence Of Truth (Remix) [from the "Solitude"]05:28
56The Whisperers [from the "Naked Self"]03:18
57This Is The Day [from the "Soul Mining"]04:54
58This is the Night [from the "Dusk"]03:50
59Time Again For The Golden Sunset [from the "Burning Blue Soul"]03:51
60True Happiness This Way Lies [from the "Dusk"]03:08

The The

The The

The The is an English musical and multimedia group formed by singer/songwriter/frontman Matt Johnson in 1979.


  • Post-punk,
  • new wave,
  • Alternative rock
  • Armageddon Days Are Here (Again) by The The

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