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In This Room by The 3rd And The Mortal [1997] [album editions]

In This Room (The 3rd And The Mortal)

Track listing

3So Pure
4The Wooden Lodge
5Sophisticated Vampires
7Did You
8Myriad Of Peep-Holes
9Sort Of Invisible
10A Touch Of...
12The Barge
14Elephantine Waltz

The 3rd and the Mortal albums

1In This Room[ 1997 ]
2Memoirs[ 2002 ]
3Nightswan[ 2006 ]
4Painting On Glass[ 1996 ]
5Sorrow (Single)[ 1994 ]
6Stream (Single)[ 1996 ]
7Tears Laid In Earth[ 1994 ]
1In This Room (The 3rd and the Mortal)
2Memoirs (The 3rd and the Mortal)
3Nightswan (The 3rd and the Mortal)
4Painting On Glass (The 3rd and the Mortal)
5Sorrow (Single) (The 3rd and the Mortal)
6Stream (Single) (The 3rd and the Mortal)
7Tears Laid In Earth (The 3rd and the Mortal)

The 3rd and the Mortal songs

1A Touch Of... [from the "In This Room"]04:53
2Atupoema [from the "Tears Laid In Earth"]04:41
3Aurora Australis [from the "Painting On Glass"]02:42
4Aurora Borealis [from the "Painting On Glass"]01:32
5Axure [from the "Painting On Glass"]04:02
6Commemoration [from the "Painting On Glass"]05:41
7Crystal Orchids [from the "Painting On Glass"]03:02
8Death Hymn [from the "Tears Laid In Earth"]08:24
9Did You [from the "In This Room"]04:48
10Dreamscapes [from the "Painting On Glass"]04:33
11Eat The Distance [from the "Painting On Glass"]07:14
12Elephantine Waltz [from the "In This Room"]04:19
13Fools Like Us [from the "Memoirs"]04:25
14From The Depth Of Memories [from the "Nightswan"]04:13
15Good Evening Mr. Q [from the "Memoirs"]05:22
16Grevinnens Bonn [from the "Sorrow (Single)"]06:15
17Harvest [from the "In This Room"]04:24
18Hollow [from the "In This Room"]05:15
19Horizons [from the "Painting On Glass"]07:07
20Horizons (Remix) [from the "Stream (Single)"]06:38
21In Mist Shrouded [from the "Tears Laid In Earth"]05:35
22Lengsel [from the "Tears Laid In Earth"]02:06
23Magma [from the "Painting On Glass"]04:26
24Monody [from the "In This Room"]03:46
25Myriad Of Peep-Holes [from the "In This Room"]04:48
26Neurosis [from the "Nightswan"]10:54
27Oceana [from the "Tears Laid In Earth"]18:48
28Persistent and Fleeting [from the "Painting On Glass"]06:01
29Reflections [from the "Memoirs"]04:43
30Ring Of Fire [from the "Sorrow (Single)"]03:54
31Salva Me [from the "Tears Laid In Earth"]04:38
32Shaman [from the "Tears Laid In Earth"]03:28
33Silenty I Surrender [from the "Sorrow (Single)"]08:00
34Simple Mind [from the "Memoirs"]06:52
35Sleep [from the "In This Room"]04:05
36So Pure [from the "In This Room"]04:01
37Song [from the "Tears Laid In Earth"]06:37
38Sophisticated Vampires [from the "In This Room"]04:11
39Sorrow [from the "Sorrow (Single)"]02:19
40Sort Of Invisible [from the "In This Room"]04:25
41Spider [from the "Memoirs"]05:05
42Stairs [from the "Painting On Glass"]02:26
43Stream [from the "In This Room"]04:25
44Stream [from the "Stream (Single)"]04:30
45The Barge [from the "In This Room"]01:29
46The City [from the "Memoirs"]06:00
47The Meadow [from the "Nightswan"]05:54
48The Wooden Lodge [from the "In This Room"]02:36
49Thin Dark Line [from the "Memoirs"]06:41
50Those Of My Kind [from the "Memoirs"]05:37
51Trial Of Past [from the "Tears Laid In Earth"]05:14
52Vandring [from the "Tears Laid In Earth"]01:40
53Vavona (Part I) [from the "Nightswan"]02:20
54Vavonia (Part II) [from the "Painting On Glass"]07:24
55Veiled Exposure [from the "Painting On Glass"]05:23
56White Waters [from the "Painting On Glass"]02:53
57Why So Lonely [from the "Tears Laid In Earth"]05:14
58Zeppoliner [from the "Memoirs"]05:44

The 3rd and the Mortal

The 3rd and the Mortal

The 3rd and the Mortal were a Norwegian experimental metal-band formed in 1992. []


  • Experimental metal,
  • Doom metal
  • Stream by The 3rd and the Mortal

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