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In the Pursuit of Leisure by Sugar Ray [2003] [album editions]

In the Pursuit of Leisure (Sugar Ray)

Track listing

1Chasin' You Around
2Is She Really Going Out With Him?
4Bring Me the Head Of...
5Mr. Bartender (It's So Easy)
6Can't Start
7Photograph Of You
856 Hope Rd.
9Whatever We Are
10She's Different
11In Through the Doggie Door
12Blues From A Gun

Sugar Ray albums

114:59[ 1999 ]
2Floored[ 1997 ]
3In the Pursuit of Leisure[ 2003 ]
4Lemonade and Brownies[ 2003 ]
5Stop Handgun Violence[ 2000 ]
6Sugar Ray[ 2001 ]
114:59 (Sugar Ray)
2Floored (Sugar Ray)
3In the Pursuit of Leisure (Sugar Ray)
4Lemonade and Brownies (Sugar Ray)
5Stop Handgun Violence (Various artists)
6Sugar Ray (Sugar Ray)

Sugar Ray songs

110 Seconds Down [from the "Lemonade and Brownies"]03:40
256 Hope Rd. [from the "In the Pursuit of Leisure"]03:34
3Abracadabra [from the "14:59"]03:42
4Aim For Me [from the "14:59"]02:20
5American Pig [from the "Floored"]04:01
6Answer the Phone [from the "Sugar Ray"]04:00
7Anyone [from the "Floored"]03:29
8Big Black Woman [from the "Lemonade and Brownies"]01:43
9Blues From A Gun [from the "In the Pursuit of Leisure"]03:23
10Breathe [from the "Floored"]03:26
11Bring Me the Head Of... [from the "In the Pursuit of Leisure"]00:43
12Burning Dog [from the "14:59"]03:02
13Caboose [from the "Lemonade and Brownies"]03:13
14Can't Start [from the "In the Pursuit of Leisure"]03:43
15Cash [from the "Floored"]01:35
16Chasin' You Around [from the "In the Pursuit of Leisure"]03:39
17Dance Party U.S.A. [from the "Lemonade and Brownies"]03:19
18Danzig Needs A Hug [from the "Lemonade and Brownies"]03:06
19Disaster Piece [from the "Sugar Ray"]02:58
20Drive By [from the "Lemonade and Brownies"]01:58
21Even Though [from the "14:59"]02:35
22Every Morning [from the "14:59"]03:39
23Falls Apart [from the "14:59"]04:15
24Fly [from the "Floored"]04:05
25Fly (feat. Supercat) [from the "Floored"]04:52
26Glory [from the "14:59"]03:26
27Heaven [from the "In the Pursuit of Leisure"]04:27
28High Anxiety [from the "Floored"]03:31
29Hold Your Eyes [from the "Lemonade and Brownies"]03:29
30In Through the Doggie Door [from the "In the Pursuit of Leisure"]03:10
31Invisible [from the "Floored"]03:10
32Iron Mic [from the "Lemonade and Brownies"]04:40
33Is She Really Going Out With Him? [from the "In the Pursuit of Leisure"]03:50
34Just a little [from the "Sugar Ray"]03:27
35Live & Direct (feat. KRS-One) [from the "14:59"]04:34
36Mean Machine [from the "Lemonade and Brownies"]02:42
37Mr. Bartender (It's So Easy) [from the "In the Pursuit of Leisure"]03:32
38New Direction [from the "14:59"]00:47
39New Direction (2) [from the "14:59"]01:18
40Ode To The Lonely Hearte [from the "14:59"]03:12
41Ours [from the "Sugar Ray"]03:23
42Personal Space Invader [from the "14:59"]03:38
43Photograph Of You [from the "In the Pursuit of Leisure"]03:49
44Rhyme Stealer [from the "Lemonade and Brownies"]02:51
45Right Direction [from the "Floored"]02:53
46RPM [from the "Floored"]03:21
47Satellites [from the "Sugar Ray"]03:46
48Scuzzboots [from the "Lemonade and Brownies"]03:29
49She's Different [from the "In the Pursuit of Leisure"]03:32
50Snug Harbor [from the "Lemonade and Brownies"]00:49
51Someday [from the "14:59"]04:02
52Someday - Sugar Ray [from the "Stop Handgun Violence"] 
53Sorry now [from the "Sugar Ray"]03:17
54Speed Home California [from the "Floored"]02:42
55Stand And Deliver [from the "Floored"]02:58
56Stay on (feat. Nick Hexum) [from the "Sugar Ray"]04:31
57Streaker [from the "Lemonade and Brownies"]07:45
58Tap, Twist, Snap [from the "Floored"]03:12
59The Greatest [from the "Lemonade and Brownies"]03:58
60Under the Sun [from the "Sugar Ray"]03:21

Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray is a rock band from Orange County, California. []


  • Beach Rock,
  • Alternative Rock,
  • Surf Rock,
  • Punk rock,
  • Alternative metal (early)
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