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Limуn y Sal by Julieta Venegas [2006]

Limуn y Sal (Julieta Venegas)

Track listing

1Canciones de Amor (Love Songs)
2Me Voy (I'm Leaving)
3Primer Dia (First Day) (ft. Dante Spinetta)
4Limon y Sal (Lemon and Salt)
5Dulce Compania (Sweet Company)
6De Que Me Sirve (What Good Is It?)
7Adonde Sea (Wherever It Might Be)
8Mirame Bien (Look Right at Me)
9No Sere (I Won't Be)
10Ultima Vez (Last Time)
11Eres Para Mi (You're Meant for Me) (ft. Anita Tijoux)
12No Hace Falta (You Don't Have To)
13Te Voy a Mostrar (I Will Show You)
14Sin Documentos (Undocumented)

Julieta Venegas albums

1Aqui[ 1997 ]
2Bueninvento[ 2000 ]
3Limуn y Sal[ 2006 ]
4Los Momentos[ 2013 ]
5Otra Cosa[ 2010 ]
6Si[ 2002 ]
1Aqui (Julieta Venegas)
2Bueninvento (Julieta Venegas)
3Limуn y Sal (Julieta Venegas)
4Los Momentos (Julieta Venegas)
5Otra Cosa (Julieta Venegas)
6Si (Julieta Venegas)

Julieta Venegas songs

1A Tu Lado (By Your Side) [from the "Si"]03:20
2Adonde Sea (Wherever It Might Be) [from the "Limуn y Sal"]02:56
3Algo Esta Cambiando (Something Is Changing) [from the "Si"]04:04
4Alguien (Someone) [from the "Si"]03:44
5Amores Platуnicos [from the "Otra Cosa"]02:36
6Andamos Huyendo [from the "Aqui"]03:46
7Andar Conmigo (Go Out With Me) [from the "Si"]03:17
8Antes [from the "Aqui"]04:00
9Bien O Mal [from the "Otra Cosa"]02:59
10Bueninvento [from the "Bueninvento"]03:10
11Canciones de Amor (Love Songs) [from the "Limуn y Sal"]02:53
12Casa Abandonada [from the "Bueninvento"]04:07
13Como Se [from the "Aqui"]03:11
14Con Su Propia Voz [from the "Aqui"]05:23
15De Mis Pasos [from the "Aqui"]03:18
16De Que Me Sirve (What Good Is It?) [from the "Limуn y Sal"]02:37
17Debajo De Mi Lengua [from the "Otra Cosa"]02:40
18Despedida [from the "Otra Cosa"]03:25
19Donde Quiero Estar (Where I Want Be) [from the "Si"]03:05
20Duda [from the "Otra Cosa"]03:36
21Dulce Compania (Sweet Company) [from the "Limуn y Sal"]03:23
22Enero y Abril [from the "Bueninvento"]03:34
23Eres Para Mi (You're Meant for Me) (ft. Anita Tijoux) [from the "Limуn y Sal"]03:13
24Esta Vez [from the "Aqui"]03:22
25Eterno [from the "Otra Cosa"]03:48
26Fe [from the "Bueninvento"]03:39
27Flor [from the "Bueninvento"]03:57
28Hoy [from the "Los Momentos"]02:51
29Hoy No Quiero [from the "Bueninvento"]03:13
30Instantánea [from the "Bueninvento"]04:24
31Lento [from the "Si"]04:03
32Libertad [from the "Aqui"]03:38
33Limon y Sal (Lemon and Salt) [from the "Limуn y Sal"]03:26
34Lo Que Pidas (What You Ask) [from the "Si"]03:20
35Los Momentos [from the "Los Momentos"]03:23
36Mala Memoria (Bad Memory) [from the "Si"]03:06
37Me Voy (I'm Leaving) [from the "Limуn y Sal"]03:08
38Mirame Bien (Look Right at Me) [from the "Limуn y Sal"]03:37
39Nada Importante [from the "Los Momentos"]03:23
40Nada Serio (Nothing Serious) [from the "Si"]03:52
41No Crei [from the "Los Momentos"]02:52
42No Hace Falta (You Don't Have To) [from the "Limуn y Sal"]03:28
43No Sere (I Won't Be) [from the "Limуn y Sal"]02:58
44Oleada (Wave) [from the "Si"]03:13
45Oportunidad [from the "Aqui"]04:52
46Original [from the "Otra Cosa"]03:53
47Otra Cosa [from the "Otra Cosa"]02:41
48Otro Sol [from the "Bueninvento"]05:10
49Por Que? [from the "Los Momentos"]02:48
50Primer Dia (First Day) (ft. Dante Spinetta) [from the "Limуn y Sal"]03:57
51Quitar a Otras [from the "Aqui"]04:38
52Recuerdo Perdido [from the "Aqui"]04:56
53Revoluciуn [from the "Otra Cosa"]03:25
54Sabiendose de los Descalzos [from the "Aqui"]03:01
55Salvavidas [from the "Bueninvento"]03:43
56Seria Feliz [from the "Bueninvento"]03:25
57Si Tu No Estas [from the "Otra Cosa"]03:04
58Siempre en Mi Mente [from the "Bueninvento"]04:04
59Sin Documentos (Undocumented) [from the "Limуn y Sal"]03:48
60Sueno de Sombras [from the "Bueninvento"]04:36

Julieta Venegas - top artists list [#616]

Julieta Venegas

Julieta Venegas Percevault, known professionally as Julieta Venegas, is an American-born Mexican singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer. []


  • Pop,
  • Indie pop,
  • Alternative music,
  • Folk rock
  • Me Voy (I'm Leaving) - one of the best Julieta Venegas songs, top songs list [#1560]

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