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Sound Loaded by Ricky Martin [2000] [album editions]

Sound Loaded (Ricky Martin)

Track listing

1She Bangs
2Saint Tropez
3Come To Me
5Noobody Wants To Be Lonely
8The Touch
9One Night Man
10She Bangs (Spanish Version)
11Are You In It For Love
12Ven A Mi (Come To Me)
13If You Ever Saw Her
14Dame Mas (Loaded)
15Cambia La Piel

Ricky Martin albums

1A Medio Vivir[ 1995 ]
2Almas Del Silensio[ 2003 ]
3La Historia[ 2001 ]
4Life[ 2005 ]
5Me Amarás[ 1993 ]
6Ricky Martin (1991)[   ]
7Ricky Martin (1999)[ 1999 ]
8She's All I Ever Had (Single)[ 1999 ]
9Sound Loaded[ 2000 ]
10Vuelve[ 1998 ]
1A Medio Vivir (Ricky Martin)
2Almas Del Silensio (Ricky Martin)
3La Historia (Ricky Martin)
4Life (Ricky Martin)
5Me Amarás (Ricky Martin)
6Ricky Martin (1991) (Ricky Martin)
7Ricky Martin (1999) (Ricky Martin)
8She's All I Ever Had (Single) (Ricky Martin)
9Sound Loaded (Ricky Martin)
10Vuelve (Ricky Martin)

Ricky Martin songs

61Life [from the "Life"]04:07
62Livin' La Vida Loca [from the "Ricky Martin (1999)"]04:02
63Livin' La Vida Loca - (Spanish version) [from the "Ricky Martin (1999)"]04:04
64Livin' La Vida Loca (Spanish Version) [from the "La Historia"]04:02
65Lo Que Nos Pase, Pasara [from the "Me Amarás"]03:50
66Loaded [from the "Sound Loaded"]03:53
67Loaded (george noriego radio mix) [from the "Almas Del Silensio"]03:11
68Loaded (robbie rivera diskofield vocal mix) [from the "Almas Del Silensio"]06:14
69Lola, Lola [from the "Vuelve"]04:43
70Love You For A Day [from the "Ricky Martin (1999)"]03:45
71Marcia Baila [from the "Vuelve"]03:57
72Maria [from the "A Medio Vivir"]04:21
73Maria - (Spanglish version remix, radio edit) [from the "Ricky Martin (1999)"]04:28
74Maria (Spanglish Radio Edit) [from the "La Historia"]04:29
75Me Amaras [from the "Me Amarás"]04:26
76Nada Es Imposible [from the "A Medio Vivir"]04:16
77Nada Es Imposible [from the "Almas Del Silensio"]04:04
78Nadie Mas Que Tu [from the "Almas Del Silensio"]04:16
79No Importa La Distancia [from the "Vuelve"]04:50
80No Me Pidas Mas [from the "Me Amarás"]03:26
81Noobody Wants To Be Lonely [from the "Sound Loaded"]05:04
82One Night Man [from the "Sound Loaded"]03:48
83Perdido Sin Ti [from the "Vuelve"]04:08
84Perdido Sin TI [from the "La Historia"]04:09
85Popotitos [from the "Ricky Martin (1991)"]03:17
86Por Arriba, Por Abajo [from the "Vuelve"]03:05
87Por Arriba, Por Abajo [from the "La Historia"]03:04
88Private Emotion - (with Meja) [from the "Ricky Martin (1999)"]04:02
89Que Dia Es Hoy (Self Control) [from the "Me Amarás"]04:23
90Que Mas Da (I Dont Care) (Luny Tunes Regeaton Mix) [from the "Life"]03:29
91Razas De Mil Colores [from the "Almas Del Silensio"]03:31
92Relight My Fire (& Loleatta Holloway) - hex hector & mac quayle club vocal mix [from the "Almas Del Silensio"]08:46
93Revolucion [from the "A Medio Vivir"]03:48
94Saint Tropez [from the "Sound Loaded"]04:48
95Save The Dance [from the "Life"]04:05
96Ser Feliz [from the "Ricky Martin (1991)"]04:36
97Shake Your Bon Bon [from the "Ricky Martin (1999)"]03:12
98She Bangs [from the "Sound Loaded"]04:41
99She Bangs (Spanish Version) [from the "Sound Loaded"]04:36
100She Bangs (Spanish Version) [from the "La Historia"]04:35
101She's All I Ever Had [from the "Ricky Martin (1999)"]04:55
102She's All I Ever Had (English Radio Edit) [from the "She's All I Ever Had (Single)"]04:11
103She's All I Ever Had (Pablo Flores Club Mix) [from the "She's All I Ever Had (Single)"]10:11
104She's All I Ever Had (Pablo Flores Radio Edit) [from the "She's All I Ever Had (Single)"]04:20
105She's All I Ever Had (Spanish version) [from the "Ricky Martin (1999)"] 
106Si Tu Te Vas [from the "Almas Del Silensio"]04:17
107Si Ya No Estas Aqui [from the "Almas Del Silensio"]03:01
108Somos La Semilla [from the "A Medio Vivir"]03:52
109Spanish Eyes [from the "Ricky Martin (1999)"]04:04
110Stop Time Tonight [from the "Life"]04:00
111Susana [from the "Ricky Martin (1991)"]04:52
112Tal Vez [from the "Almas Del Silensio"]04:34
113Te Extrano, Te Olvido, Te Ano [from the "La Historia"]04:37
114Te Extrano, Te Olvido, Te Amo [from the "A Medio Vivir"]04:37
115Te Voy A Conquistar [from the "Ricky Martin (1991)"]04:12
116The Touch [from the "Sound Loaded"]04:26
117This Is Good [from the "Life"]03:35
118Til I Get To You [from the "Life"]04:56
119Ven A Mi (Come To Me) [from the "Sound Loaded"]04:33
120Volveras [from the "A Medio Vivir"]04:48

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin is a successful Latin American pop singer who rose to fame, first as a member of the Latin boy band Menudo, then as a solo artist since 1990.

He is considered a major star in the world of Latin pop, and is considered to have opened the doors for some of his fellow Latin American singers like Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Juanes.


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