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Tug of War by Paul McCartney [1992] [album editions]

Tug of War (Paul McCartney)

Track listing

1Tug Of War
2Take It Away
3Somebody Who Cares
4What's That You're Doing
5Here Today
6Ballroom Dancing
7The Pound Is Sinking
9Get It
10Be What You See (Link)
11Dress Me Up As A Robber
12Ebony And Ivory

Paul McCartney albums

1Band On The Run (Paul Mccartney & Wings)[ 1999 ]
2Chaos And Creation In Backyard[ 2005 ]
3CHOBA B CCCP (Back In The USSR)[ 1988 ]
4Driving Rain[ 2001 ]
5Flaming Pie[ 1997 ]
6Flowers in the Dirt[ 1989 ]
7Give My Regards To Broad Stree[ 1984 ]
8McCartney II[ 1980 ]
9Memory Almost Full[ 2007 ]
10Pipes Of Peace[ 1993 ]
11Press To Play[ 1993 ]
12Ram[ 1993 ]
13Run Devil Run[ 1999 ]
14Tripping The Live Fantastic[ 1990 ]
15Tug of War[ 1992 ]
1Band On The Run (Paul Mccartney & Wings) (Paul McCartney)
2Chaos And Creation In Backyard (Paul McCartney)
3CHOBA B CCCP (Back In The USSR) (Paul McCartney)
4Driving Rain (Paul McCartney)
5Flaming Pie (Paul McCartney)
6Flowers in the Dirt (Paul McCartney)
7Give My Regards To Broad Stree (Paul McCartney)
8McCartney II (Paul McCartney)
9Memory Almost Full (Paul McCartney)
10Pipes Of Peace (Paul McCartney)
11Press To Play (Paul McCartney)
12Ram (Paul McCartney)
13Run Devil Run (Paul McCartney)
14Tripping The Live Fantastic (Paul McCartney)
15Tug of War (Paul McCartney)

Paul McCartney songs

181Spinning On An Axis [from the "Driving Rain"]05:16
182Stranglehold [from the "Press To Play"]03:34
183Summer's Day Song [from the "McCartney II"]03:23
184Summertime [from the "CHOBA B CCCP (Back In The USSR)"]04:55
185Sweetest Little Show [from the "Pipes Of Peace"]02:53
186Take It Away [from the "Tug of War"]04:13
187Talk More Talk [from the "Press To Play"]05:14
188Temporary Secretary [from the "McCartney II"]03:13
189That Day Is Done [from the "Flowers in the Dirt"]04:17
190That Was Me [from the "Memory Almost Full"]02:38
191That's All Right Mama [from the "CHOBA B CCCP (Back In The USSR)"]03:46
192The Back Seat Of My Car [from the "Ram"]04:37
193The End Of The End [from the "Memory Almost Full"]02:57
194The Fool on The Hill [from the "Tripping The Live Fantastic"]05:00
195The Long And Winding Road [from the "Tripping The Live Fantastic"]04:17
196The Long And Winding Road [from the "Give My Regards To Broad Stree"]03:56
197The Man [from the "Pipes Of Peace"]03:53
198The Other Me [from the "Pipes Of Peace"]03:55
199The Pound Is Sinking [from the "Tug of War"]02:52
200The Song We Were Singing [from the "Flaming Pie"]03:54
201The World Tonight [from the "Flaming Pie"]04:06
202Things We Said Today [from the "Tripping The Live Fantastic"]05:01
203This One [from the "Tripping The Live Fantastic"]04:28
204This One [from the "Flowers in the Dirt"]04:08
205Through Our Love [from the "Pipes Of Peace"]03:35
206Tiny Bubble [from the "Driving Rain"]04:21
207Together [from the "Tripping The Live Fantastic"]02:13
208Too Many People [from the "Ram"]04:10
209Too Much Rain [from the "Chaos And Creation In Backyard"]03:24
210Tough On A Tightrope [from the "Press To Play"]04:47
211Try Not To Cry [from the "Run Devil Run"]02:40
212Tug Of Peace [from the "Pipes Of Peace"]02:49
213Tug Of War [from the "Tug of War"]04:20
214Twenty Flight Rock [from the "Tripping The Live Fantastic"]03:08
215Twenty Flight Rock [from the "CHOBA B CCCP (Back In The USSR)"]03:02
216Twice In A Lifetime [from the "Pipes Of Peace"]02:58
217Uncle Albert-Admiral Halsey [from the "Ram"]04:54
218Used to Be Bad - feat. Steve Miller [from the "Flaming Pie"]04:12
219Vintage Clothes [from the "Memory Almost Full"]02:22
220Wanderlust [from the "Give My Regards To Broad Stree"]04:06
221Wanderlust [from the "Tug of War"]03:48
222Waterfalls [from the "McCartney II"]04:41
223We All Stand Together [from the "Pipes Of Peace"]04:22
224We Got Married [from the "Tripping The Live Fantastic"]06:37
225We Got Married [from the "Flowers in the Dirt"]04:53
226What It Is [from the "Run Devil Run"]02:23
227What's That You're Doing [from the "Tug of War"]06:18
228Write Away [from the "Press To Play"]02:58
229Yesterday [from the "Tripping The Live Fantastic"]02:06
230Yesterday [from the "Give My Regards To Broad Stree"]01:42
231You Tell Me [from the "Memory Almost Full"]03:15
232You Want Her Too [from the "Flowers in the Dirt"]03:08
233Young Boy [from the "Flaming Pie"]03:54
234Your Loving Flame [from the "Driving Rain"]03:43
235Your Way [from the "Driving Rain"]02:55

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

Sir James Paul McCartney, is an iconic Academy Award– and Grammy Award–winning British singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who first gained worldwide fame as one of the founding members of The Beatles.

McCartney and John Lennon formed one of the most influential and successful songwriting partnerships and "wrote some of the most popular music in rock and roll history." []


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