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I Hear Black by Over Kill [2005] [album editions]

I Hear Black (Over Kill)

Track listing

1Dreaming In Columbian
2I Hear Black
3World Of Hurt
4Feed My Head
5Shades Of Grey
6Spiritual Void
7Ghost Dance
8Weight Of The World
9Ignorance And Innocence
11Just Like You

Overkill albums

1Bloodletting[ 2000 ]
2Coverkill[ 1999 ]
3F**k You and Then Some[ 1996 ]
4Feel The Fire[ 1996 ]
5From the Underground And Below[ 1997 ]
6Horrorscope[ 1991 ]
7I Hear Black[ 2005 ]
8Kill Box 13[ 2003 ]
9Necroshine[ 1999 ]
10Relix IV[ 2005 ]
11Taking Over[ 1990 ]
12The Killing Kind[ 1998 ]
13The Years of Decay[ 1989 ]
14Under the Influence[ 1990 ]
15W.F.O.[ 1996 ]
1Bloodletting (Overkill)
2Coverkill (Overkill)
3F**k You and Then Some (Overkill)
4Feel The Fire (Overkill)
5From the Underground And Below (Overkill)
6Horrorscope (Overkill)
7I Hear Black (Overkill)
8Kill Box 13 (Overkill)
9Necroshine (Overkill)
10Relix IV (Overkill)
11Taking Over (Overkill)
12The Killing Kind (Overkill)
13The Years of Decay (Overkill)
14Under the Influence (Overkill)
15W.F.O. (Overkill)

Overkill songs

180 Cycles [from the "Necroshine"]05:46
2A Pound Of Flesh [from the "Relix IV"]03:36
3Ain't Nothin' To Do [from the "Coverkill"]02:12
4Bare Bones [from the "Horrorscope"]04:50
5Bastard Nation [from the "W.F.O."]05:37
6Bats In The Belfry [from the "Relix IV"]04:46
7Battle [from the "The Killing Kind"]04:30
8Birth Of Tension [from the "The Years of Decay"]05:02
9Black Line [from the "Necroshine"]04:42
10Bleed Me [from the "Bloodletting"]04:29
11Blood And Iron [from the "Feel The Fire"]02:38
12Blood Money [from the "Horrorscope"]04:07
13Blown Away [from the "Bloodletting"]06:42
14Bold Face Pagan Stomp [from the "The Killing Kind"]05:37
15Brainfade [from the "Under the Influence"]04:07
16Burn You Down/To Ashes [from the "The Killing Kind"]06:43
17Can't Kill A Dead Man [from the "Bloodletting"]04:03
18Certifiable [from the "The Killing Kind"]03:22
19Changes [from the "Coverkill"]04:57
20Cold, Hard Fact [from the "The Killing Kind"]05:17
21Coma [from the "Horrorscope"]05:21
22Cornucopia [from the "Coverkill"]04:45
23Crystal Clear [from the "Kill Box 13"]05:03
24Damned [from the "Kill Box 13"]04:12
25Dead Man [from the "Necroshine"]04:15
26Death Comes Out To Play [from the "Bloodletting"]05:00
27Death Tone [from the "Coverkill"]04:23
28Deny The Cross [from the "Taking Over"]04:41
29Deuce [from the "Coverkill"]03:05
30Devil By The Tail [from the "Kill Box 13"]05:24
31Dreaming In Columbian [from the "I Hear Black"]03:59
32Drunken Wisdom [from the "Under the Influence"]06:17
33E.vil N.ever D.ies [from the "The Years of Decay"]05:48
34E.vil N.ever D.ies (Live) [from the "F**k You and Then Some"]06:09
35Electro - Violence [from the "Taking Over"]03:43
36Electro - Violence (Live) [from the "F**k You and Then Some"]03:45
37Elimination [from the "The Years of Decay"]04:34
38End Of The Line [from the "Under the Influence"]07:03
39F**k You (Live) [from the "F**k You and Then Some"]02:24
40F**k You (Studio) [from the "F**k You and Then Some"]02:16
41F.U.C.T. [from the "From the Underground And Below"]04:54
42Fast Junkie [from the "W.F.O."]04:20
43Fatal If Swallowed [from the "F**k You and Then Some"]06:17
44Fatal Is Swallowed [from the "Taking Over"]06:43
45Fear His Name [from the "Taking Over"]05:22
46Feed My Head [from the "I Hear Black"]05:34
47Feeding Frenzy [from the "The Killing Kind"]04:10
48Feel The Fire [from the "Feel The Fire"]05:51
49Forked Tonque Kiss [from the "Necroshine"]04:00
50Frankenstein [from the "Horrorscope"]03:27
51Gasoline Dream [from the "W.F.O."]06:45
52Genocya [from the "From the Underground And Below"]04:43
53Ghost Dance [from the "I Hear Black"]01:43
54God - Like [from the "The Killing Kind"]04:11
55Half Past Dead [from the "From the Underground And Below"]05:27
56Hallo From The Gutter [from the "Under the Influence"]04:13
57Hammerhead [from the "Feel The Fire"]04:00
58Hammerhead (Live) [from the "F**k You and Then Some"]03:57
59Head First [from the "Under the Influence"]06:00
60Hole In The Sky (Live) [from the "F**k You and Then Some"]03:40



Overkill is an American thrash metal band, formed in 1980 in New Jersey. []


  • Thrash metal,
  • Speed metal,
  • Groove metal
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