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The Years of Decay by Over Kill [1989]

The Years of Decay (Over Kill)

Track listing

1Time To Kill
3I Hate
4Nothing To Die For
5Playing With Spiders / Skullkrusher
6Birth Of Tension
7Who Tends The Fire
8The Years Of Decay
9E.vil N.ever D.ies

Overkill albums

1Bloodletting[ 2000 ]
2Coverkill[ 1999 ]
3F**k You and Then Some[ 1996 ]
4Feel The Fire[ 1996 ]
5From the Underground And Below[ 1997 ]
6Horrorscope[ 1991 ]
7I Hear Black[ 2005 ]
8Kill Box 13[ 2003 ]
9Necroshine[ 1999 ]
10Relix IV[ 2005 ]
11Taking Over[ 1990 ]
12The Killing Kind[ 1998 ]
13The Years of Decay[ 1989 ]
14Under the Influence[ 1990 ]
15W.F.O.[ 1996 ]
1Bloodletting (Overkill)
2Coverkill (Overkill)
3F**k You and Then Some (Overkill)
4Feel The Fire (Overkill)
5From the Underground And Below (Overkill)
6Horrorscope (Overkill)
7I Hear Black (Overkill)
8Kill Box 13 (Overkill)
9Necroshine (Overkill)
10Relix IV (Overkill)
11Taking Over (Overkill)
12The Killing Kind (Overkill)
13The Years of Decay (Overkill)
14Under the Influence (Overkill)
15W.F.O. (Overkill)

Overkill songs

121Stone Cold Jesus [from the "Necroshine"]05:16
122Struck Down [from the "Kill Box 13"]04:40
123Supersonic Hate [from the "W.F.O."]04:15
124Thanx For Nothin' [from the "Horrorscope"]04:04
125The Answer [from the "F**k You and Then Some"]08:47
126The Cleansing [from the "The Killing Kind"]05:49
127The Mark [from the "Relix IV"]05:51
128The Mourning After/Private Bleeding [from the "The Killing Kind"]04:33
129The One [from the "Kill Box 13"]04:56
130The Rip N' Tear [from the "From the Underground And Below"]04:16
131The Sound Of Dying [from the "Kill Box 13"]04:55
132The Wait/New High in Lows [from the "W.F.O."]05:46
133The Years Of Decay [from the "The Years of Decay"]07:55
134There's No Tomorrow [from the "Feel The Fire"]03:22
135They Eat Their Young [from the "W.F.O."]04:55
136Thunderhead [from the "Bloodletting"]05:37
137Time To Kill [from the "The Years of Decay"]06:14
138Tyrant [from the "Coverkill"]03:59
139Under One [from the "W.F.O."]04:14
140Undying [from the "I Hear Black"]05:24
141Unholy [from the "Kill Box 13"]04:37
142Until I Die [from the "Kill Box 13"]05:18
143Up To Zero [from the "W.F.O."]04:06
144Use Your Head [from the "Taking Over"]04:18
145Use Your Head (Live) [from the "F**k You and Then Some"]05:17
146Weight Of The World [from the "I Hear Black"]04:06
147What I'm Missin' [from the "Bloodletting"]04:36
148What's Your Problem? [from the "W.F.O."]05:08
149Wheelz [from the "Relix IV"]05:09
150Where It Hurts [from the "W.F.O."]05:33
151Who Tends The Fire [from the "The Years of Decay"]08:08
152Within Your Eyes [from the "Relix IV"]06:05
153World Of Hurt [from the "I Hear Black"]05:18
154Wrecking Crew [from the "Taking Over"]04:31



Overkill is an American thrash metal band, formed in 1980 in New Jersey. []


  • Thrash metal,
  • Speed metal,
  • Groove metal
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