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The Blues of Otis Spann by Otis Spann [1964] [album editions]

The Blues of Otis Spann (Otis Spann)

Track listing

1Rock Me Mama
2I Came From Clarksdale
3Keep Your Hand Out Of My Pocket
4Spann's Boogie
5Sarah Street
6The Blues Don't Like Nobody
7Country Boy
8Pretty Girls Everywhere
9Meet Me In The Bottom
10Lost Sheep In The Fold
11I Got A Feeling
12Jangle Boogie
14Natural Days
15You're Gonna Need My Help
16Stirs Me Up

Otis Spann albums

1Good Morning Mr. Blues[   ]
2Live Is Life (With Muddy Waters And His Band) (1964-1968)[ 1968 ]
3Otis Spann Is The Blues[ 2000 ]
4Otis Spann's Chicago Blues[ 1966 ]
5The Blues Never Die![ 1991 ]
6The Blues of Otis Spann[ 1964 ]
7The Bottom Of The Blues[ 1968 ]
8Walkin' the Blues[   ]
1Good Morning Mr. Blues (Otis Spann)
2Live Is Life (With Muddy Waters And His Band) (1964-1968) (Otis Spann)
3Otis Spann Is The Blues (Otis Spann)
4Otis Spann's Chicago Blues (Otis Spann)
5The Blues Never Die! (Otis Spann)
6The Blues of Otis Spann (Otis Spann)
7The Bottom Of The Blues (Otis Spann)
8Walkin' the Blues (Otis Spann)

Otis Spann songs

61Natural Days [from the "The Blues of Otis Spann"]03:21
62Nobody Knows [from the "The Bottom Of The Blues"]04:47
63Nobody Knows My Troubles [from the "Otis Spann's Chicago Blues"]03:23
64One More Mile To Go [from the "The Blues Never Die!"]03:53
65One-Room Country Shack [from the "Otis Spann's Chicago Blues"]02:46
66Otis Blues [from the "Walkin' the Blues"]04:19
67Otis In The Dark [from the "Otis Spann Is The Blues"]04:38
68Pretty Girls Everywhere [from the "The Blues of Otis Spann"]02:50
69River Side Blues [from the "Good Morning Mr. Blues"]03:23
70Rock Me Mama [from the "The Blues of Otis Spann"]03:54
71Sarah Street [from the "Otis Spann's Chicago Blues"]03:25
72Sarah Street [from the "Live Is Life (With Muddy Waters And His Band) (1964-1968)"]06:24
73Sarah Street [from the "The Blues of Otis Spann"]03:14
74See See Rider [from the "Otis Spann's Chicago Blues"]03:02
75Shimmy Baby [from the "The Bottom Of The Blues"]03:58
76Spann's Boogie [from the "Good Morning Mr. Blues"]02:16
77Spann's Boogie [from the "The Blues of Otis Spann"]02:05
78Spann's Boogie Woogie (Instrumental) [from the "Otis Spann's Chicago Blues"]02:13
79Stirs Me Up [from the "The Blues of Otis Spann"]02:30
80Straighten Up, Baby [from the "The Blues Never Die!"]02:46
81T.99 [from the "The Blues of Otis Spann"]03:05
82T.B. Blues [from the "Good Morning Mr. Blues"]04:15
83Take A Little Walk With Me [from the "Otis Spann Is The Blues"]03:30
84The Blues Don't Like Nobody [from the "The Blues of Otis Spann"]03:33
85The Blues Never Die [from the "The Blues Never Die!"]03:46
86The Hard Way [from the "Otis Spann Is The Blues"]05:07
87The Skys Are Blue [from the "Good Morning Mr. Blues"]03:36
88This Is The Blues [from the "Walkin' the Blues"]03:10
89Tin Pan Alley [from the "Live Is Life (With Muddy Waters And His Band) (1964-1968)"]07:29
90Tribute To Matin Luther King [from the "Live Is Life (With Muddy Waters And His Band) (1964-1968)"]04:40
91Trouble In Mind [from the "Good Morning Mr. Blues"]03:31
92Vicksburg Blues [from the "Otis Spann's Chicago Blues"]04:34
93Walkin' The Blues [from the "Walkin' the Blues"]04:58
94What's On Your Worried Mind [from the "Live Is Life (With Muddy Waters And His Band) (1964-1968)"]02:27
95What's On Your Worried Mind? [from the "Otis Spann's Chicago Blues"]02:27
96Who's Out There? [from the "Otis Spann's Chicago Blues"]02:33
97Worried Life Blues [from the "Good Morning Mr. Blues"]04:11
98Worried Life Blues [from the "Otis Spann's Chicago Blues"]02:03
99Worried Life Blues [from the "Live Is Life (With Muddy Waters And His Band) (1964-1968)"]04:00
100Worried Life Blues [from the "Otis Spann Is The Blues"]04:23
101You Can't Hide [from the "Otis Spann's Chicago Blues"]02:35
102You're Gonna Need My Help [from the "The Blues of Otis Spann"]03:22

Otis Spann

Otis Spann

Otis Spann (March 21, 1930 – April 24, 1970) was an American blues musician.


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