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Strange Frontier by Roger Taylor [1996] [album editions]

Strange Frontier (Roger Taylor)

Track listing

1Strange Frontier
2Beautiful Dreams
3Man On Fire
4Racing In The Streets
5Masters Of War
6Killing Time
8Young Love
9It's An Illusion
10I Cry For You

Roger Taylor albums

1Electric Fire[ 1998 ]
2Fun In Space[ 2000 ]
3Happiness[ 1994 ]
4Strange Frontier[ 1996 ]
1Electric Fire (Roger Taylor)
2Fun In Space (Roger Taylor)
3Happiness (Roger Taylor)
4Strange Frontier (Roger Taylor)

Roger Taylor songs

1A Nation Of Haircuts [from the "Electric Fire"]03:32
2Abandonfire [from the "Strange Frontier"]04:11
3Airheads [from the "Fun In Space"]03:37
4Beautiful Dreams [from the "Strange Frontier"]04:23
5Believe In Yourself [from the "Electric Fire"]05:00
6Dear Mr. Murdoch [from the "Happiness"]04:16
7Everybody Hurts Sometimes [from the "Happiness"]02:52
8Foreign Sand [from the "Happiness"]06:53
9Freedom Train [from the "Happiness"]06:10
10Fun In Space [from the "Fun In Space"]06:16
11Future Management [from the "Fun In Space"]02:59
12Good Times Are Now [from the "Fun In Space"]03:24
13Happiness [from the "Happiness"]03:17
14I Cry For You [from the "Strange Frontier"]04:20
15Interlude In Constantinople [from the "Fun In Space"]02:04
16Is It Me [from the "Electric Fire"]03:23
17It's An Illusion [from the "Strange Frontier"]04:01
18Killing Time [from the "Strange Frontier"]04:56
19Laugh Or Cry [from the "Fun In Space"]03:04
20Let's Get Crazy [from the "Fun In Space"]03:38
21London Town - C'mon Down [from the "Electric Fire"]07:10
22Loneliness [from the "Happiness"]02:23
23Magic Is Loose [from the "Fun In Space"]03:25
24Man On Fire [from the "Strange Frontier"]04:02
25Masters Of War [from the "Strange Frontier"]03:47
26My Country 1 & 2 [from the "Fun In Space"]06:46
27Nazis 1994 [from the "Happiness"]02:34
28No More Fun [from the "Electric Fire"]04:13
29No Violins [from the "Fun In Space"]04:28
30Old Friends [from the "Happiness"]03:29
31People On Streets [from the "Electric Fire"]04:10
32Pressure On [from the "Electric Fire"]04:55
33Racing In The Streets [from the "Strange Frontier"]04:23
34Revelations [from the "Happiness"]03:42
35Strange Frontier [from the "Strange Frontier"]04:14
36Surrender [from the "Electric Fire"]03:35
37The Key [from the "Happiness"]04:23
38The Whisperers [from the "Electric Fire"]06:03
39Tonight [from the "Electric Fire"]03:44
40Touch The Sky [from the "Happiness"]05:04
41Where Are You Now? [from the "Electric Fire"]04:46
42Working Class Hero [from the "Electric Fire"]04:41
43You Had To Be There [from the "Happiness"]02:55
44Young Love [from the "Strange Frontier"]03:21
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