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Not That Kind by Anastacia [2001] [album editions]

Not That Kind (Anastacia)

Track listing

1Not That Kind
2I`m Outta Love
3Cowboys & Kisses
4Who's Gonna Stop the Rain
5Love Is Alive
6I Ask Of You
7Wishing Well
8Made for Lovin' You
9Black Roses
10Yo Trippin'
11One More Chance
12Same Old Story

Anastacia albums

1Anastacia[ 2004 ]
2Fantastic Four - The Album (Soundtrack)[ 2005 ]
3Freak of Nature[ 2002 ]
4Not That Kind[ 2001 ]
1Anastacia (Anastacia)
2Fantastic Four - The Album (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
3Freak of Nature (Anastacia)
4Not That Kind (Anastacia)

Anastacia songs

1Black Roses [from the "Not That Kind"]03:36
2Boom (2002 FIFA World Cup Official Song) [from the "Freak of Nature"]03:17
3Cowboys & Kisses [from the "Not That Kind"]04:37
4Die For You - Megan McCauley [from the "Fantastic Four - The Album (Soundtrack)"] 
5Don' t Stop (Doin It) [from the "Freak of Nature"]04:17
6Dontcha Wanna [from the "Freak of Nature"]03:43
7Everything Burns (Anastacia feat. Ben Moody) [from the "Fantastic Four - The Album (Soundtrack)"]03:43
8Freak of Nature [from the "Freak of Nature"]03:37
9Freak of Nature (Live From Japan 13 Sept 2002) [from the "Freak of Nature"]04:20
10Heavy On My Heart [from the "Anastacia"]04:24
11How Come The World Won't Stop [from the "Freak of Nature"]04:01
12I Ask Of You [from the "Not That Kind"]04:25
13I Do (ft. Sonny From P.O.D.) [from the "Anastacia"]03:00
14I Dreamed You [from the "Freak of Nature"]05:04
15I Thought I Told You That (ft. Faith Evans) [from the "Freak of Nature"]03:33
16I`m Outta Love [from the "Not That Kind"]04:01
17I'll Take You Down - T.F.F. ft. Chris Cestor (JET), Brody Dalle (The Distillers), Dolf de Datsun (The Datsuns) & Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) [from the "Fantastic Four - The Album (Soundtrack)"] 
18Left Outside Alone [from the "Anastacia"]04:13
19Love Is Alive [from the "Not That Kind"]04:03
20Made for Lovin' You [from the "Not That Kind"]03:33
21Maybe Today [from the "Anastacia"]05:14
22Not That Kind [from the "Not That Kind"]03:20
23Now You Know - Miss Eighty ft. Classi [from the "Fantastic Four - The Album (Soundtrack)"] 
24One Day In Your Life [from the "Freak of Nature"]03:25
25One Day In Your Life (Hex Hector Mac Quayle Club Mix) [from the "Freak of Nature"]10:10
26One More Chance [from the "Not That Kind"]04:38
27Overdue Goodbye [from the "Freak of Nature"]04:32
28Overdue Goodbye (Live From Japan 13 Sept 2002) [from the "Freak of Nature"]05:40
29Overdue Goodbye (Reprise) [from the "Freak of Nature"]01:33
30Paid My Dues [from the "Freak of Nature"]03:19
31Paid My Dues (The S Mans Darkstar Mix) [from the "Freak of Nature"]05:15
32Pretty Little Dum Dum [from the "Anastacia"]04:33
33Rearview [from the "Anastacia"]04:09
34Reverie - Megan McCauley [from the "Fantastic Four - The Album (Soundtrack)"] 
35Same Old Story [from the "Not That Kind"]05:30
36Seasons Change [from the "Anastacia"]04:15
37Secrets [from the "Freak of Nature"]05:18
38Sexy Single [from the "Anastacia"]03:50
39Sick And Tired [from the "Anastacia"]03:28
40Someday My Prince Will Come [from the "Freak of Nature"]03:41
41Time [from the "Anastacia"]03:32
42Welcome To My Truth [from the "Anastacia"]04:00
43Where Do I Belong [from the "Anastacia"]03:22
44Who's Gonna Stop the Rain [from the "Not That Kind"]04:58
45Why You Lie To Me [from the "Freak of Nature"]03:42
46Whyd You Lie To Me (Nu Soul DNB Mix) [from the "Freak of Nature"]06:36
47Wishing Well [from the "Not That Kind"]03:56
48Yo Trippin' [from the "Not That Kind"]03:33
49You'll Never Be Alone [from the "Freak of Nature"]04:18



Anastacia is an American singer-songwriter.

Anastacia has been highly successful in Europe, Australia, Asia, South Africa and South America, but has had only minor success in her native United States. []


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