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Damita Jo by Janet Jackson [2004] [album editions]

Damita Jo (Janet Jackson)

Track listing

1Looking For Love
2Damita Jo
4Strawberry Bounce
5My Baby (feat. Kanye West)
6The Islands
7Spending Time With You
8Magic Hour
9Island Life
10All Nite (Don't Stop)
11R&B Junkie
12I Want You
13Like You Don't Love Me
14Could This Be Love
15Thinkin' Bout My Ex
18It All Comes Down To Love
20The One
23Just A Little While
24I'm Here
25Put Your Hands On

Janet Jackson albums

120 Y.O.[ 2006 ]
2All For You[ 2001 ]
3Control[ 1986 ]
4Damita Jo[ 2004 ]
5Discipline[ 2008 ]
6Dream Street[ 1984 ]
7Janet[ 1993 ]
8Janet Jackson[ 1982 ]
9Just a Little While (Single)[ 2004 ]
10Rhythm Nation 1814[ 1989 ]
11The Velvet Rope[ 1997 ]
12Unbreakable[ 2015 ]
120 Y.O. (Janet Jackson)
2All For You (Janet Jackson)
3Control (Janet Jackson)
4Damita Jo (Janet Jackson)
5Discipline (Janet Jackson)
6Dream Street (Janet Jackson)
7Janet (Janet Jackson)
8Janet Jackson (Janet Jackson)
9Just a Little While (Single) (Janet Jackson)
10Rhythm Nation 1814 (Janet Jackson)
11The Velvet Rope (Janet Jackson)
12Unbreakable (Janet Jackson)

Janet Jackson songs

61Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun) [from the "Control"]04:21
62Get It Out Me [from the "20 Y.O."]03:04
63Go Deep [from the "The Velvet Rope"]04:42
64Go On Miss Janet [from the "Janet"]00:01
65Gon' B Alright [from the "Unbreakable"]03:55
66Good Morning Janet [from the "Discipline"]00:43
67Got 'Til It's Gone [from the "The Velvet Rope"]04:01
68Greatest X [from the "Discipline"]04:23
69He Doesn't Know I'm Alive [from the "Control"]03:29
70Hold Back The Tears [from the "Dream Street"]03:14
71Hold On Baby [from the "Janet"]00:10
72I Get Lonely [from the "The Velvet Rope"]05:17
73I Want You [from the "Damita Jo"]03:57
74I.D. [from the "Discipline"]00:47
75If [from the "Janet"]04:31
76If It Takes All Night [from the "Dream Street"]04:05
77I'm Here [from the "Damita Jo"]04:16
78Interlude Sad [from the "The Velvet Rope"]00:10
79Interlude: Back [from the "Discipline"]00:18
80Interlude: Bathroom Break [from the "Discipline"]00:40
81Interlude: Come Back Interlude [from the "Rhythm Nation 1814"]00:20
82Interlude: Hey Baby [from the "Rhythm Nation 1814"]00:09
83Interlude: Let's Mance [from the "Rhythm Nation 1814"]00:03
84Interlude: No Acid [from the "Rhythm Nation 1814"]00:05
85Interlude: Pledge [from the "Rhythm Nation 1814"]00:47
86Interlude: Race [from the "Rhythm Nation 1814"]00:04
87Interlude: T.V. [from the "Rhythm Nation 1814"]00:21
88Interlude-Fasten Your Seatbelts [from the "The Velvet Rope"]00:19
89Interlude-Full [from the "The Velvet Rope"]00:12
90Interlude-Memory [from the "The Velvet Rope"]00:04
91Interlude-Online [from the "The Velvet Rope"]00:19
92Interlude-Speaker Phone [from the "The Velvet Rope"]00:54
93Interlude-Twisted Elegance [from the "The Velvet Rope"]00:41
94Intro [from the "All For You"]00:59
95Island Life [from the "Damita Jo"]03:53
96It All Comes Down To Love [from the "Damita Jo"]00:38
97Just A Little While [from the "Damita Jo"]04:11
98Just A Little While (Maurice's Nu Soul Radio Edit) [from the "Just a Little While (Single)"]03:38
99Just A Little While (Peter Rauhofer Radio Edit) [from the "Just a Little While (Single)"]04:01
100Just A Little While (Peter Rauuhofer Club Mix) [from the "Just a Little While (Single)"]09:29
101Lame (Interlude) [from the "All For You"]00:11
102Lessons Learned [from the "Unbreakable"]04:24
103Let Me Know [from the "Discipline"]03:48
104Let's Wait Awhile [from the "Control"]04:35
105Like You Don't Love Me [from the "Damita Jo"]03:31
106Livin' in a World (They Didn't Make) [from the "Rhythm Nation 1814"]04:40
107Livin'... In Complete Darkness [from the "Rhythm Nation 1814"]01:02
108Lonely [from the "Rhythm Nation 1814"]04:59
109Looking For Love [from the "Damita Jo"]01:29
110Love 2 Love [from the "20 Y.O."]05:03
111Love and My Best Friend [from the "Janet Jackson"]04:48
112Love Pt2 [from the "Janet"]00:11
113Love Scene [from the "All For You"]04:16
114Love U 4 Life [from the "Unbreakable"]02:43
115Love Will Never Do (Without You) [from the "Rhythm Nation 1814"]05:49
116LUV [from the "Discipline"]03:09
117Magic Hour [from the "Damita Jo"]00:23
118Miss You Much [from the "Rhythm Nation 1814"]04:12
119Moist [from the "Damita Jo"]04:54
120Morning [from the "Janet"]00:31

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Janet Jackson

Janet Damita Jo Jackson (born May 16, 1966) is an American Grammy-Award winning recording artist, dancer, producer, songwriter, actress, and entertainer.


  • R&B,
  • Pop,
  • Dance,
  • Funk
  • I Want You by Janet Jackson

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